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What is REALLY in your burger? Find out here... - YouTube
Animal Protein -- Meat and Dairy -- Cause Cancer - Dr. T. Colin Campbell - China Study and Whole - //&! - Gary Yourofsky //&! food engineering - making stuff moorish, everything. bliss point. --- Chocolate, Cheese, Meat, and Sugar -- Physically Addictive - Neal Barnard - //&! 5 Reasons to STOP eating eggs TODAY [Warning graphic] - &! //&! Whole-Food Plant-Based Diet
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My Drunk Kitchen Response video (myharto) Diabetes smoothie - YouTube
nobody can care as much about your health as yourself. no doc (not trained in nutrition with conflict of interest) as usual ... medical profession (treating the problem at hand, the symptom. but not the cause(s)). no vested interest industry (influencing FDA, USDA, food pyramid), advertising, pharma links, ... // also starchsolution from mcdougall // whole from campbell
diabetes  metabolic  syndrome  book  Dr.  Neal  Barnard  China  Study  Dr.  T.  Colin  Campbell  insulin  resistance  pre-diabetic  carnism  omnivore  Whole  Plant  Foods  Vegan  diet  Western  pattern  diet  chronic  diseases  chronic  low-grade  inflammation  chronic  stress  Standard  American  Dietary  Fiber  diet  Dairy  Industry  Milk  Industry  IGF-1  animal  protein  public  health  policy  public  health  health  care  budget  health  care  spending  health  crisis  health  policy  health  science  medical  profession  medical  research  food  USDA  FDA  lobbyist  lobby  Lobbying  pharmaceutical  pharma  big  pharma  vested  interest  conflict  of  interest  interest  groups  Wall  Street  shareholder  value  profit  maximisation  crony  capitalism  Whole-Food  Plant-Based 
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