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Politicking: Matt Taibbi on America's 'Injustice System' - YouTube
worship culture of success. [...] jail is for poor people. [...] securities fraud go jail free w fine, and do benefit/welfare fraud, go straight to jail! // For Profit Bail System - on YouTube Vice Channel. //&! Matt Taibbi, "The Divide" - //&! Matt Taibbi: Minding the Wealth Gap - //&! Too Big To Fail, Too Big To Jail: Matt Taibbi, Bernie Sanders Town Hall 2013 - //&! Matt Taibbi: The Conspiracy To Destroy Our Pensions - //&! Matt Taibbi explores US criminal injustice with Bill Maher - //&! The Divide: American Injustice in the Age of the Wealth Gap (w/ Matt Taibbi) -
white-collar  crime  mandatory  minimum  sentences  Beschaffungskriminalität  post-racial  America  racial  profiling  economic  justice  injustice  System  Law  &  Career  Politicians  War  on  Drugs  Precariat  deprivation  poverty  trap  USA  Gini  coefficient  prison–industrial  complex  inequality  meritocracy  meritocratic  American  Dream  education  policy  social  mobility  income  mobility  health  inequality  mental  health  mental  illness  chronic  stress  poverty  book  compassion  empathy  Greed  welfare  state  stigma  plutocracy  oligarchy  Super  Rich  1%  Fraud  securities-fraud  social  safety  net  Food  Stamps  Food  Bank  public  sentiment  prejudice  bias  downward  mobility  trickle-down  economics  neoliberalism  neoliberal  neoconservatism  neoconservatives  financial  accounting  scandal  corporate  scandal  lobbyist  lobby  Lobbying  interest  groups  vested  interest  too  big  to  jail  money  laundering  bribery  corruption  DOJ  SEC  presidency  barackobama  GFC  financial  product  economic  history  squeezed  middle  class  working  poor  wage  stagnation  libor  rigging  scandal 
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Bank Whistleblower Alayne Fleischmann & Matt Taibbi on How JPMorgan Chase Helped Wreck the Economy - YouTube
Eric Holder - 'banks facilitated GFC! through sub prime & co and dubious in-transparent too complex financial modelling and financial products //
GFC  economic  history  deregulation  oversight  Bank  SEC  DOJ  too  big  to  jail  toobigtofail  TBTF  lobbyist  lobby  Lobbying  Washington  revolving  door  Career  Politicians  No  Representation  subprime  financial  literacy  zombie  banks  banking  crisis  investment  banking 
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America Must End Its Paranoid War on Hackers | WIRED
"Our privileged attorney-client communications were routinely and illegally opened by the prison; when weev was interrogated by the FBI (while being denied an attorney) about one of his communications to me and complained about his privileged attorney-client mail being opened, one of the FBI agents told him that they “didn’t give a fuck about the attorney client privilege.” Unfortunately, this attitude is typical of many FBI agents; generally they believe they are above the law they are entrusted to enforce. [...] I’ve heard similar tales of nasty, brutish, and petty treatment when dealing with the U.S. penal system from other hackers I know who were thrown in jail for non-violent offenses. [...] Hackers are the new communists for the DOJ.
cyber  crime  cyber  attack  white  hat  hacker  black  hat  hacker  USA  NSA  GCHQ  domestic  affairs  foreign  affairs  diplomacy  surveillance  state  Orwellian  Career  Politicians  policestate  Police  Brutality  prison–industrial  complex  military–industrial  complex  FBI  CIA  presidency  barackobama  human  rights  Justice  System  Law  &  Justice  DOJ  LulzSec  Anonymous 
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Op-Ed: What happens to WikiLeaks matters to everyone
The problem is that this concern for the First Amendment protections of the press and of citizens in general, is a new development. Just last year the Department of Justice was caught spying on the offices of the Associated Press. That spying led to a source going to prison for 43 months. That was not an isolated incident and the DOJ’s war on journalism goes back quite some time. In 2006, it was revealed that DOJ was targeting a freelance journalist covering the Free Trade Area of the Americas conference. That is certainly nowhere near as important to the Department as shutting down a vile enemy of freedom like WikiLeaks. But they managed to find the resources to go after a freelance journalist covering a trade agreement.
First  Amendment  Constitution  USA  DOJ  NSA  barackobama  presidency  Wikileaks  Julian  Assange  freedom  of  press  free  speech  journalism  investigative  journalism 
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Inside SAC's Dell trade - YouTube
DOJ can't go after Cohen, goes after its Hedge Fund. >>> /watch?v=bNMjkwaEsfI + /watch?v=5LSuqeZGRbU + + + "SAC is almost DONE. [...] lead about SAC insider trading extend came from other investigations; Raj Rajaratnam & Rajat Gupta. + /watch?v=8cC30LvTY38 + /watch?v=bIYWMfbtJAo + /watch?v=2Np2qP2ux1s
SAC  Capital  Advisors  DOJ  barofsky  Neil  hedgefund  barackobama  banking  crisis  too  big  to  jail  Rajat  Gupta  bank  crisis  policy  error  Raj  Rajaratnam  policy  folly  Hedge  Fund  insidertrading  trust  SEC  Steve  Cohen  confidence  hedgefonds  trustagent  confidenciality  WallStreet  insider  trading  presidency  Preet  Bharara  governance  corporate  governance 
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FraudBytes: Justice Department Admits They're Soft on Fraud
+ " I am concerned that the size of some of these institutions [banks] becomes so large that it does become difficult for us to prosecute them when we are hit with indications that if you do prosecute, if you do bring a criminal charge, it will have a negative impact on the national economy, perhaps even the world economy" --- In fact, failing to prosecute criminal fraud has been destabilizing the economy since at least 2007 … and will cause huge crashes in the future. [...] Nobel prize winning economist George Akerlof has demonstrated that failure to punish white collar criminals – and instead bailing them out- creates incentives for more economic crimes and further destruction of the economy in the future.
justice  GFC  ethics  fraud  josephstiglitz  white-collar  worker  NINJA  loans  white-collar  crime  Law  &  barackobama  ponzischeme  banking  crisis  criminal  fraud  George  Akerlof  subprime  bank  crisis  lostdecade  greatrecession  moralhazard  trust  economic  history  mortgage  fraud  confidence  trustagent  white-collar  fraud  USA  greatdepression  DoJ  economics  toobigtofail  presidency 
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REVEALED: Corzine’s MF Global Was Client of Eric Holder’s Law Firm
revolving door between corporations / Wall Street / Law - to politics and justice departments and regulators - and vice versa.
regulators  revolving-door  WallStreet  lobby  barackobama  presidency  GFC  EricHolder  transparency  fraud  accountability  MFGlobal  DOJ 
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Skandal um Libor: Deutsche Bank beantragt Kronzeugenregelung - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Im Skandal um manipulierte Zinssätze versuchen mehrere Banken, die drohenden Strafen abzumildern. Die Deutsche Bank hat nach SPIEGEL-Informationen bei der EU-Kommission und in der Schweiz eine Kronzeugenregelung beantragt. Ärger könnte aus den USA drohen.

"In der Deutschen Bank herrscht Nervosität", heißt es im Umfeld des Instituts.

US-Justizbehörden bereiten angeblich mehrere Klagen vor

Seit die Behörden weltweit ermitteln, setzte 2011 ein Wettlauf der Banken um Immunität ein. In Brüssel etwa haben auch die UBS und Barclays Kronzeugenstatus. Nur die erste Bank, die kooperiert, genießt Immunität, zwei weitere können auf mildere Urteile hoffen. Doch in den USA und London sicherten sich andere Banken den Schutz.
BBA  SEC  CFTC  FSA  SFO  DOJ  barclays  UBS  deutschebank  LIBOR  rigging  scandal 
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Libor scandal: U.S. prepare criminal case against banks that fixed interest rates in global scandal | Mail Online
The investigation into the LIBOR interest rate-rigging scandal is widening as the U.S. Justice Department is expected to file criminal charges against individual employees and at least one bank later this year.
As well as building cases against several banks, the department’s criminal division is also targeting individuals at the center of the scandal, including traders at Barclays, according to government officials who spoke anonymously to The New York Times.


SFO - UK's Serious Fraud Office, also going ahead with judicial investigation. Was revealed last week.
SFO  accountability  LIBOR  rigging  scandal  DOJ 
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The LIBOR affair: Banksters | The Economist
The attempts to rig LIBOR (the London inter-bank offered rate), a benchmark interest rate, not only betray a culture of casual dishonesty; they set the stage for lawsuits and more regulation right the way round the globe. This could well be global finance’s “tobacco moment”.

But this story stretches far beyond Britain. Barclays is the first bank in the spotlight because it offered to co-operate fully with regulators. It will not be the last. Investigations into the fixing of LIBOR and other rates are also under way in America, Canada and the EU. Between them, these probes cover many of the biggest names in finance: the likes of Citigroup, JPMorgan Chase, UBS, Deutsche Bank and HSBC. Employees, from New York to Tokyo, are implicated (see article).

this would be the biggest securities fraud in history ... That opens the door to litigation ... The lawsuits have already begun.

unfortunate banker-bashing
culture  greatrecession  GFC  confidence  trustagent  trust  PaulTucker  bobdiamond  FSA  transparency  accountability  oversight  regulation  Fed  NYFed  BOE  SFO  BaFin  DOJ  BBA  barclays  bank  crisis  banking  crisis  banking  EURIBOR  LIBOR  rigging  scandal  LIBOR 
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BBC News - Barclays - a day of unanswered questions
A whistleblower at the Financial Services Authority (FSA) has already told the committee he believes the FSA has e-mail evidence of exchanges between the Barclays and the Bank of England about the Libor rate.

At the very least we need Tucker's written account of his own side of that conversation. So far he has volunteered no account and has been screened behind the Bank of England's press operation, which says they can't comment on anything not in the FSA judgment.

At the level of Barclays' senior management we need to know - and this is the critical question: why did Jerry del Missier form the opinion that Tucker had ordered the rigging of Libor?

If that were me, and I was ordered to breach my professional and industry rules, I would be checking the exact meaning with the boss I have just spoken to. We need to know what Del Missier actually did.

Bob Diamond, so far, he has not admitted culpability - only responsibility.

SFO, FSA and DOJ (USA) need to start bringing charges.
confidence  2012  2008  creditcrunch  greatrecession  GFC  bank  crisis  banking  crisis  manipulation  DOJ  SFO  transparency  accountability  trustagent  trust  Willful  ignorance  misconduct  fraud  politics  AlistairDarling  EdBalls  gordonbrown  USA  Fed  NYFed  MervynKing  UK  BBA  FSA  bobdiamond  barclays  EURIBOR  LIBOR  LIBOR  rigging  scandal  BOE  PaulTucker 
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Beyond Barclays: Laying out the Libor Investigations - ProPublica
The Serious Fraud Office in Britain is considering a criminal investigation and the Justice Department could also potentially bring charges against individuals at the bank.

So who else is being investigated?
· UBS, Citigroup, Royal Bank of Scotland, Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase, Credit Suisse, HSBC, Last fall, European regulators seized documents from Deutsche Bank and others regarding manipulation of the Euribor.
- BaFin, the German regulator, is conducting a “special investigation” into Deutsche Bank, according to Reuters.
- The Serious Fraud Office (SFO) has confirmed that it has formally launched an investigation into the rigging of the inter-bank lending rate, Libor.

Private lawsuits over Libor are already underway. Last summer, Charles Schwab filed a suit alleging anti-trust violations against many Libor-setting banks and at least one class action has been filed alleging that Libor manipulation meant banks paid “unduly low interest rates to investors.”
LIBOR  rigging  scandal  BaFin  anti-trust  antitrust  deutschebank  HSBC  creditsuiss  jpmorgan  bankofamerica  BofA  citigroup  citibank  UBS  GFC  banking  crisis  bank  crisis  USA  UK  DOJ  SFO  fraud  misconduct  investigation  2012  BOE  CFTC  SEC  BBA  FSA  FAQ  EURIBOR  LIBOR  barclays 
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Bank of America Settles With DOJ Over Countrywide - YouTube
Dec. 22 (Bloomberg) -- Bank of America Corp. will pay a record $335 million to compensate Countrywide Financial Corp. borrowers who were charged more for home loans based on race and
national origin. The penalty for Bank of America, which acquired Countrywide in 2008, dwarfs the $30 million total for all previous fair-lending settlements extracted by the U.S. Department of Justice. Megan Hughes reports on Bloomberg Television's "In the Loop." (Source: Bloomberg)
KenLewis  discrimination  2011  subprime  DOJ  settelment  CountrywideFinancial  BofA 
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Internet Freedom
Internet Freedom is about sustaining the era of permissionless innovation that has characterized the first fifteen years of the commercial Internet in this country and brought us thousands of new big profitable companies, millions of jobs, and a vast array of new services and devices that have changed our lives and made them better.
netneutrality  internet  freedom  debill  FCC  DOJ  censorship  politics 
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