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'Toxic Christianity': the evangelicals creating champions for Trump | US news | The Guardian
Polls show a drop in the proportion of white evangelicals from a peak in the 1990s of around 27% of the population to between 17% and 13% now, alongside a significant rise in religious pluralism and those – particularly young people – who say they have no religion.
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The Rise Of Europe's Religious Right
For the most part, though, issues dear to social conservatives were a side issue in elections driven heavily by economic frustration. [...] The suddenness with which social conservatives became a force in Brussels has many progressives speculating that they are the creations of American social conservatives seeking to “export the culture wars.” [...] Today, American ties seem much more about a shared vision to build a global conservative movement rather than leaning on stronger and wealthier U.S. partners for support. // || Pro Progressive - the hard things are hard bc they are worth doing it. It's easy to turn ones back. But its hard to hold your face into the storm that is brewing. Holding onto status quo is not worth the struggle, it is a futile short-term view - as the status quo is not sustainable.
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HBO VICE: The World Is Sinking - YouTube
currently there is no plan b, bc there is no planet b. how do you adapt to rapid change. Hurricane Sandy - was only a tropical storm, 13ft storm surge "Climate Change is here." Storm Surge - 2013/14 UK has been a victim too. >> Climate change deniers are sponsored and supported by the lobby of the Fossil fuel industry. Fossil fuel industry is the strongest most powerful political lobby industry in history, followed by Wall Street and big Pharma. *Christian Parenti // Koch Industries - Koch Brothers have huge interest in keeping the petrochemical industries they own, running. Thus fund climate change denier campaigns massively. + + +
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