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Why your waist measurement can predict cancer risk | Society | The Guardian
Study finds men with over 40in waist and women with over 35in waist are more at risk of cancer as waist size is as good at predicting cancer risk as BMI
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'Fat but fit is a big fat myth' - BBC News
[ the thing is, the body is constantly fight - inflamation and immune system, there comes a time in a bodies life when it will give up and cruble under the pressure of ill diet and lifestyle ] They say people who were obese but who had no initial signs of heart disease, diabetes or high cholesterol were not protected from ill health in later life, contradicting previous research.
A summary of their study was discussed at the European Congress on Obesity.
The term "fat but fit" refers to the alluring theory that if people are obese but all their other metabolic factors such as blood pressure and blood sugar are within recommended limits then the extra weight will not be harmful. [...] They found these people who were obese but "metabolically healthy" were at higher risk of developing heart disease, strokes and heart failure than people of normal weight.
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Fat Shaming and Making Fun of Fat People - YouTube
+ wikipedia TOFI // makes me want 2 eat. I hate myself, every inch of my body. but i am not ashamed. // addiction 2 engineered food: 50/50 sugar/fat plus salt! + animal protein & products. its addiction & substance abuse in one. not knowing ('because everyone eats what I eat') 4 urself that u are addicted & u abuse food as emotional cure/balance. bc its engineered (moorish) 2 trigger release of pleasure hormone dopamine. engineered 2 be able 2 eat nearly unlimited quantities. //&! // - Weight Loss Ward Docu (BBC); people have 2 be [1] fully educated abt "The System" they are a victim of. & move forward & not be a victim, angry & not change. But show the middle finger & take control & build a new identity. Only building a new identity = new lifestyle (small changes, step by step, decided by one self (made to stick via autonomy, mastery, purpose = intrinsic motivation), active lifestyle, W-F P-B D & HCLF&P 801010 &!
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BBC Radio 4 - Radio 4 in Four, Does your BMI really matter?
BMI should not be used as universal judgement/measure for sickness or health. With the mortality rate; if you are very ill and in hospital, laying there still make you shrink, lose muscle mass, and if you are older you already lost muscle mass. so if you are in your 60s with a higher BMI, your window given for recovery is greater (due to more to eat up to, sort of) than if you we there in that critical health situation with a much lower BMI. That sounds like a generalisation but longevity/ageing research has show, more muscle mass in older age = you aged slower and are healthier.
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Übergewicht kann Krebs verursachen | SWR Odysso - Das will ich wissen! - YouTube
New Knowledge/Research; Too much visceral fat disrupts hormonal function and corrupts visceral fat function. Cells of the immune system go into the fat depot cells and start there inflammation - like if these were bad boys. This long-term/chronic low grade inflammation is the starting process of cancer (ie cancer of colon) at the surrounding tissue where the fat is deposited (visceral fat). Add higher IGF-1 levels due to diet habits and you have the perfect environment for cancer in middle-aged people (+40 years).

IGF-1 and inflammation markers and amount of visceral fat are key parameters that lets you predict the chance of occurrence of cancer on an epidemiological level.
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Why having a pot belly 'is a bigger heart risk than obesity' | Mail Online
Fat packed around the organs in the abdomen is more dangerous than fat on the hips because it’s ‘metabolically active’, releasing more of the inflammatory, toxic chemicals that raise heart disease risk.

[...] the distribution of the fat is very important even in people with a normal weight.

[Study showed] The highest risk of death was in people with normal BMI and large waistlines. [Pot Belly, Muffin Top, Big Midriff]
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Waist Size Helps Predict Heart Risk in Teenagers -
Pediatricians and medical groups routinely use B.M.I. as a measure of unhealthy weight in children. But the index, calculated by dividing one’s weight in kilograms by the square of one’s height in meters, cannot differentiate between fatty and lean tissue. So an athletic, muscular teen could be classified as overweight or obese using B.M.I. alone.

Some researchers have proposed using waist circumference percentile — or a similar measure, waist-to-height ratio — as a better gauge of health. But the new study, published in Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine, found that neither measurement alone was sufficient.

[ Looking at one thing isn't the right approach. It should be a holistic approach to health. ]

Waist size should be half of height or less, the researchers found. Above that ratio, they began seeing associations with cardiovascular risk factors.
obesity  epidemic  obesity  health  BMI 
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I call it the 'baloney mass index': Why U.S obesity epidemic is far worse than previously thought | Mail Online
The team from Weill-Cornell Medical College in New York said the measurement - that combines a person's height and weight to diagnose obesity - often underestimated actual fat levels.
The authors calculated the BMI of more than 9,000 adults at a private clinic in New York. They then took Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry (DXA) scans, which measures body fat, muscle mass, and bone density simultaneously.
They found 65 per cent of patients were classed as obese by DXA but only 26 per cent of patients were obese according to BMI.
Study co-author Dr Eric Braverman, said: 'The Body Mass Index is an insensitive measure of obesity, prone to under-diagnosis, while direct fat measurements are superior because they show distribution of body fat.'

The authors said levels of leptin, a hormone protein, are strongly correlated to body fat.
They suggested that if DXA was deemed to expensive that leptin levels could be used alongside BMI to create a more accurate picture of obesity.
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