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Cornel West and Richard Wolff talk about Capitalism and White Supremacy - YouTube
individualism tends to capitalism (each their own coloured widget) vs individuality of the individual. don't mistake the one for the other and you can't achieve the same happiness and well-being with just individualism because it is also based on constant consumption. // what people leave out of socialism and the pundits decry over it. is democracy. democratic socialism. // Plutocracy is undercutting its ability to survive! Problem, the system will take us down with it. // We got ecological catastrophe on our doorstep. Nuclear catastrophe. And Capitalisms catastrophe. //&! Ceased all power and rendered the citizen powerless. This is no capitalistic democracy. This is crony capitalism. - Chris Hedges June 8, 2015 - - capitalism has no internal constraints. remove external constraints & it will see & use everything (private free market enterprise) as replaceable & commodity w a price (even the planet): the environment, workers health. &! non-violent revolution!
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