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Now it’s time for Silicon Valley to profit from the new Indian ecommerce laws it helped shape | PandoDaily
Obviously Modi isn’t contemplating this merely to please his Omidyar Network advisor, Jayant Sinha. Modi is a political animal, and one of the most remarkable and successful political animals in the subcontinent in years. Modi is not looking to merely grease a few palms, do a few favors, and retire to a cushy Harvard sinecure or a Clinton Foundation seat like many squishier neoliberals from the developing world. If the last few decades of Modi-level neoliberals is any guide, he’s looking to completely transform the political economy of India in such a way as to make the BJP Party and his pro-business authoritarianism the culture’s new default setting — displacing at last the Congress Party and its socialist assumptions with a new politics that favors Modinomics. Think Thatcher, Reagan, Pinochet, and how they permanently transformed their countries’ political economies.
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