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Interserve: UK outsourcing giant loses rescue vote - BBC News
Outsourcing giant Interserve has failed to persuade shareholders to approve a rescue plan for the company.

Interserve is expected to go into administration later today, although its contracts are likely to continue as normal and no job cuts are expected.
Carillion  Interserve  Austerity  UK  Privatisation  outsourcing  Council  NHS  G4s  Prison 
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400 care home operators collapse in five years as cuts bite | Society | The Guardian
BDO’s research said care homes, already struggling with debts racked up before the credit crunch, had “suffered as a result of the reduced spending by central government”.

It warned that further pain lay ahead, highlighting research from the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services showing that councils had £700m of social care cuts planned in 2018-19, despite growing demand.
UK  Austerity  social  care  adult  sickcare  elderly  demographic  bubble  NHS  Council  Rentnerrepublik 
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Knife crime: Theresa May 'not listening' says ex-police chief - BBC News
Speaking on BBC Radio 4's World at One, Lord Stevens - who was commissioner of the Met between 2000 and 2005 - criticised Mrs May's handling of crime and policing as PM and when she was home secretary.

He said the Home Office had not been listening for the past five or six years.

"All you got from the Home Office, and in particular the home secretary at the time, now the prime minister, was 'our reforms are working'.
UK  knife  crime  Theresa  May  HomeOffice  Austerity  Police  Prison  Council  youth  services 
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Aberdeen council tax to increase by 4.5% - BBC News
Aberdeen's council tax is to increase by 4.5%.

Up to 200 posts could go as part of more than £40m of cuts that were approved following a four-hour meeting on Tuesday afternoon.

However community centre, libraries, school crossing patrollers and public toilets escaped threatened cutbacks.

The Conservative and Labour administration's proposals were backed by 23 votes to 19 over an SNP amendment, with three abstentions. - The local authority needs to close a funding gap of more than £40m.

An annual £30 charge for brown bin collections is being introduced.
UK  Austerity  Council  Aberdeen 
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Interserve lenders line up EY as administrator if shareholder talks fail | Business | The Guardian
Lenders to the outsourcing firm Interserve have lined up EY to manage its administration if they cannot reach agreement with shareholders on the terms of a financial restructuring plan.

The emergence of EY as a potential administrator came as the largest shareholder in the company submitted new proposals, including a £75m rights issue, as a counter-offer to the solution put forward by lenders, which it called “an obscenity”.
Interserve  Carillion  Privatisation  UK  Austerity  Council  NHS  Conservative  Tories 
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Agency tried to charge care homes £2,700 a shift for workers | Society | The Guardian
One of the country’s biggest providers of agency health workers has been accused of “profiteering” after trying to charge care homes up to £2,700 to supply a staff member for a single shift.

The Guardian can reveal that Newcross Healthcare, already exposed for fining workers £50 when they call in sick, quoted the sky-high charges in a price list sent out to homes looking for cover over Christmas.
UK  Privatisation  NHS  Council  elderly  social  care  adult  Austerity  profit  maximisation 
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Council tax to rise across England as austerity hits hard | Society | The Guardian
‘Chronic underfunding’ forces cuts to services including social care, roads and libraries [...] One in 20 councils said they were concerned that funding cuts were now so deep that they would struggle to deliver the legal minimum level of services. Almost one in 10 anticipate legal challenges from the public against proposed cuts in service provision. The survey found 80% of councils have no confidence that the current model of local government finance is sustainable. More than half have drawn down reserves to stay afloat. More than three-quarters have borrowed cash to invest in commercial property in the hope the returns will cover budget gaps.
UK  Austerity  Council  counciltax 
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Troubled government contractor Interserve agrees rescue deal | Business | The Guardian
Company, which has 45,000 employees in UK, hopes to avoid Carillion-style collapse
Shares in Interserve closed down 1.8% at just under 13p. The company was worth as much as £1bn in 2014, but is now worth a little over £20m.
outsourcing  Carillion  Interserve  bailout  Austerity  UK  Council  Privatisation  NHS 
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Is the NHS's long-term plan workable? - BBC News
Bleak picture
Budgets for public health (including prevention) and training of nurses, doctors and other staff have not yet been set out and, if less generous than the NHS settlement, they could affect the ability of the service to deliver the long-term plan, in the view of the report authors.

And what of the short term? The watchdog paints a bleak picture.

The financial health of some trusts, it says, is getting worse.
NHS  social  care  Council  elderly  adult  long-term  plan  Theresa  May  Conservative  Austerity  chronic  sickcare  sick  population  ageing  demographics  Cancer  Obesity  CVD  diabetes  rationing  mental  health  staff  crisis  hiring  locum  CAMHS  prevention  public  Privatisation 
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Unfit DWP should be axed, says thinktank | Society | The Guardian
Ministers should consider abolishing the Department for Work and Pensions after its failure to help ill and disabled people out of poverty, a leading thinktank has said. [....] Tom Pollard, the report’s author, spent 18 months at the DWP on secondment from mental health charity Mind. By the end of his time there he concluded that the “DWP is institutionally and culturally incapable of making the reforms needed to achieve such a shift in outcomes for ill and disabled people, or for ‘harder-to-help’ groups more widely”. [...] The report concludes that while the DWP has been able to help people with minor difficulties into employment, the outcomes are “much poorer when it comes to supporting people with more complex needs”, such as the ill, disabled, older people, those with drug and alcohol problems, ex-prisoners and the homeless. [...] It calls for the DWP to be stripped of responsibility for these hard-to-help groups, with the health department and NHS helping the ill find work, local government taking over Jobcentre Plus, and benefits and pensions delivered by HMRC. The charitable sector could also be given a bigger role. [...] It accuses the department of seeing claimants through a “benefits lens”, in which conditions were placed on their payments as a way of forcing them into work. He warns that the department’s reputation among many groups is now so bad that it may prove impossible and expensive to improve. “A bad reputation is far harder to lose than a good one,” he writes.
WCA  ESA  Disabled  mental  health  DWP  Universal  Credit  Council  Austerity  Privatisation  welfare  state 
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Ministers urged to halt right-to-buy scheme | Society | The Guardian
More than 40% of former council homes now rented out by private landlords [...] In Ealing, the council has spent £107m buying back 516 former council properties that it had originally sold for £16m. Peter Mason, Ealing’s cabinet member for housing, said the report highlighted “exactly some of the more unforgivable impacts of Thatcher’s right-to-buy scheme, which she launched with great fanfare in Northolt [a town in the borough of Ealing]”.
UK  housing  crisis  Thatcher  social  affordable  Council  Privatisation  Rentier  capitalism  profit  maximisation 
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Are Andrew Lansley's NHS reforms being binned? - BBC News
But Nigel Edwards, the influential chief executive of the Nuffield Trust think tank, believes a "significant unpicking" of Mr Lansley's reforms are on the cards and in time they will be judged as "one of the most major public policy failures" of all time.

If that is the case, it begs the question: why did the government go to all the trouble of pushing ahead with them in the first place?
NHS  Privatisation  long-term  plan  sickcare  ageing  population  Conservative  Party  premature  chronic  sick  prevention  public  health  CVD  dementia  Cancer  Austerity  social  care  Council  elderly  CCG  GP 
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Grayling under fire as serious crimes committed on parole soar by 50% | Society | The Guardian
Ex-justice minister’s probation reforms have led to huge rise in serious offences, data shows &! - Jail terms of six months or less could be scrapped, prisons minister suggests Rory Stewart says move could ease pressure on prison population that has more than doubled since 1990s
UK  Police  Prison  Probation  recidivism  Privatisation  Austerity  Council  crime 
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Interserve: Major government contractor 'seeks second rescue deal' - BBC News
One of the UK's largest providers of public services is seeking a rescue deal as it struggles with £500m of debt, according to the Financial Times.

Interserve, which works in prisons, schools, hospitals and on the roads, said it might look for new investment or sell off part of the business.

Workers at the Foreign Office and the NHS are among Interserve's tens of thousands of UK employees.

The government said it supported the company's long-term recovery plan.
Carillion  outsourcing  Privatisation  Interserve  UK  Austerity  Tories  nasty  party  Conservativ  Council  Bailout 
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Tory-run Northamptonshire county council bailed out by government | Society | The Guardian
fire sale of assets
16% of the population is 65+
but eat up half the council budget (elderly care, + adult + child protection)
Council budget from 2010 experienced already 50% cut.
UK  Austerity  bailout  Council  Northamptonshire  Tory 
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Child protection services near crisis as demand rises - BBC News
The Child Welfare Inequalities project concluded deprivation was the largest single factor in families becoming involved in child protection.

In the most deprived areas about one child in every 60 was in care, compared with one in every 660 in the wealthiest areas.

With poorer areas spending more money on those in care, the team also concluded these authorities had seen more cuts to preventative services.
UK  Austerity  society  Gesellschaft  Council  child  protection  services  deprivation  poverty  trap  nasty  party  Tories  Conservative  JAM  Theresa  May 
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‘A wall built to keep people out’: the cruel, bureaucratic maze of children’s services | Society | The Guardian
its common accpeted practice in neoliberalism, to make access to the welfare state as difficult as possible, studies have showm the more hurdles and loops, the less people apply, and people report, they don't apply even if eligeble, because of burocracy
UK  Austerity  rationing  Council 
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Families go to high court to oppose Hackney's SEN cuts | Education | The Guardian
Judicial review is latest action begun by parents in London to fight special needs spending cuts - - Children with learning disabilities 'failed by society' - Children with learning disabilities are being let down by society, according to a report by a leading health inequality expert. Prof Sir Michael Marmot said they die 15-20 years earlier than other people due to poor housing, low incomes, social isolation and bullying.
Austerity  Disabled  Education  Council  UK 
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UK towns ‘polarised’ by rise of far right | UK news | The Guardian
But Khan said her investigations had detected a sense Britain was on the cusp of a fresh wave of rightwing extremism: “This backs up what experts have been telling me – that we are seeing a new wave of the far right: modernised, professionalised and growing; supported by a frightening amount of legal online extremist material.” [...] Metropolitan police’s Neil Basu, told the home affairs select committee that far-right extremists and Islamists were “feeding each other” and that police were currently presiding over 700 live terrorism investigations. [...] Home Office data shows that white people now constitute the largest proportion of arrested terrorism suspects for the first time in 13 years. Meanwhile, the number of people referred to the government’s counter-extremism programme, Prevent, because of concerns over rightwing extremism has grown by more than a quarter.
UK  Brexit  far-right  right-wing  Rechtsextremismus  Rechtsruck  AfD  PEGIDA  EDL  Austerity  Homophobia  homophobic  LGBT  transphobia  Transphobic  Tommy  Robinson  Bannon  DonaldTrump  Donald  Trump  Richard  Spencer  Bolsonaro  Salvini  France  Germany  USA  post-racial  Italy  alt-right  neonazi  neo-nazi  fascism  neofascism  Naziproblem  Islam  terror  terrorism  violence  hate  speech  crime  Council 
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(13584) JOEL BENJAMIN on Why The Public Are Kept In The Dark - YouTube
Councils took out high-interest loans from highstreet banks (vs low from via gov) + PFI, now running against the wall

LOBO loans
UK  Austerity  Council  PFI  bankruptcy  high  interest  loan  LOBO 
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Most buy-to-let lenders refuse loans when tenants are on benefits | Money | The Guardian
Research carried out by the RLA’s mortgage consultants found that two-thirds of lenders representing 90% of the buy-to-let market did not allow properties to be rented out to those in receipt of housing benefit. About 4.2 million people in the UK claim housing benefit.
UK  injustice  discrimination  poor  affordable  housing  social  benefit  profit  maximisation  Buy-To-Let  Council  working  precarious  Generation  Rent 
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'Local welfare' schemes in England on brink of collapse, says report | Politics | The Guardian
“Local authority welfare schemes are increasingly threadbare, leaving families in many areas with nowhere to turn for help,” said the bishop of Manchester, David Walker. “It cannot be right for central and local government to abdicate responsibility for people in crisis when they need our help most.”
UK  Austerity  Council 
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Policing at 'tipping point' over budget cuts, warns police chief | UK news | The Guardian
West Midlands chief constable says agreement needed on what police should stop doing
UK  Austerity  Police  rationing  NHS  Council 
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The Guardian view on public services: the state has abandoned its responsibilities | Editorial | Opinion | The Guardian
Cuts have led to chaos and failure in the justice and benefits systems, and vulnerable people including children are the victims [...] Meanwhile, mounting chaos in the justice system is finally attracting public attention. Last month the government stripped the private contractor G4S of responsibility for Birmingham prison, admitting that officers there had effectively lost control. This followed an announcement that the partial privatisation of probation services has failed and will be reversed. This week MPs debated a review of the Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act amid rising concerns over the impact of legal aid cuts, including the phenomenon of “advice deserts” in parts of the country where services have virtually ceased to exist. A growing sense of crisis in the courts themselves is ably documented in the new eponymous book by the Secret Barrister.

Now council leaders are warning that children’s services face a tipping point, with 90 children entering care every day but repeated appeals for additional funding from the Treasury rejected.
UK  Austerity  injustice  Brexit  Council 
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Yorkshire council leaders threaten to pull out of asylum seeker housing scheme | UK news | The Guardian
Responsibility for housing people seeking asylum in the UK was taken away from local authorities in 2012 and given to Serco, G4S and Clearsprings under contracts with the Home Office. The Refugee Council criticised the system in October for “routinely dumping” traumatised people into “squalid, unsafe, slum housing conditions”.
UK  Privatisation  Theresa  May  Tories  Conservative  Party  asylum  Home  Office  Windrush  deportation  targets  Hostile  Environment  Austerity  profit  maximisation  Council  segregation  nasty  Capitalism 
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Prisons minister: I'll quit if assaults do not fall in problem jails | Society | The Guardian
The prisons minister, Rory Stewart, has said he will resign if the number of assaults does not fall in 10 jails that are to be subjected to a fresh crackdown on drugs and violence.

Stewart, who has been prisons minister since January, announced a £10m package of measures designed to lift standards at the 10 jails, which have “acute” problems.
UK  Austerity  Police  Justice  NHS  Council  Prison 
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Policing in parts of the UK is 'broken', says Police Federation chief | UK news | The Guardian
John Apter says stretched resources force police to ditch some crime investigations [...] “We can’t do everything – there are going to be situations where we simply can’t deliver the policing we want to deliver,” he said. “In those cases we are failing the public, but that’s not the fault of police officers on the ground, and in some cases it’s not the chief constable’s fault. “You can only slice the financial cake so many ways and you have to prioritise … The public are already suffering and they are going to suffer more and more.” Forces logged 5.5m crimes in the 12 months to March, a rise of 11% on the previous year and the highest tally for an equivalent period since 2005-06. // &! - The Guardian view on legal aid: cuts have caused chaos and must be reversed
UK  Austerity  public  health  safety  patient  NHS  Police  Council  crime  legalaid  legal  aid  Justice  system 
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East Sussex council set to cut services to bare legal minimum | Society | The Guardian
Tory-run authority reveals plan to avoid following Northamptonshire into bankruptcy //&! - Council funding crisis could be 'catastrophic' for vulnerable children Children’s commissioner’s remarks follow East Sussex and Northamptonshire councils’ plans for major cuts
&! Northamptonshire council backs 'radical' cuts to services - Children's services, road maintenance and waste management are among the areas facing "radical" cuts.- &! Northamptonshire County Council misappropriate £8m of public health money - //&! - Tory MP lies to Newsnight as Tory austerity sends councils to the wall
UK  Austerity  Council 
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Police custody deaths hit 10-year high, with experts citing austerity | UK news | The Guardian
Police custody deaths have hit their highest level in a decade with police, campaigners and experts warning that austerity and a crisis in mental health services have driven the figure up.

A total of 23 people died in or after detention in 2017-18, according to official figures released by the police watchdog, up from 14 people the previous year.

More than half had mental health problems, according to the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC), who said the conditions included psychosis, depression and self-harm or suicidal tendencies. Eighteen people had drug and or alcohol issues.
A&E  Police  mental  health  NHS  Austerity  rationing  Council  excess  death  patient  safety 
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Dangerous liaisons: why syphilis and gonorrhoea have returned to haunt Britain | Society | The Guardian
Clinic appointments fill up in minutes and babies are once again being born with syphilis – what is behind Britain’s sexual health crisis? [...] What makes STI clinics almost uniquely vulnerable compared with other healthcare is that six years ago, the then health secretary Andrew Lansley’s Health and Social Care Act moved the public health budgets that pay for them from the NHS (shielded from austerity) to local councils (which weren’t). Then, to cap it all, George Osborne cut the public health grant to councils by 7.4% in 2015. Almost half of councils in England and Wales now plan to cut sexual health funding, according to a recent BBC survey.
UK  Austerity  public  health  prevention  Council  STD  STI  crisis  nasty  party  Tories  Conservative  AIDS  HIV  GP  NHS  welfare  state 
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Millions of families 'worse off' than 15 years ago - BBC News
[ decades of underinvestment across the plane of the economy, infrastructure education skills ] On the "why", research by the Foundation - which was set up to look at the problem of low incomes - reveals that the economy has struggled to create wealth for people in work.
JAM  working  poor  poverty  trap  productivity  output  gap  class  Brexit  skills  education  policy  social  income  mobility  Austerity  downward  UK  recovery  secular  stagnation  stagflation  economic  history  GFC  debt  household  disposable  globalisation  globalization  Competition  competitive  competitiveness  underinvestment  London  child  childhood  Council  public  health 
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New leadership, same old problems - BBC News
new money won't be seen till next year, new winter crisis is coming for sure, and the wait lists will get even longer. - Health think tanks argue that the 3.4% is really only enough to cope with rising demand, never mind improving care.

Hospital sources point out that the new money won't come to the NHS until next year.

Nothing extra so far has been allocated for this winter and the intense pressure seen in the first months of this year is likely to be repeated.

There is every chance that waiting lists for routine surgery will get longer and accident and emergency performance won't get better.

Even with the £6bn cash boost next year, there are warnings that there won't be any rapid improvement. His instincts will be to tell the service to get on with job with the money it has. But that conviction will be tested in the depths of winter if hospitals are struggling to cope. [...] Also plays with part-privatisation of Elderly Care - asking people to take out a private insurance ... or lose their home ...
Matt  Hancock  Jeremy  Hunt  Simon  Stevens  NHS  Austerity  sick  care  demand  chronic  population  ageing  premature  demographic  bubble  CVD  diabetes  Cancer  Council  Social  adult  elderly  rationing  mental  health  Privatisation 
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People risk unjust prison sentences due to lack of court healthcare | Society | The Guardian - Risks to children 'the biggest social justice challenge of our time'
Children’s commissioner seeks more help for young people in vulnerable family situations [...] Government spending on early intervention services for children through local authorities has been reduced by 60% since 2010. The research says investing in these services is cost-effective compared with the expense of putting a child into care, which can be as much as £55,000 a year. Local authorities have said there is a growing crisis in children’s social care caused by increasing numbers of children being taken into care or made subject to child protection plans as a result of the failure to provide early support for families.
UK  NHS  injustice  Austerity  childprotection  mental  health  Council  LegalAid  nasty  party  Tories  Conservative  Justice  prevention  social  care  Poverty 
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Council cuts are putting the vulnerable at risk, Tory peer says | Society | The Guardian
WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER. - “We’ve reached a point where councils will no longer be able to support our residents as they expect, including our most vulnerable,” Porter added. As well as problems coping with demand for services for elderly and disabled adults, the LGA says councils are struggling with an explosion in the number of children in care, and a rising bill for 80,000 homeless families placed in temporary housing.

An LGA briefing on the prospects for local government states: “The failure to properly fund these services puts the wellbeing of some of the most vulnerable residents at risk, and this cannot go on.”
UK  Austerity  Council  Tories  nasty  party  Conservative  JAM  Theresa  May  David  Cameron  adult  social  elderly  care  homelessness  childprotection  poverty  childhood  housing  crisis  affordable 
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May's extra cash for NHS is not enough, says spending watchdog | Society | The Guardian
NAO’s Sir Amyas Morse warns more is needed to meet needs of a changing population [...] But Morse said the funding increase would only serve to maintain current service levels and would not be enough to meet the needs of a rapidly changing demographic. // &! Tory councils join demand for tax increases to fund social care services - - An astonishing nine in every 10 local authorities say that taxation must now be part of the solution in securing the viability of adult social care, according to a comprehensive survey of council leaders and senior figures responsible for care.

Concerns have been growing as a result of another delay to government proposals on resolving the crisis and complaints that pledged funding for care has been diverted to the NHS. // &! SOCIAL CARE - & //&! - The founding principles of the health service must be extended to social care. Otherwise the NHS will be run into the ground
NHS  ageing  population  social  adult  elderly  care  Council  Austerity  sickcare  demand  demographic  bubble  Theresa  May  Simon  Stevens  CVD  Cancer  diabetes  obesity  overweight  self-medication  Tories  Conservative  Party  premature  GP  CQC 
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Birmingham and Hyndburn ranked as UK areas with worst food hygiene | World news | The Guardian
Birmingham city council and Hyndburn borough council have been ranked as the worst areas in the UK for poor standards of hygiene in their cafes and restaurants, for the second year running, a new analysis has revealed. Consumer group Which? said the enforcement regime was buckling under “huge strain”, with under-resourced local authorities struggling to cope with soaring complaints from the public – about dirty conditions and food poisoning, for example – and facing an increase in their workload because of Brexit.
UK  Austerity  Council  Public  Health  Privatisation  outsourcing  prevention  nasty  party 
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Universal credit savaged by public spending watchdog | Society | The Guardian
NAO says core claims about flagship welfare programme are based on unproven assumptions The government’s ambitious change to the benefits system, universal credit, fails to deliver promised financial savings or employment benefits and leaves thousands of vulnerable claimants in hardship, according to the public spending watchdog.

The National Audit Office effectively demolishes ministerial claims for universal credit, concluding that the much-delayed flagship welfare programme may end up costing more than the benefit system it replaces, cannot prove it helps more claimants into work and is unlikely to ever deliver value for money. &! - The £1.9bn Universal Credit system may end up costing more to administer than the benefits system it is replacing, according to the National Audit Office.
Universal  Credit  DWP  JSA  ESA  Disabled  sanctions  poverty  destitute  homelessness  Council  Tories  nasty  party  Austerity 
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Child protection costs 'threaten local councils' financial stability' | Society | The Guardian
Failure to support families at risk and reduce pressure on the care system will lead to child protection services becoming financially unsustainable, the chair of an expert care review group has warned.
UK  Austerity  Council  child  protection  services  JAM  poverty 
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Access to sexual health clinics 'tougher' - BBC News
New figures on sexually transmitted infections in England show an increase in syphilis and gonorrhoea and a BBC investigation suggests that funding cuts are making it harder for people to access sexual health services. 0
NHS  public  health  Austerity  Council  antibiotic  antibiotics  STD 
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Theresa May faces dilemma over NHS cash boost, says IFS | Business | The Guardian
PM will have to either raise taxes, slash public spending or break her own spending rules - “The government is in a bind,” the IFS said. “It is extremely doubtful that large additional cuts to spending on other public services are either feasible politically or consistent with maintaining quality.

“So unless it is able and willing to implement tax rises or further cuts to the social security budget over the rest of this parliament it is hard to see how a significant injection of additional cash into the NHS would be consistent with the government’s stated fiscal objective.”
NHS  Austerity  sickcare  demand  ageing  chronic  sick  population  premature  obesity  Cancer  diabetes  CVD  public  health  demographic  bubble  UK  Council  adult  social  care 
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Rise in 'preventable' emergency readmissions to hospital - BBC News
pressure on bed blocking so high that people get discharged to early. Doctors are Drahtseilakt without a net
NHS  Austerity  bedblocking  Council  sickcare  demand  ageing  premature  population  chronic  sick  demographic  bubble  care 
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Carillion displayed utter contempt for suppliers – Frank Field | Business | The Guardian
Carillion displayed utter contempt for suppliers – Frank Field
Failed government contractor used suppliers to ‘prop up a failing business model’ and conceal true debt, say MPs
Carillion  UK  Privatisation  outsourcing  governance  Tories  nasty  party  Austerity  accounting  Conservative  Council  NHS  Prison 
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NHS reform: How many patients will benefit? - BBC News
ACO - Campaigners under the banner JR4NHS have argued that a contract being considered in two of the areas, creating what is known as an accountable care organisation, could usher in private health providers. //&! - Allied Healthcare: Home care provider seeks rescue plan
NHS  STP  Council  Austerity  elderly  adult  social  care  UK  chronic  sick  population  ageing  demographic  bubble  sickcare  demand  GP  ACO 
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NHS failure is inevitable – and it will shock those responsible into action | Jan Filochowski | Opinion | The Guardian
When this happens, as it is now, pretty much across the board, things don’t get worse by 3% because demand has increased by 3%, they get worse by 50% or 100% because there is no slack left to deal with what is only a 3% increase. And the figures are now showing just this: failure multiplying while demand increases only marginally.
NHS  Crisis  Austerity  Council  elderly  adult  social  care  A&E  GP  chronic  sick  population  ageing  premature 
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North West parks could be sold by cash-strapped councils - BBC News
public spaces. /// More than half of councils in the North West of England are considering selling parks or finding other organisations to maintain them within the next three years, a BBC investigation has found.
UK  Austerity  Council 
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More than 500 children's centres have closed in England since 2010 | Society | The Guardian
Cash-strapped local councils in England have closed more than 500 children’s centres since 2010, government figures have shown.
UK  Council  Austerity 
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Councils struggling to cope with surge in child protection referrals | Society | The Guardian
[UK austerity will be costly later on to clean up. and as proven again and again, deadly. ] Councils are increasingly only able to address “critical” situations and help the most at-risk children instead of carrying out vital preventive work to stop domestic violence and its devastating impact on victims, said the organisation that represents 370 councils in England and Wales.
UK  Austerity  Council  child  protection  services  DWP  ESA  JSA  homelessness  homeless  Sociology  nasty  party  Conservative  JAM  Theresa  May  Brexit 
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