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(11596) Jimmy Kimmel Faces Off With MAGA Fools, Embraces DACA Family - YouTube
Also 2nd class citizens. All build on myth and misunderstandind. "da oben aufm berg in dem haus wohnt eine hexe und isst kinder." get da bloss nicht hin

MODERN FOLKLORE: See IPPR Local Migration Panel: Corby "get cell phone and everyting" - &
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The Tory blueprint: fund a cruel system, not the disabled people it punishes | Frances Ryan | Opinion | The Guardian
enabled by Daily Mail communication - adopted by Osborne and co. scroungers and benefit cheats - double standard to tax evasion and avoidance
DWP  ESA  Disabled  disability  UK  Austerity  welfare  state  Tories  nasty  party  Conservative  JSA  sanctions  double  standard  tax  evasion  avoidance  Sociology  Psychology  DailyMail 
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Ken Clarke: Tories had deal with Rupert Murdoch for 2010 election | Politics | The Guardian
David Cameron may have done “some sort of a deal” with Rupert Murdoch to win the Sun’s support for the Conservatives in the 2010 general election, Ken Clarke, the former justice secretary, has claimed.

“Quite how David Cameron got the Sun out of the hands of Gordon Brown I shall never know,” Clarke said. “Rupert would never let Tony [Blair – Brown’s predecessor] down because Tony had backed the Iraq war. Maybe it was some sort of a deal. David would not tell me what it was. Suddenly we got the Murdoch empire on our side.”
Rupert  Murdoch  David  Cameron  Presselandschaft  DailyMail  TheSun  Paul  Dacre  Brexit  Establishment  diversity  Elite  Propaganda  Pressesprecher  Andy  Coulson  phonehacking  Rebekah  Brooks  Monopoly  Oligarchy  Plutocracy  GFC  Austerity  Jeremy  Corbyn  Ed  Miliband  book  UK  Politics  Mogul  neoliberalism  neoliberal  capitalism  regime  inequality  Gesellschaft  Media  Medien  BBC  Society  trust  trustagent  Newspapers  Tabloids  Lügenpresse 
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Majority of Britons think minorities threaten UK culture, report says | World news | The Guardian
[ lack of institutional trust ] More than half of Britons believe their culture is threatened by ethnic minorities living in the UK, a report says.

A quarter think immigrants take jobs away and a third think they remove more from society than they contribute, this year’s Aurora Humanitarian Index survey said.
Brexit  austerity  GFC  immigration  Culture  War  Identity  Politics  Daily  Mail  DailyMail  Niall  Ferguson 
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21st Century Fox 'in talks' to buy television station group Tribune Media | Media | The Guardian
Rupert Murdoch / after Sky in UK/EU. now back in action in USA. // The potential bid from Blackstone and Fox comes less than two weeks after the US federal communications commission voted to reverse a 2016 decision that limited the number of television stations some broadcasters can buy.
Rupert  Murdoch  Blackstone  Conglomerate  oligopol  oligopoly  oligarchy  1%  Medialandscape  journalism  journalismus  FoxNews  DailyMail  Daily  Mail  UK  USA 
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Why Theresa May is a true heir to Richard Nixon | Aditya Chakrabortty | Opinion | The Guardian
Trump wasn’t playing politics: he was prosecuting a culture war – and a culture war is anti-politics. [...] First came her speech about how “the country is coming together”, even while her political opponents were not. Her cheerleaders were in the press the next day, baying for “Blue murder” and for her to “Crush the saboteurs”. I watched all this from the US; and in the land where Democrats are now routinely labelled “treasonous” it all sounded eerily familiar: us v them; the people v Westminster; leavers v remainers. [...] “forged a public language that promised mastery of the strange new angers, anxieties, and resentments wracking the nation”. [...] Nixon appealed to the “silent majority”. [...] “less about a traditional left-right battle and more about identity and values” [<< Rentnerrepublik]
UK  Brexit  Theresa  May  Tory  Austerity  Conservative  Party  nasty  history  moderation  language  culture  war  Gore  Vidal  DonaldTrump  Donald  Trump  Identity  Politics  USA  France  Career  Politicians  GE2017  media  landscape  DailyMail  Daily  Mail  Fear  Anxiety  Resentment  Anger  Populism  Richard  Nixon  Margaret  Thatcher 
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May is stealing Ed Miliband’s clothes – but no one’s shouting ‘Red Theresa’ | Abi Wilkinson | Opinion | The Guardian
‘Red Ed’ was denounced in the Tory press for his energy price cap. But don’t expect the prime minister to be challenged – this is an uneven playing field
GE2017  Daily  Mail  media  landscape  DailyMail 
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Mercedes, BMW and Hyundai dump O'Reilly Factor amid lawsuits - BBC News
[systemic in FoxNews building, under Rupert Murdoch] Fox News' most popular show is facing an exodus of advertisers because of sexual harassment claims against its host, Bill O'Reilly.
Mercedes-Benz, BMW North America and several others have pulled adverts following the "disturbing" allegations.
The New York Times reported on Saturday that settlements of $13m (£10.4m) were reached with five women who accused him of inappropriate behaviour.
The network said on Tuesday it was working to "address concerns".
DonaldTrump  Donald  Trump  BillOReilly  FoxNews  Rupert  Murdoch  Daily  Mail  DailyMail  Feminism  Sexismus  Sexism  sexual  harassment  assault  Fox  News  RogerAiles 
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Keiser Report: Pension Crisis (E 1052) - YouTube
halfway in. // United Health has eyes on NHS. // They are hiding everything behind NHS logo. CCG's are run Optum (not clinical, but management) // USA insurance companies are subsidized through tax. // propaganda against NHS is effective, cloud picture, telling NHS is broken. &! &! Sell-Off &! &! &! anything core business is going!
NHS  Privatisation  Tories  Austerity  STP  rationing  GP  A&E  Conservative  Party  Bupa  Jeremy  Hunt  Simon  Stevens  neoliberalism  BBC  DailyMail  Daily  Mail  Insurance  WallStreet  corporatism  CEO  pay  Brexit  CCG  Trust  ageing  population  sick  demographic  bubble  chronic  CVD  Cancer  Diabetes  Google  Big  Data  medical  advance  health  care  demand 
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Theresa May held private dinner for Daily Mail editor at No 10 | Media | The Guardian
Paul Dacre was only media figure to get hospitality from PM in her first six months, government reveals
Theresa  May  Brexit  Daily  Mail  DailyMail  Tories  nasty  party  Conservative 
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Labour to oppose 'Henry VIII powers' being used to rewrite EU laws | Politics | The Guardian
[ no moderation, moderation is gone. Global Britain is here. 'indyref2 wil happen one way or another. no opposition and no say will infuriate Scots even more eventually ] It is expected that this will involve extensive use of “Henry VIII powers” – laws allowing ministers to change primary legislation (government bills) using secondary legislation (orders that go through parliament with little or no scrutiny). [...] Corbyn said Labour would oppose handing ministers such extensive powers when the House of Commons votes on the great repeal bill. [ less accountability, transparency, democracy, representation ... more technical! technocracy! that was voted actually against as it is practiced in EU ... the irony ] //&! The Observer view on triggering article 50. As Britain hurtles towards the precipice, truth and democracy are in short supply -
Brexit  Theresa  May  far-right  alt-right  right-wing  nasty  party  Conservative  Tories  House  of  Commons  Opposition  Labour  Jeremy  Corbyn  JAM  neoliberalism  democracy  No  Representation  workers  trade  Union  rights  Whitehall  Westminster  Parliament  lobby  revolving  door  interest  groups  UK  FPP  Populism  Nationalism  DailyMail  Daily  Mail  Oligarchy  Plutocracy  Super  Rich  Austerity  NHS  1%  10%  Privatisation  Prison  Police  Surveillance-Industrial  complex  Military–industrial  crony  capitalism  tax  evasion  avoidance  HMRC  corporatism  technocrat  technocracy  accountability  debate  Transparency  Article50  Article  50 
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Paris Lees on transgender prisoners: Isn't it time we talked about the facts? - The i newspaper online iNews
It was the latest instalment of Middle Class White Women Find 101 Rude and Unnecessary Ways to Tell Trans Women We’re Not Real Women. Have you been following it? It’s all terribly riveting stuff. [...] As the writer Katelyn Burns points out on Twitter, if violent crimes are now the threshold for getting sent to male prison, where are the campaigns to send violent female criminals who are not trans to men’s prisons? [...] We treat prisoners like humans for a reason [...] Women assault other women too
Transgender  LGBT  Feminism  feminist  Prison  human  rights  dignity  far-right  right-wing  Conservative  Religion  DailyMail  Daily  Mail  bathroom  bill  bathroombill 
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Lord chief justice attacks Liz Truss for failing to back article 50 judges | Politics | The Guardian
The lord chief justice, Lord Thomas of Cwmgiedd, has launched a forthright attack on the justice secretary, Liz Truss, for her failure last year to defend judges who were branded “enemies of the people”.

The most senior judge in England and Wales also lambasted her department for putting out inaccurate information last weekend about extending a scheme for pre-recording testimony from rape victims.
Brexit  Theresa  May  Liz  Truss  Amber  Rudd  Tories  Conservative  Party  nasty  right-wing  far-right  DailyMail  Daily  Mail  Populism  Nationalism 
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John McDonnell says 'soft coup' launched against Corbyn - BBC News
Mr McDonnell accuses unnamed "plotters" and the "Murdoch media empire" of a "coordinated and fully resourced" coup.
In an article for Labour Briefing, he said "the plotters" were using "an exceptionally well resourced dark arts operation" to "destroy Jeremy Corbyn".
Jeremy  Corbyn  Labour  Party  Murdoch  DailyMail  far-right  right-wing 
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Sexually explicit book 'This Is Gay' sold to 12-year-old | Daily Mail Online
On page one, while on the same page exploiting famous gay person (George Michael) now dead.
DailyMail  LGBT  UK  Homophobia  transphobia  gay  marriage 
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Anti-Brexit MP channels famous Trainspotting monologue in parliament - BBC Newsbeat
"Choose hate crime rising by over 40% and LGBT hate crime by 150% in England and Wales following the Brexit vote. Choose taking the people of our nations to the polls on one of the most important issues of a generation with nothing written down and no plan." // re Daily Mail - Stop Funding Hate Speech Campaigns in UK
Brexit  Article  50  SNP  Scotland  Culture  Trainspotting  NHS  hate  crime  speech  LGBT  Polish  Poland  stigma  right-wing  far-right  DailyMail 
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