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Isn't Your Body More Important Than Your Home? - YouTube
'general welfare', 'collective good' //&! - The Myths & Lies Exposed in the GOP Debate - Carly Fiorina: Crony Capitalism = Big Goverment supporting tbtf/tbtj corporations? << POSITIONING. Blaming it on Big Government, that corporations feel they need to get bigger. LOL &! RT is not only one calling out Carly Fiorina -
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Carly Fiorina Just Played The Gender Card All Wrong | TechCrunch
As political analysts have noted, Clinton is back with a new gender strategy now. My former professor Jonathan Allen noted in Vox that this time around, Clinton will “run like a woman.” Clinton has teased that eradicating the gender gap in STEM positions and decreasing the pay gap will be a major issue for her in 2016. In recent visits to Silicon Valley, Clinton has appeared at women in tech conferences, and she will likely bring up the issue as she heads back to the area for fundraising this week. // LOL 15:50 on Net Neutrality "public was pressured to submit public comments"
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