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The Best and Worst Places to Grow Up: How Your Area Compares -
[ nurture over nature ] via // &! via "Based on the earnings records of millions of families that moved with children, it finds that poor children who grow up in some cities and towns have sharply better odds of escaping poverty than similar poor children elsewhere. The feelings heard across Baltimore’s recent protests — of being trapped in poverty — seem to be backed up by the new data. Among the nation’s 100 largest counties, the one where children face the worst odds of escaping poverty is the city of Baltimore, the study found. [...] How neighborhoods affect children “has been a quandary with which social science has been grappling for decades,” [...] “This delivers the most compelling evidence yet that neighborhoods matter in a really big way.” &! Obama on Letterman -
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The Real Looting of Baltimore... - YouTube
- same with mortgages linked to forex/different currency than your country of residence. // // abuse of existing instruments, not using it for intended purpose // and mis-selling of instruments and products - also see PPI ( Payment Protection Insurance ) mis-selling - // and mis-selling forex linked loans (ie to Swiss Franc) to local governemnts and cities called Interest Rate Swap Mis-selling that got exorbinant expensive following the GFC actions (NIRP) by Central Banks (black swan) // all driven by managers meeting targets, getting and wanting bigger bonuses, wanting the bosses job, ... etc driven by cottage industry of analysts 'forecasting' that profit has to rise X% etc etc. // add also For Profit Schools! in the USA targeting Veterans & other rather financially illiterate :: // biggest debt kind - mortgage and student loan debt // financial literacy also include gambling & lottery
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5 Things Everyone Needs to Know About Baltimore | Alternet // &! "I don't think it's unique to America. [...] And that notion that capital is the metric, that profit is the metric by which we're going to measure the health of our society is one of the fundamental mistakes of the last 30 years. I would date it in my country to about 1980 exactly, and it has triumphed. [...] But the idea that it's [capitalism] not going to be married to a social compact, that how you distribute the benefits of capitalism isn't going to include everyone in the society to a reasonable extent, that's astonishing to me." nicht teil haben an der Gesellschaft. // &! &! &! &! "Perspektivlosigkeit, Wut und Paranoia"
Freddie  Gray  Baltimore  USA  Ferguson  Jim  Crow  racism  racial  discrimination  racial  profiling  post-racial  America  Police  State  Police  Brutality  inequality  Gini  coefficient  social  mobility  income  mobility  downward  mobility  prejudice  No  Representation  Career  Politicians  fairness  Gerechtigkeit  unrecht  homeless  homelessness  Western  World  Germany  UK  gesellschaft  Sozialer  Abstieg  squeezed  middle  class  working  poor  precarious  work  Precariat  Proletariat  underemployed  structural  unemployment  unemployment  youth  unemployment  long-term  unemployment  American  Dream  presidency  barackobama  crony  capitalism  bailout  toobigtofail  TBTF  too  big  to  jail  Wall  Street  shareholder  value  profit  maximisation  Thomas  Piketty  Karl  Marx  Super  Rich  1%  tax  evasion  tax  avoidance  tax  code  abuse  of  power  corruption  bribery  lobbyist  lobby  Lobbying  revolving  door  social  cohesion  democracy  Workers  Union  economic  history  middle  class  poverty  in  old  age  child  poverty  food  poverty  poverty  trickle-down  economics  welfare  welfare  social  safety  net  Services  Public  Services  austerity  Future  of  education  policy  globalisation  globalization  secular  stagnation  flat  borderless  competitiveness  competitive  Mobile  Mobile  World 
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