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Ellingham Hospital: Children's mental health wards to close - BBC News
The hospital said it found it "extremely challenging to recruit and retain permanent staff".
NHS  Privatisation  CQC  Austerity  staff  crisis  staffing  mental  health  CAMHS 
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West Lane Hospital in Middlesbrough to be closed - BBC News
A mental health unit where two girls died in two months is to close, a watchdog has said.
On Thursday, it was revealed 13 staff suspended over the alleged ill-treatment of patients were still working for the trust.
UK  NHS  mental  health  CAMHS  Austerity  culture  CQC 
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Hospital 'abused' vulnerable adults in Durham - BBC News
The 17-bed hospital is one of scores of such units in England that provide care for just below 2,300 adults with learning disabilities and autism. [...] Dr Paul Lelliott, deputy chief inspector of hospitals at the CQC, told Panorama: "On this occasion it is quite clear that we did not pick up the abuse that was happening at Whorlton Hall.

"All I can do is apologise deeply to the people concerned."

The Department for Health and Social Care said it treated allegations of abuse with the "utmost seriousness", but could not comment any further because of the police investigation.

Many are detained under the Mental Health Act.


The Panorama findings come eight years after abuse was uncovered at another hospital for people with learning disabilities, Winterbourne View, near Bristol.

After that programme, the then prime minister, David Cameron, promised the mistreatment of patients would never happen again.
NHS  Austerity  Privatisation  CQC  oversight  self-regulation  regulation  regulators  mental  health  CAMHS  Disabled  Autism  disability  learning  culture  dignity  humanity 
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UK's 'cruel and harmful policies' lack regard for child hunger, says NGO | Society | The Guardian
'Broken' care system for most vulnerable
Patients with mental health problems, autism and learning disabilities are being let down by a "broken" care system, a report warns.

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) says it knows of at least 62 adults and children that have been living in segregation in mental health hospitals for long periods of time.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock, who commissioned the work, said he was appalled by the distressing stories.

He promised cases would be reviewed.

The CQC found some of the wards were not suitable environments for people with autism and many staff lacked the necessary training and skills to work with patients with complex needs and challenging behaviour. - Schools confirm Human Rights Watch findings government is failing children in poverty
UK  austerity  poverty  trap  childhood  hunger  mental  health  vulnerable  duty  of  care  gov  NHS  children  education  policy  Council  CQC  safety  Autism  disabled  learning  disability  staff  crisis  staffing  training  CAMHS 
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Too many children in mental health hospitals, says report - BBC News
Children with learning disabilities or autism were being particularly let down by the system, it added. Children's Commissioner Anne Longfield's report says successive governments have tried to tackle the problem, but the number of children in mental health hospitals remains "unacceptably high".

Research shows a clear need to "focus on children's journeys before they are admitted into inpatient care", the report says, but often this is not happening.

"Children, families and staff working in this area spoke again and again about how the failure to provide appropriate support to children when they are in school and living in the community, and particularly when they reach a crisis point, has contributed to inappropriate hospital admissions and delayed discharges," it says.
NHS  CAMHS  Austerity  Disabled  Autism  Asperger  childhood  health  crisis  education  policy  welfare  human  right  ECHR  CON-servative  Conservative  nasty  party  Privatisation  Council 
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Child mental health: UK provision 'worse than in much of eastern Europe' | Society | The Guardian
Research places UK behind countries such as Estonia and Latvia in numbers of hospital places and psychiatrists
UK  NHS  Austerity  mental  health  CAMHS 
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Is the NHS's long-term plan workable? - BBC News
Bleak picture
Budgets for public health (including prevention) and training of nurses, doctors and other staff have not yet been set out and, if less generous than the NHS settlement, they could affect the ability of the service to deliver the long-term plan, in the view of the report authors.

And what of the short term? The watchdog paints a bleak picture.

The financial health of some trusts, it says, is getting worse.
NHS  social  care  Council  elderly  adult  long-term  plan  Theresa  May  Conservative  Austerity  chronic  sickcare  sick  population  ageing  demographics  Cancer  Obesity  CVD  diabetes  rationing  mental  health  staff  crisis  hiring  locum  CAMHS  prevention  public  Privatisation 
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Too many children 'not being treated for mental health problems' - BBC News
Many are turned away because they are not ill enough, others face long waits and it could be years before that changes, its report found.

Getting the right staff in the right place was a priority, it said.

And it added the group would keep a close eye on whether the government's new 10-year plan was being implemented. //&! Mental health patients who miss two or more GP appointments within the space of a year are eight times more likely to die in the subsequent 18 months than those who miss none, a study suggests.
UK  mental  health  NHS  CAMHS  GP 
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Lack of NHS mental health services puts under-18s at risk, say GPs | Society | The Guardian
Nearly all GPs worry that young people with mental health problems will come to harm because of difficulties in accessing treatment on the NHS, according to a survey.

The poll of UK family doctors found that 99% said they feared that under-18s would come to harm as a direct result of facing long delays to see a specialist and vital care being rationed.
NHS  mental  health  CAMHS  Austerity 
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UK children with ADHD wait up to two years for diagnosis, say experts | Society | The Guardian
Postcode lottery chaos and misconceptions of mental health condition lead to delayed treatment, harming chances of education and future prospects
NHS  mental  health  Austerity  CAMHS  public  crisis  patient  safety 
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Mental health services for the young is NHS's 'silent catastrophe' | Society | The Guardian
The failings have led to high staff turnover, poor morale and poor working conditions. One child psychotherapist, who wished to remain anonymous, said: “I am considering leaving the NHS as I am worried it is no longer safe to practise.

“It is tragic to witness the demise of a once-flourishing and truly multi-disciplinary specialist Camhs. My skills are going to waste. [...] This year, the NHs watchdog the Care Quality Commission rated 39% (26 services) of specialist Camhs as requiring improvement. Those surveyed by the ACP were asked whether they could see any evidence of the government’s claim of making “one of the biggest expansion of services in Europe” – 93 % of respondents said they saw no evidence of this. &!
NHS  Austerity  Tories  nasty  party  CAMHS  mental  health  Theresa  May  education  policy  public  prevention  Generation  Generationengerechtigkeit  Conservative  Privatisation  CQC 
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Children face mental health epidemic, say teachers | Society | The Guardian
Less than half (46%) said students were able to access the CAMHS care they needed to help recover, and only 19% said those children receiving treatment were getting the help they needed. One in five (22%) said pupils had to wait at least five months to start treatment. CAMHS services are struggling to cope with the fast-growing demand for support from troubled under-18s. &! //&! //&!
mental  health  public  education  policy  UK  CAMHS  NHS  Austerity  childhood  children  anxiety  depression 
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Bev Humphrey: ‘The underfunding of the NHS is almost conspiratorial’ | Society | The Guardian
Humphrey believes the health service is now close to breaking point and that government policy is to blame. “The chronic underfunding of the NHS is almost conspiratorial,” she says. “The way it has been starved of money for the last seven years is scandalous. We haven’t got to this decade to find everyone is suddenly iller. I fear the government will turn around in a few years and say, ‘Look, we have given you money and it hasn’t worked – we need a new system.’ I am concerned this would lead to a compulsory insurance model.” It would create a two-tier system, she feels. “The NHS is not only a very efficient service, it’s also clinically excellent. If we move away from that [a service that is free at the point of need] there’s no going back. What you would end up with is very poor quality services for the poorest and those who need it most.”
NHS  Austerity  mental  health  CAMHS  Privatisation  CQC  sickcare  ageing  premature  demographic  bubble  demand  population 
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Mental health plans 'failing a generation', say MPs - BBC News - Government plans to tackle mental health crisis 'will fail a generation' MPs warn that plans to transform NHS mental health services for young people will take too long to effect real change
UK  NHS  CAMHS  mental  health  public  education  policy 
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Number of child and adolescent psychiatrists falling - BBC News
The number of child and adolescent psychiatrists has fallen by 6.3% in England over the past four years, their professional body has warned.
NHS  mental  health  crisis  CAMHS 
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Antidepressants work, but for children there's a better way | Mike Shooter | Opinion | The Guardian
Pills may help adults, but most depression has its roots in our early years, and helping children who are struggling could stop it before it begins
CAMHS  NHS  mental  health  prevention 
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Eating disorders: NHS reports surge in hospital admissions | Society | The Guardian
They also warned that patchy coverage of services meant people were relocating and even selling their homes to get effective care. The Guardian heard from one young woman who had to relocate to Gloucestershire with her mother because she could not return home due to a lack of effective community support.

“What is clear is that the system is not working at the moment. What we desperately need is more money put into community services so people can get support close to home when they need it. This means we can intervene earlier and stop people ending up in hospital,” said Caroline Price, Beat’s director of services.
NHS  mental  health  Crisis  CAMHS  eating  disorder  Austerity  demand  Council  Community 
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Pledge to boost mental health support in schools - BBC News
sure, prevention is good. but cutting budget from public health is bad. than peter (nhs and public health) giving paul (schools) a fucked up cabbage patch strategy.
NHS  mental  health  Austerity  prevention  CAMHS  education  policy  UK  CCG  Jeremy  Hunt  Simon  Stevens  GP  A&E 
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Children with mental health problems 'guaranteed' treatment in four weeks | Society | The Guardian
Children with anxiety and depression will be guaranteed treatment within four weeks in a new effort to improve mental health care, but lack of NHS staff and funding means the plan cannot be fully introduced until 2021.
NHS  mental  health  CAMHS  Austerity  CCG 
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The Guardian view on children’s mental health: not an optional extra | Editorial | Opinion | The Guardian
The link between poverty and depression is well established. Now it is clear that long before children from low-income families even start their first job, they are at greater risk. The crisis in children’s mental health is even more extensive than anyone realised.
NHS  CAMHS  education  policy  School  poverty  mental  health  Austerity  rationing  childhood  Parenthood  parenting  trap  Deprivation 
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Primary school teachers 'not trained to deal with mental health issues' | Society | The Guardian
Over 50% of teachers tell survey they don’t have adequate training in what to do when a child has a mental health problem
NHS  Austerity  mental  health  poverty  education  policy  CAMHS  rationing  School  childhood  Parenthood  parenting  Deprivation 
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Family judge 'ashamed' by support for suicidal girl - BBC News
Simon Rowbotham, the solicitor for the legal guardian of the teenage girl, told the BBC that there were currently no beds available for her to go to.
"We are told there is a six-month waiting list and even the most important family judge in the country can't do anything about that," he said.
He said X has a "determined wish" to kill herself and lives in a stripped-down room and is restrained "for hours on end".
NHS  mental  health  CAMHS  Austerity  STP  rationing 
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Lack of mental health support leaving children stuck in hospital – thinktank | Society | The Guardian
Children with serious mental health problems are becoming trapped in NHS psychiatric units, unable to leave because care is unavailable outside hospitals, a thinktank has said. [...] CAMHS units are have been affected by serious staff shortages. One in nine units is failing to provide staff-to-patient ratios regarded as the minimum acceptable, 24% are struggling to employ enough staff and 19% of the outlay on CAMHS pay goes to temporary bank and agency staff.
UK  NHS  mental  health  Austerity  Council  adult  social  care  Deprivation  rationing  homeless  homelessness  housing  crisis  CAMHS  staff  shortage  locum 
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NHS Grampian boss pledges to 'do everything he can' to cut waiting times - Evening Express
According to the March results just 77.4% of patients in the North-east were seen within the target time. The average for NHS boards across Scotland was 83.8%. Mr Wright said one of the main issues surrounding waiting times is lack of staff. &! Mental Health targets not able to meet - 45% only seen first times within 18-weeks &! - There are currently more than 400 nursing and midwifery vacancies at the health board, and last year NHS Grampian spent more than £1million on locums to cover surgical departments between April and September. [...] “It is important that patients with the highest clinical priority, such as cancer patients, are seen quickly. NHS Grampian has been in contact with us on this matter and we continue to work with the health board to ensure all patients are seen in a timely manner based on their condition.”
NHS  Grampian  Scotland  staff  shortage  locum  mental  health  CVD  cancer  CAMHS 
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7 out of 10 children with mental health problems are treated outside home area | Society | The Guardian
Seven out of 10 children with serious mental health problems are being treated outside their home area, according to NHS figures.

Around 69% of young patients were admitted to hospitals away from their local region in 2016/17, up from 57% the year before, an investigation by the British Medical Association (BMA) has found.

Dr Gary Wannan, the BMA’s community care committee chairman, said it is alarming that more children and teenagers are being treated away from their homes when they are “at their most vulnerable”.
NHS  mental  health  CAMHS  Austerity  UK 
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Effort to bring in 800 mental health workers to North-east revealed by ministers - Evening Express
[SNP's mental health strategy - - ] Announcing the new 10-year strategy to improve provisions, the MSP said the 800-strong staffing boost was key to improving access to services. [...] “We’ll increase the workforce to give access to dedicated mental health professionals to all A&Es, all GP practices, every police station custody suite, and to our prisons. “Over the next five years increasing additional investment of £35 million for our 800 workers in those key settings. [...] “We want to see a nation where mental health is person-centred and recognises the life-changing benefits of fast effective treatment. “Failing to recognise mental health costs not only our economy but individuals and communities.”
NHS  Grampian  Scotland  Shona  Robison  SNP  Nicola  Sturgeon  mental  health  CAMHS  Transgender  LGBT  well  being  GP  A&E 
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Mental health support waiting times missed | Holyrood Magazine
Five health boards failed to meet the 18 week waiting time target for CAMHS. They were NHS Ayrshire & Arran, NHS Fife, NHS Grampian, NHS Lanarkshire and NHS Lothian. [...] “In the coming weeks I will be publishing our new strategy for mental health. This will lay out how we will change services over the next decade, backed with £150 million of funding.” Maureen Watt, Minister for Mental Health [ << 100% nothing for LGBT especially T, see book Straight Jacket! ] &! &! &!
NHS  Grampian  CAMHS  mental  health  Transgender  Scotland  Austerity  rationing  book  LGBT  shame  drug  abuse  coping  mechanism  Stonewall  discrimination  prejudice  bigotry  hate  speech  crime  bullying  GP  A&E  Shona  Robison  inequality 
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Colleges 'no choice' but to send students to A&E for mental health care - BBC Newsbeat
"a lack of investment in joined-up, specialist support for young people and adults in the community".
UK  NHS  A&E  GP  mental  health  well  being  CAMHS  Austerity  STP 
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Mental illness is a result of misery, yet still we stigmatise it | Richard Bentall | Opinion | The Guardian
Mental illness is a result of misery, yet still we stigmatise it - Patients are being shunned in the mistaken belief they have biological defects. In fact the evidence shows that most have endured traumas //&! The mental health crisis needs to be fought as robustly as the smoking battle - - The fight against tobacco use taught us that public health responses require long-term investment, sustained attention and political will to succeed //
NHS  CAMHS  Trauma  BPD  CPTSD  Austerity  rationing  stigma  prejudice  Transgender  Grampian  Theresa  May  George  Osborne  Jeremy  Hunt  Simon  Stevens  David  Cameron  mental  health  UK  chronic  self-medication  coping  mechanism 
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We will reduce stigma around mental illness, says Theresa May | Politics | The Guardian - Mental health experts said more funding was needed to improve services. //&! The government is to announce measures aimed at reducing the stigma surrounding mental illness, the prime minister has said, claiming social efforts were more important than providing extra money for services. - //&! - Jeremy Hunt accepts CAMHS failings, mental health service failings. //&! Two-thirds of parents fear child's mental illness 'a life sentence' - Many mothers and fathers also feared their child would not find a job, partner or have children as a result of condition, says study - //&!
NHS  CAMHS  Austerity  mental  health  UK  Theresa  May  Jeremy  Hunt  Simon  Stevens  BPD  CPTSD  DWP  JSA  ESA  stigma  prejudice 
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Newsreader Mark Austin reveals daughter's anorexia battle - BBC News
dire lack of beds and services w specialist // mental health epidemic w no resources - +20% diagnoses, 11% of budget and has been cut since 2010.
CAMHS  anorexia  NHS  Austerity  Crisis  mental  health  Transgender  BPD  CPTSD 
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Nine ex-health secretaries 'dismayed' at mental health services - BBC News
Every former health secretary from the past 20 years has voiced "alarm and dismay" at the government's failure to improve mental health services. //&! adult social care -
NHS  England  mental  health  CAMHS  Jeremy  Hunt  Simon  Stevens  austerity  George  Osborne  Philip  Hammond  care  demand  budget  sick  population  ageing  demographic  bubble  adult  social  elderly  bed  blocking 
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Child mental health money not making frontline - report - BBC News
The government last year pledged £1.4bn for child mental health by 2020, but a report says millions of pounds is being used to offset NHS cuts elsewhere.
CAMHS  NHS  mental  health  Jeremy  Hunt  Austerity  Tories  Conservative  Party  Nasty  Simon  Stevens  Theresa  May  David  Cameron  George  Osborne  UK  care  demand  budget  Crisis 
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NHS child mental health services are failing the next generation, say GPs | Society | The Guardian
Up to four in five children with mental health problems are being denied access to the treatment they urgently need in some parts of England, according to new NHS figures. Despite high-profile pledges by the government, some of this country’s most vulnerable children are being “bounced” off the NHS: sent to a school counsellor or charity-run service to fill in the gaps. This did not happen by magic. Since 2010, child and adolescent mental services have endured cuts of £85m.
NHS  CAMHS  austerity  mental  health  mental  health  services  Jeremy  Hunt 
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NHS child mental health money 'missing' despite investment - BBC News
[ demand resource mismatch, chronic sick population siphoning off funds more and more ] Last summer ministers said they would invest an additional £143m in the services this financial year. The Mental Health Network suspects the funding has been used to support other NHS services. [...] The additional funding was part of a £1.25bn investment over five years announced by the chancellor in the Budget in March 2015. [ others said, with knowledge, that the 1.25bn is no investment rather than plugging holes, gaps, cracks and crevasses in services ] [...] "It doesn't seem to have turned into posts on the front line. We are not hearing any reports of any significant investment at a local level around children's services. Indeed, some services are still experiencing cuts in services." [...] Some trusts say they have seen additional funding [ TORY CONSTITUENCIES!? as the 300m - & & ]
NHS  NHS  England  austerity  mental  health  CAMHS  sick  population  health  crisis  chronic  diseases  diet-related  disease  minority  Transgender  cancer  heart  disease  obesity  Bariatric  Surgery  Weight  Loss  Surgery  overweight  hypertension  high  blood  pressure  prevention  alcohol  abuse  metabolic  syndrome  Jeremy  Hunt  Simon  Stevens  public  health  policy  public  health  health  care  budget  health  care  spending  Council  Services  Social  Services 
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Nicola Roberts calls for better mental health education in schools - BBC News
beds and places for therapy have been cut since tories got to power // its now asking the NHS to pick up the pieces - without substantially more money // this is opportunistic speech and agenda/news headline setting and positioning itself w PR and spin, after englands biggest mental health trust came into spotlight, that it did not properly investigate deaths. and jeremy hunt had to be called in for questioning on short notice! ... and never saying we will give mental health services the money it needs!
NHS  austerity  Tories  nasty  party  health  inequality  mental  health  Conservative  Career  Politicians  Opportunism  opportunist  David  Cameron  George  Osborne  Jeremy  Hunt  No  Representation  social  democracy  democracy  neoliberalism  neoliberal  Privatisation  CQC  Positioning  PR  spin  doctor  CAMHS  mental  illness  vulnerable  well  being  Mindfulness  happiness  Public  Services  prevention  intervention  Council  Services  Celebrity  of  You  culture  Media  substance  abuse  sex  ed  sex  education  parenting 
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NHS rationing 'is denying patients care' as cash crisis deepens | Society | The Guardian
Survey of doctors reveals concern about adults and children being denied treatment, resulting in emergency care or worsening of long-term conditions [...] A survey of doctors reveals that three-quarters said they had seen care rationed in their area over the last year – including treatments such as speech therapy, operations to remove varicose veins, Botox to help children with cerebral palsy move better and even potentially life-saving stem cell transplant surgery. //&! NHS watchdog slams hospitals' handling of patient complaints Dame Julie Mellor warns that three out of four investigations fail to identify serious failings in care as families are often met with ‘wall of silence’ [...] “Hundreds of thousands of incidents of poor care go unreported every year across the NHS precisely because people fear they either won’t be taken seriously or that nothing will change as a result.” //&!
NHS  rationing  austerity  mental  health  chronic  diseases  diet-related  disease  intervention  prevention  demographic  bubble  ageing  population  premature  ageing  health  inequality  Gini  coefficient  inequality  post  code  lottery  social  democracy  democracy  Tories  nasty  party  Privatisation  Conservative  budget2015  George  Osborne  constituency  babyboomers  voter  turnout  general  election  2015  election  campaign  promises  Manifesto  health  crisis  sick  population  health  care  budget  health  care  spending  public  health  policy  public  health  budget  deficit  fairness  Generationengerechtigkeit  bank  bailout  tax  evasion  tax  avoidance  staff  shortage  locum  staff  crony  capitalism  capitalism  No  Representation  Career  Politicians  Services  Services  elderly  care  adult  social  care  NHS  Grampian  NHS  Scotland  Transgender  mental  illness  CAMHS 
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2,000 people a month sent far from home for NHS mental health care | Society | The Guardian
Former health minister Norman Lamb attacks ‘discrimination at heart of NHS’ that in bed shortage prioritises patients with physical over mental health problems [...] Although ministers have committed to introducing “parity of esteem” between mental and physical healthcare, “the reality is that in many parts of the country the situation is getting worse,” she said. Cuts to bed numbers were “making it harder for people to get the help they need, when and where they need it. This is not acceptable.” The true situation is worse than the data shows because several private-sector mental health care providers and the Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust – which sends one of the highest numbers of patients out of its area – did not submit figures. Lamb urged the government to end the “scandalous” practice within a year.
NHS  mental  health  health  inequality  constituency  minority  austerity  Career  Politicians  No  Representation  social  democracy  democracy  CAMHS 
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A radical shift in thinking on mental health issues | Letters | Society | The Guardian
We need a radical shift in our understanding, to put bipolar and other chronic mental health conditions on a par with conditions like cancer and heart disease – where science has been put to work to transform care, improve treatments and save lives. [...] An additional key question, though, is what sort of mental health services do we want access to? Rather than more of the same, we seek a wider choice of therapies than the current dominant model of short-term, cognitive behavioural counselling. There is a need for inpatient treatment when in crisis, as well as user-led community services that can keep individuals out of crisis. And we also need to recognise the wider context. Mental distress increases through the increasing despondency and inequalities of austerity-led economic policies. [...] NHS Scotland spends just 8.6% of its total funding treating mental health problems; in England and Wales the figure is 11.9%.
NHS  mental  health  mental  illness  Public  Services  Social  Services  health  health  crisis  intervention  prevention  economic  damage  austerity  poverty  child  poverty  chronic  stress  food  poverty  Precariat  NHS  Scotland  CAMHS  staff  shortage  locum  staff 
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Spending Review: Schools to get 'fair funding' formula - BBC News
Plans to redress differences in school funding across England are expected to be outlined in the Autumn Statement. [ fair funding but not more funding, duh, but will spin/frame it as more funding ] &! - School budgets face a likely fall of 8% per pupil due to rising costs during the next five years. //&! MPs present fairer school funding petitions to Commons -
education  policy  post  code  lottery  Gini  coefficient  social  mobility  income  mobility  poverty  trap  child  poverty  food  poverty  childhood  development  childhood  obesity  bullying  mobbing  social  discrimination  austerity  Public  Services  Services  Generationengerechtigkeit  fairness  bank  bailout  economic  history  Career  Politicians  No  Representation  budget2015  CAMHS  nasty  party  Tories  Conservative  George  Osborne  general  election  2015  constituency  David  Cameron  election  campaign  promises  babyboomers  Manifesto 
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Mental health service budgets 'cut by 8%' - BBC News
[ Norman Lamb from previous Conservative-Lib Dem coalition ] Mental health trusts in England have seen their budgets fall by more than 8% in real terms over the course of this parliament, figures suggest. The reduction, worth almost £600m, was revealed through research by BBC News and the online journal Community Care. At the same time, referrals to community mental health teams, which help people avoid being admitted to hospital, have risen nearly 20%. Care minister Norman Lamb said budgets were "not the full picture". He added: "Mental health care is given through a range of services including the voluntary sector." [...] 75% of people with mental health problems get no help at all. [ permanent 1bn budget increase needed ] //&! vs 1.25bn over 5 years (parliament term) for CAMHS as election campaign promise from the Lib Dems -
NHS  austerity  mental  health  mental  illness  George  Osborne  Jeremy  Hunt  Generationengerechtigkeit  fairness  nasty  party  Conservative  Tories  David  Cameron  No  Representation  vulnerable  Disabled  tax  evasion  tax  avoidance  bank  bailout  constituency  babyboomers  underinvestment  sick  population  health  care  health  care  budget  health  care  spending  health  crisis  public  health  policy  public  health  stigma  economic  damage  unemployment  CAMHS  sick  day  childhood  childhood  development  election  campaign  promises  general  election  2015 
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Duchess of Cambridge: 'I had a wonderful childhood, but others aren't as lucky' - BBC News
Duchess of Cambridge: 'I had a wonderful childhood, but others aren't as lucky'. The Duchess of Cambridge has addressed headteachers at a conference organised by the mental health charity, Place2Be. The event is focusing on the role that schools can play in tackling the issue and how early intervention can help. In her speech, she told teachers why she thought it was an important issue.
mental  health  mental  illness  bullying  mobbing  childhood  development  childhood  parenthood  parenting  education  policy  social  discrimination  discrimination  CAMHS  NHS 
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Mental health equality call gets high profile backing - BBC News
The government increased overall mental health funding to £11.7bn in 2014/15. But Mr Lamb said people with mental ill health "don't get the same right to access treatment on a timely basis that everyone else gets". He called it a "historic injustice." His son was diagnosed with obsessive compulsive disorder at the age of 15 and Mr Campbell has spoken about his battle with depression. Inequality in care The NHS became officially responsible for ensuring the standard of care for the mentally ill was equal to that of physically ill people in 2012. In the spring, the government pledged an extra £1.25bn largely for children's mental health over the next five years. [...] It also introduced the first waiting time targets in mental health, guaranteeing treatment within 18 weeks. But the campaign says not enough has been done to address a continuing inequality in care standards and funding. [...] The life expectancy for people with mental health problems remains 20 years lower ...
CAMHS  mental  health  mental  illness  health  inequality  post  code  lottery  NHS  Transgender  LGBT  social  discrimination  discrimination  stigma  prejudice  bias  poverty  trap  Disabled  disability  vulnerable  label  snap  judgement  Wertegesellschaft  Gesellschaft  society  austerity  Public  Services  Services  complex  needs  injustice  morality  economic  damage  sick  population 
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Your mental health stories: 'I felt palmed off' - BBC Newsbeat
[ underfunded Cinderella Service ] However, a charity has found mental health services in England are turning away one in five children who are referred to them for treatment. The NSPCC says a lot of the time they did not meet the required "high clinical threshold". This wasn't a surprise to many of you. Nor our journalists who worked on our podcast series, The Story of Izzy Dix. Here is why. [...] They felt depressed and alone, they wanted counselling but instead were prescribed medication. Their stories not only give you an idea of the mental health problems many young people are dealing with on a daily basis, but also the scale of the problem facing the NHS. //&! - Figures from 35 mental health trusts across England show that a total of 186,453 cases were referred by GPs and other professionals for help, but 39,652 children did not receive it. The most common reason was that the child did not meet the clinical threshold for receiving help from CAMHS.
mental  health  CAMHS  mental  illness  NHS  GP  anti-depressants  anti-depressant  Antidepressant  Depression  SSRI  Therapy  CBT  DBT  Talk  Therapy  staff  shortage  locum  staff  complex  needs 
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The disabled and jobless need help, not harassment | Barbara Ellen | Comment is free | The Guardian
No one wants to stop disabled people working, to patronise or stereotype them, or condemn them to a life in the shadows. However, helping disabled people back into employment should be just about that – helping them. Instead, we’re left with a flimsy cover for herding and bullying highly vulnerable people out of the benefits system. //&! - Report on death of Michael O’Sullivan blames work capability assessment and warns of risk of more such deaths unless DWP takes action [...] this is believed to be the first time the work capability assessment (WCA) process has been blamed directly for a death. [...] In its 16-page response to the coroner’s report, the DWP admitted it had got it wrong. It said its policy to request further evidence when a claimant mentions suicide on claim forms was “regrettably not followed in this case”. //&! //&!
mental  health  NHS  mental  illness  Cinderella  Service  CAMHS  vulnerable  Disabled  DWP  Iain  Duncan  Smith  Toff  Establishment  Privileged  Entitlement  Tories  Conservative  Party  fairness  bank  bailout  banking  crisis  austerity  Generationengerechtigkeit  inequality  Gini  coefficient  poverty  trap  poverty  food  poverty  child  poverty  education  policy  social  mobility  income  mobility  HR  human  resources  hiring  discrimination  social  discrimination  Equality  Act  2010  recruiting  recruitment  WCA  ESA  JSA  well  being  chronic  stress  welfare  state  social  safety  net  constituency  general  election  2015  election  campaign  promises  housing  benefit  benefits  benefit  sanctions  babyboomers  civil  society  society  Gesellschaft  Perspektivlosigkeit  deprivation 
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The Observer view on children’s mental health services | Observer editorial | Comment is free | The Guardian
Child mental health services have always been chronically underfunded, according to the chief medical officer, and they have been further cut by £50m in the last five years. There simply isn’t sufficient provision to help children in sometimes dire circumstances: only around a quarter of children with emotional disorders even get referred to specialist services. Combined with cuts to social services, this means schools in deprived areas are struggling to cope with children with serious emotional and behavioural problems, who may be experiencing abuse and neglect at home. [...] This is a shocking erosion of even the most basic safety net for children in serious need. The costs for children are devastating: often they will end up dropping out of school, unable to cope. Some will end up in the criminal justice system: 95% of youth offenders have mental health issues. And the long-term cost of this social failure to the state will also be enormous. / &!
CAMHS  NHS  austerity  mental  health  mental  illness  Tories  Conservative  Party  Privileged  deprivation  Establishment  Toff  Public  Services  Social  Services  child  tax  credit  working  tax  credit  tax  credit  working  poor  child  poverty  budget2015  precarious  work  Zero  Hour  Contract  Contractor  fairness  Generationengerechtigkeit  lost  generation  lost  decade  youth  unemployment  bank  bailout  neoliberalism  neoliberal  welfare  state  safety  net  Gini  coefficient  mobility  income  mobility  downward  mobility  vulnerable  Disabled  Non-Profit  UK 
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Inadequate mental health care is creating a "ticking time bomb," warn charities (From Herald Scotland)
[ Cinderella Service anyway, even at 12% ] The Scottish Government study showed 8.6 per cent of NHS Scotland's budget went on mental health, compared with 11.9 per cent south of the Border. [...] They said mental health professionals were "overstretched" and added: "The long-term cost to society of failing to treat these conditions is well-established, with many of these young people become unemployed, becoming involved in criminality, or ending up with long-term mental health conditions which could have been prevented through early intervention. [...] [ no waiting times targets in mental health service and adjacent services like complex needs therapy libe DBT, CBT, trauma therapy, ... ] Fewer than 80 per cent of young people began treatment within the government's 18 week target, according to the latest figures, and Labour claimed the number waiting more than 12 months had soared tenfold in a year. &! &! &! &!
mental  health  mental  illness  NHS  NHS  Scotland  austerity  CAMHS 
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The psychologists walking 100 miles to fight austerity’s impact on mental health | Dawn Foster | Society | The Guardian
[ Cindarella Service ] Psychologists embark on a mental health march to raise awareness of the devastating effect that cuts are having on their patients [...] Walk the Talk, an awareness-raising trek from the British Psychological Society (BPS) offices in Leicester to its headquarters in the capital, will take in visits to food banks, supported housing, homelessness services and mental health centres, recording testimonies from people whose psychological wellbeing has been jeopardised by the benefits system and Work Programme. [...] spectrum of mental health problems resulting from poverty. [...] Stress, depression and anxiety can be completely debilitating, he says, and when this stress is caused by hardship, trying to combat it through talking therapies feels like ignoring the reality of the situation. [...] Figures demonstrate that individuals in more unequal societies have poorer overall mental health and emotional wellbeing.”
NHS  mental  health  mental  illness  stigma  CAMHS  austerity  Iain  Duncan  Smith  DWP  welfare  state  prejudice  public  awareness  public  discourse  unemployment  long-term  unemployment  youth  unemployment  structural  unemployment  benefits  JSA  UK  budget2015  poverty  deprivation  poverty  trap  child  poverty  food  poverty  public  health  policy  public  health  ESA  George  Osborne  David  Cameron  Tories  Conservative  Party  fairness  Generationengerechtigkeit  Toff  Establishment  Privileged  social  safety  net  well  being  hopelessness  Gini  coefficient  inequality  neoliberalism  neoliberal 
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Working as a mental health nurse in today's NHS drained me of compassion | Healthcare Professionals Network | The Guardian
The government is focused on us meeting targets but we have no resources. The precious commodity of time no longer exists for us. My trust has introduced training days on compassion as if this was something that could be taught. That’s why most of us went into nursing. Please do not drown us in a sea of targets, statistics and paperwork. Please do not take away our time to be compassionate. I left my nursing career in 2014 and still grieve for the NHS I knew in 1997.
NHS  mental  health  mental  illness  CAMHS 
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Cuts to UK mental health services are destroying young lives and families | Mark Austin | Comment is free | The Guardian
[ Cinderella Service ] £80m has been cut from the NHS mental health budget for children and adolescents in the part four years, including £35m in the last year alone [...] In the UK, we have some of the best emergency medicine in the world for physical health. But when it comes to emergency mental health we can make no such boast. In fact the system is in crisis. [...] An investigation by ITV News and the charity Young Minds has revealed that in the last year alone £35m has been cut from children and adolescent services, £80m in the past four years. Last year nearly two million people in this country sought help for mental health problems. But many didn’t get the what they needed. In June a report by the Care Quality Commission revealed thousands of people in urgent need of care received “inadequate support”. [...] Worse, it is the early intervention services including those provided by local authorities in schools that have been hit hardest.
NHS  mental  health  mental  illness  CAMHS  stigma  public  awareness  public  debate  education  policy  UK 
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'I had to starve myself for anorexia treatment' - BBC News
Prof Fairburn says accounts of people being denied treatment because their BMI is not low enough are "appalling". "It would be like someone who has high blood pressure being told they're not getting treated until it gets even higher. You're expecting someone to get worse before they're allowed to get treatment - it's the exact opposite of what the NHS should be doing," he said. But he understands why some doctors may struggle to treat eating-disorder patients. He says GPs may not see many cases and it can be hard to get them to agree to initial treatment. He agrees that early intervention is crucial. "Eating problems develop in teens. What we do know is the longer they have it the more secondary problems develop. If we nip it in the bud early, the problems are much more treatable, have much better outcomes." // &! - Body mass index 'encourages anorexia'
NHS  mental  health  CAMHS  mental  illness  eating  disorder  Anorexia  nervosa  bulimia 
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Pupils' mental health tops head teachers' concerns - BBC News
[ Cinderella Service ] Two-thirds of head teachers polled for management support service, The Key, named mental health as the top concern. Domestic violence and cyberbullying were the next biggest concerns, named by 58% and 55% of heads respectively. Brian Lightman, leader of the ASCL heads' union, said it was difficult for heads to obtain support for pupils.
mental  health  mental  illness  NHS  GP  CAMHS  austerity  Public  Services  Social  Services  education  policy 
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Plea over mental health care funds
Children’s campaigners have called for a “radical rebalancing” of NHS budgets after figures showed less than 0.5% of all health cash goes on specialist services for children and young people with mental health problems. The Scottish Children’s Services Coalition (SCSC) called on ministers to increase funding on child and adolescent mental health services (CAMHS). - &! - &! -
NHS  CAMHS  mental  health  mental  illness  childhood  childhood  development  parenthood  parents  parenting  Public  Services  Social  Services  UK  austerity  medical  profession  stigma 
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Children’s mental health must be cared for. Or the consequences will be dire | Paul Burstow | Comment is free | The Guardian
While one in 10 children and young people has a treatable mental illness just one in four receives treatment [...] Half of life-long mental illness has its first signs and symptoms in the teenage years. Poor maternal mental health can have profound consequences for them, for their children and their children’s children. The LSE put a figure on this of £8.1bn. // &! &! chronic stress already in early life -
CAMHS  NHS  mental  health  mental  illness  education  policy  childhood  development  childhood  economic  damage 
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NHS boss takes charge at Betsi Cadwaladr health board - BBC News
A report found "institutional abuse" ( ) at the Tawel Fan mental health ward in Glan Clwyd Hospital, Denbighshire. It said the unit, which was closed in 2013, treated some patients like animals in a zoo. But Mr Drakeford said the intervention followed longstanding concerns about governance and leadership at the health board. [...] "The latest round of shocking reports on care within our NHS reveals a complete failure of all the systems that should be in place to protect our most vulnerable people." &! - Wrexham mental health ward concerns to be investigated [...] "If we are to rebuild trust in our services, it is vital that people know that their concerns will be listened to and acted upon. // &! // &! 'mental health & support services at cracking point, and scandals do emerge now. a symptom.' &!
NHS  mental  health  mental  illness  austerity  Public  Services  Social  Services  CAMHS 
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