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Swipe right for negative self perception, says research into Tinder users | Science | The Guardian
Tinder users were more dissatisfied with their bodies and more likely to objectify their appearances than those who did not use the app, study shows [...] “People are living in a surreal world, creating these unattainable ideals and expectations that no one can meet,” said lead author Jessica Strübel of the University of North Texas. “It’s creating a 24/7 constant need for impression and appearance management.”
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The appeal of narcissists: why do we love people who'd rather love themselves? | Life and style | The Guardian
They deeply believe in their own attractiveness. They're the kings of flattery. They're really really charismatic.
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Lovoo Flirt-App: Hinweise auf gefälschte Profile - SPIEGEL ONLINE
[ nothing new. has been reported before about fake profiles and fake profile activity on german language dating (pay for play) portals. ] Die in dem Datenpaket enthaltenen E-Mails würden nahelegen, dass Lovoo mit erfundenen Profilen arbeitet, die automatisch aktiv werden und andere Nutzer positiv bewerten, heißt es in "c't" weiter. Außerdem sei in den Daten auch der Programmcode einer Software namens "Promoter-Creator" enthalten gewesen. Diese könnte verwendet worden sein, um Fake-Profile auf Lovoo zu erstellen, schreibt das Magazin.
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Digital Dating for the A-List | Amuse - // niche of a category. dating for famous one way or another. // "“Just like going to no-name in LA, Paul & Andrés or The Beatrice, you can’t buy your way in – it’s entry by association.”"
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Pando: The more we Tinder, the more things stay the same
- there is no perfect out there. - The Darkest Truth About Love - // its the easiest non-scariest thing to do, to swipe. to judge. without anybody know who and why you judged, in your own privacy. vs. in public, picking a person, facing possible rejection and embarrassment. // << “I’m on Tinder, Happn, Hinge, OkCupid,” Nick says. “It’s just a numbers game. Before, I could go out to a bar and talk to one girl, but now I can sit home on Tinder and talk to 15 girls—” -
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Tinder is not to blame – dating has always been horrific and weird | Hadley Freeman | Comment is free | The Guardian
The end of romance? Really? Dating apps may have added the word ‘swipe’ to the language of love, but these scare stories are ridiculous
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Tinder hooks up with Instagram in a perfect match of two rose-tinted, narcissistic apps | PandoDaily
keeping up with the Jones has reached a new low with FB, Instagram, Tinder and Co. // "Instagram isn’t about reality – it’s about a well-crafted fantasy, a highlights reel of your life that shows off versions of yourself that you want to remember and put on display in a glass case for other people to admire and browse through. It’s why most of the photographs uploaded to Instagram are beautiful and entertaining slices of life and not the tedious time in-between of those moments, when bills get paid, cranky children are put to bed, little spats with friends."
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▶ Eat Your Kimchi Full Interview Part 1 - YouTube
+ part2 - /watch?v=hLwkRrV4XIg (later part talking about differences [audience, niche, taste] between social networks, tumblr, twitter, facebook) + Our Love Story - /watch?v=1EeZIU_zZzo + TL;DR - How Simon Proposed to Martina - /watch?v=jnpIpdFfk2k + Draw My Life - Simon's Story - /watch?v=1EPO1Zblq3o
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Onlineflirts, die sich zur Paarbeziehung entwickeln, durchlaufen in der Regel eine systematische Abfolge von Medien: Auf die Begegnung im öffentlichen Chat oder Forum folgen private Chats und E-Mails, dann Fotoaustausch, Telefonate, Handymitteilungen und schließlich das persönliche Treffen. Jeder Medienwechsel ist dabei ein Wendepunkt: Gibt der andere seine Telefonnummer preis? Hat man sich auch am Telefon etwas zu sagen? Gefallen die Stimme und das Lachen des Gegenübers? Ein verweigerter oder misslungener Medienwechsel gefährdet oder beendet meist die Beziehung, ein gelungener festigt sie.
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Sex and love: The modern matchmakers | The Economist
the data suggest people are not good at knowing what they want. One of Dr Finkel’s own studies, for example, showed that when they are engaged in internet dating’s cousin, speed dating, people’s stated preferences at the beginning of the process do not well match the characters of the individuals they actually like.

Not surprisingly, the difficulty of choosing from abundance seems to apply to choice of people, too.

But speed-dating once again provided an answer. Here, he found studies which showed that when faced with abundant choice, people pay less attention to characteristics that require thinking and conversation to evaluate (occupational status and level of education, for example) and more to matters physical. Choice, in other words, dulls the critical faculties.
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Mnner-Psychologie: Mit Luxus-Shoppingzumschnellen Sex - SPIEGEL ONLINE - Nachrichten - Wissenschaft
Was dem Pfau seine Federpracht, ist dem Mann sein Porsche - so das Fazit einer Studie von US-Psychologen. Das Auto kann dabei durch alle möglichen Luxusgüter ersetzt werden - denn Männer gehen gern teuer einkaufen, um Frauen zu beeindrucken.

University of Texas in San Antonio Studenten beiderlei Geschlechts zu einer Reihe von Tests ein. Sie sollten Geld für bestimmte Dinge ausgeben - allerdings abhängig von unterschiedlichen Szenarien, mit denen ihre Gedanken auf kurz- oder langfristige romantische Beziehungen mit attraktiven Partnern gelenkt wurden. Außerdem maßen die Forscher das grundsätzliche Interesse der Studenten an beiden Beziehungstypen mit einem Fragebogen.

Designerkleidung, exklusives Parfum oder Luxusuhren waren besonders für die männlichen Studenten interessant, die nach flüchtigen erotischen Begegnungen suchten.
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