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John Oliver to Jorge Ramos: "I'm not a journalist" - YouTube
success of heute show, die anstalt, jung un naiv, this week tonight, colbert, and co.- are a testament to the abomination that what calls itself journalism or a journalist. // could go into psychology/philosophy. kierkegard and co. absurdit of life we live today. that we are living a comedic cartoon version of what was imagined. 200 years ago w the advent of democracy. (alain de botton). is evident all that people gave up on reason. surrendered and started to self-medicate; ie w comedy, drugs, alcohol, consumerism/materialism, selfies, social media filter bubbles, yet another credit card to sooth the pain, anxiety, frustration. 'I don't want to feel anymore/ excpet dopamin. .. weil auch demokratie floeten geht, weil checks & balances durchsickert wird mit corruption usw. kein ckecks und balances. gewalten teilung wenn eine gewalt rumlaeuft mit den armen hinterm ruecken.
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My first and last time at the Crunchies — @ Medium — Medium
At the Crunchies, comedian T.J. Miller, a star of the show “Silicon Valley” (which I watch and love), threw out a bunch of playful zingers in his opening act. But then at one point, he engaged with a woman (Gabi Holzwarth) a few rows in front of me by calling her a “bitch”. She responded increduously, “Did you just call me a bitch?” He then said, “Bitch, Asians aren’t supposed to be this entitled in the U.S. … Is this bitch from Palo Alto?” The audience laughed nervously. I was so uncomfortable I wanted to leave, but of course I couldn’t given that our award was coming up. [...] At Crunchies I saw a woman get called a "bitch" onstage, then I did AOL TV & the host mocked me for being pale and made fun of my purse. [...] [ << Show of insecurity by taking the cheap road. Carlin was the last intellectual(?). ] &! &! &! >> - Reclaiming Critical Analysis: The Social Harms of “Bitch”
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MonTalk mit Harald Schmidt vom 16.12.2013 - YouTube
original - +-+ -+- - Harald Schmidt - cynicism, comedic, smart. + Kritiken interessieren mich nicht. Nimmt keinen einfluss auf das leben und die beruflische situation. ups and downs. its about the downs to manage well to stand ur ground and turn it around with time. read it in many biographies - life is defines, success is defined - how you handle not the success but how u handle the downs and when the positive anthems are silent. markus lanz gets paid for to withstand the criticism. as a personality - you get paid to stand in the public light and take all come high and low and not have a breakdown with the occasional criticism and low created by meinungsmachern. ... "You are lonesome at the top." + "Sanft & Sorgfältig - Über den Preis des Erfolges mit Olli Schulz und Jan Böhmermann"
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Jimmy Fallon Exits Stage (Just) Right : Monkey See : NPR
Because Jimmy Fallon lives on joy, and joy is not solitary. It's why he's not at his strongest in plain monologue delivery, and it's why every single good bit he has is fundamentally a collaboration. Even something like "Thank You Notes," which seems to be just him reading cards, has morphed into a silly little dance he does with the keyboard player. [...] As I've said a bunch of times, the precise quality that could make Fallon irritating on Saturday Night Live — the inability not to laugh during sketches — was a glimpse at why his late-night show has been so utterly delightful. He gets so jazzed about things, and he's so energized by the presence of other humans, that he has the poker face of a five-year-old. He laughs, and somebody else laughs, and then everybody laughs more. It's not everybody's thing, but boy, it's been mine. [ ... hitting a Common Denominator - liking being around fun people ... to be around with. "Great Friend and Guest to invite to a party."] + v=3T2FpCDlyNg
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