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Blair prosecution opposed by attorney general, says paper - BBC News
Lawyers who want to pursue the prosecution based their argument on the findings of last year's Chilcot report, which concluded that the UK chose to carry out the 2003 invasion in Iraq "before the peaceful options for disarmament had been exhausted".
Imran Khan, one of the lawyers bringing the case, told the Guardian: "My client wants those responsible held to account and prosecuted using the full force of the law.
"He is baffled as to why it is that despite the Chilcot report making it very clear that the war was illegal, attempts are now being made to prevent those responsible from entering a court, let alone being prosecuted for what they did."
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Whitehall’s secret advice on Chilcot will not be released | UK news | The Guardian
Philippe Sands QC queries confidential guidance that left Sir John Chilcot unable to rule on legality of 2003 invasion
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Tony Blair und der Bericht zum Irakkrieg: Ende mit Schrecken - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Tony Blairs politisches Vermächtnis ist zerstört. Demonstranten beschimpfen ihn als Kriegsverbrecher, ein Untersuchungsbericht zur Irak-Invasion bescheinigt ihm Versagen. Jetzt drohen Klagen //&!
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Admiral Lord West: Iraq invasion planned before Tony Blair told public (From Herald Scotland)
The decision to invade Iraq was made before Tony Blair publicly announced it "but they were looking for a reason" to do it, the head of the Royal Navy at the time has said.

Admiral Lord West, who was first sea lord when the war began in March 2003, said he was told by "some b*****d" to ready his forces in preparation for the conflict.

Lord West said: "I think there had been a decision that we were going to invade Iraq, that that was going to happen, but they were looking for a reason to actually do it."
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