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(509) Neuroscientist: Why Trumpists Will Never Abandon Trump - YouTube
Neuroscientist: Why Trumpists Will Never Abandon Trump
- cult of personality
- cognitive dissonance
- fear, "Denial of Death" Book / Martha Nussbaum book on fear
awareness of own mortality. Ease fear of death by world view through ideologies (that outlive the individual)
- thus strengthens your world view, ideology
- immigration attacks existence and place in history ("we will not erase us")
- Trump exaggerating threats, heightens fear, and existencial threat (and felt place in history) thus strengthens grip onto ideology and world view 'I will not erased.'
- Donald Trumps communication is more engaging.
- Conservatives are more hyper-vigilant (tuned in to threats)
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TESLA unter Strom - Der Kampf um die Zukunft des Autos - YouTube
Tesla und Co hat management probleme.
Musk hat intern Tesla und Co kein fuehrungsteam gebaut, und vertraut auch nicht sein "baby" anderen an.
Tesla  Elon  Musk  Cult  Leadership 
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What I Learned This Week About Tim Cook’s Apple | Re/code
[ always along the motto: extension of you, part of you. The new Apple under Jobs was NOT an overnight success! It build on its differentiation, strong base, a cult, a Tribe, 1000 True Fans, and build on it stride by stride. Most capitalistic company out of SV, no counter-culture out of largest corp on world. & can pull of iAd coup because it has monopsony! & Duopoly w Android. ] Many people love Apple, others despise it. But, even without Jobs, it cannot be ignored. There simply is no other company that combines such a high-quality hardware line with such well-regarded software platforms. A faltering Samsung has the former, but not the latter. A strong and admirable Google has the latter, but not the former. If you didn’t believe that before, this week’s event made it crystal clear, with once-bitter rivals like Microsoft and Adobe showing up onstage to boast about how well their products worked with new Apple hardware and software. [ sw & hw iteration = leverage comp advantage ]
Apple  iOS  Hardware  commodity  business  commoditization  Android  Software  Is  Eating  The  World  Software  Google  Inc.  Samsung  HTC  Lenovo  LG  Apple  TV  iPhone  Apple  Watch  Steve  Jobs  Tim  Cook  aspirational  product  PR  spin  doctor  public  relations  Positioning  marketing  public  image  status  symbol  status  anxiety  materialism  consumerist  consumerism  zombie  consumer  socioeconomic  status  social  status  emerging  middle  class  Platform  Silo  Apple  App  Store  Google  Play  R&D  Research  STEM  Microsoft  Nokia  Motorola  Adobe  Satya  Nadella  Leadership  vision  mission  differentiate  differentiation  Selbstdarstellung  Luxury  crony  capitalism  capitalism  post-capitalism  Wall  Street  profit  maximisation  shareholder  value  counter  culture  Silicon  Valley  Internet  Privacy  Privacy  iAd  Siri  AdBlock  personal  assistant  competitive  advantage  corporate  strategy  long-term  view  Tribe  Cult  1000  True  Fans  brand  awareness  Branding  Start-Up  advice  Start-Up  lesson  monopsony  duopoly  antitrust 
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Unrest at Nest Labs
Coming from Dropcam, which boasted a much more egalitarian culture, a clash seems all but inevitable. Yet these employees also suggest that the differences between Dropcam and Nest are not just stylistic. One Nest employee says that Nest, which employs between 700 and 800 people, will see roughly double the revenue of Dropcam this year but that Dropcam, which employs 100 people, is growing its revenue eight times as fast, thanks largely to its subscription business. Many employees were reportedly disappointed to sell to Google because “we were firing on all cylinders, with a sensor product about to be released and an outdoor camera about to come out in 2015 and great sales. It just felt like we’d been chopped off at the knees.”
Dropcam  Google  Nest  Labs  corporate  culture  corporate  values  personal  values  Hype  Hype  Cycle  Apple  Steve  Jobs  Tony  Fadell  people  management  management  HR  team  management  Silicon  Valley  Start-Up  advice  Start-Up  lesson  Leadership  authority  Cult 
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