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Squarespace and the love of optimizing constraints - Small Empires - YouTube
- hire so other people can solve problems, you don't have to do everything! when you wait too long, you get into a need, into a pressure situation you've created by waiting to hire people to help solve problems, do xyz. and bc of that you may compromise and hire because it would be great right now if that person would do it anyway, even if you have doubts about fit, character, values, ...
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Larry Ellison's exit as Oracle CEO signals Silicon Valley shift - SFGate
"Larry Ellison stepped down as CEO of @Oracle partly to reward the new co-CEOs, Mark Hurd & Safra Katz, @Recode reports; the move was also done to set Oracle 'on a course for long-term stability' by keeping Hurd & Katz, who have reportedly both been approached about jobs outside of Oracle, w/ the company." +!+!+ ‏@Benioff "There always has been, & always will be, one ceo at Oracle. "All sw & hw engineering functions will continue to report to @larryellison." + nobody can take away the leadership and founder title. + + and he is 70 already, so he basically is just weaning himself off day-to-day operations. +!+!+ 'but is the Co-CEO move actually sensible considering the whole picture of Oracle?' - +
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Snapchat Concedes In Settlement: Ousted Co-Founder Came Up With App Idea
Snapchat said it settled with Brown over his claim of an ownership interest in the company on non-public but “mutually agreeable terms.” In the release, Snapchat gave Brown credit for his role in the development of the app, stating the following: “Reggie Brown originally came up with the idea of creating an application for sending disappearing picture messages while he was a student at Stanford University. He then collaborated with Spiegel and Murphy on the development of Snapchat during its early and most formative days.” +++
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Will Foursquare CEO Dennis Crowley Finally Get It Right? | Fast Company | Business Innovation
It's a compelling prospect: If Google has built a $294 billion business based on your explicit searches, Foursquare's bet is that the data behind your implicit intent are just as lucrative. [...] If you check in at Walgreens, should we show you an ad for toothpaste? We're not sure," he says. "Does that dilute the experience?" [...] And Crowley is well aware of what's become of him: His identity is his company; he is only as mature as it is. "I've thought about it for a while, and to me it's like I've got to close this chapter in my life before I can go on to the next one,"
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