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Proportion of students taking arts subjects falls to lowest level in decade | Education | The Guardian
Education Policy Institute says schools in England have cut number of pupils taking subjects such as dance and fine art after cuts and policy changes
Art  Culture  Austerity  education  policy  rationing  democracy 
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Bürodesign: Office Snapshots zeigt Arbeitsplätze weltweit - SPIEGEL ONLINE // designed by designers VS designed & input by employees (see Joel Spolsky comment abt what office programmers & every employee would like (input and accommodating their needs! the individual(s) & the team(s) & the companies) // &! Google Startup Lab workshop: Workspace design // &! Robert Grudin Design & Truth "Good design is the material image of mental health. Design can reintegrate our character & fulfill our awareness. We follow good design to discover what is good in ourselves." // &! Design Rules - Interior Planning // &! Frank Wilczek "A Beautiful Question: Finding Nature's Deep Design" // << inspo: melting the company, the people, and the outside (city) into a somewhat identifiable always re-refreshing concept, identity, recognizable, regionally sourced! & adding value 2 local economy: make space 2 provide ~15% subsidized freelance/smb office space.
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YouTube signs with indie labels for music streaming service -
@YouTube signs a deal w/ music trade group Merlin for its upcoming streaming service, @FT reports; Merlin represents 2K+ indie labels incl @XLRECORDINGS & @epitaphrecords; YT signed music licenses w/ the 3 major labels earlier this yr &!&!& Musicians are lucky the old record industry operated the way it did, acc to @pud; it wasn't efficient - other kinds of artists don't make money via selling copies; T. Swift added market inefficiencies by pulling music off Spotify b/c services like YouTube, Meetup or Eventbrite show musicians don't need record co's - Link - & & &
YouTube  Music  Industry  business  model  pageviews  Artist  digital  Art  culture  society 
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What makes art valuable? - BBC Documentary HD - YouTube
(1) auction price determined who owned it previously, who collected them [Out of Love], who will bid on it - back then an obscure painting, art, or whatever can raise hairs within a few years if it were (the piece) in the right hands of a lover, from the start. in the hands of a well known and respected collector or gallery or individual person. [mentality of the art director/collector] (2) it is perceived value, not material value. a paintings value can change magically by a revealing of it's true attribution - painter. or who collected - who collects those works of art. or even art advisors yes that is a job title - a person who keeps the name of the bidder anonymous. (3) art collection can be addictive, and it is the long-haul game. talking about 2-3-4-5 decades. (4) people who can afford these bids - want to surround themselves with equals among them. so to speak. masters of their craft. & eventually the acquisition of a status symbol or long-term investment for the family trust.
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Goldfrapp's Music Video Explores Gender Identity And Gives You Chills
It’s very much about memory, identity and gender. I’ve always been fascinated by dual creatures, personas, people, personalities, and transformation. I think it’s a theme that’s pretty much always in fairy tales and horror, which I love. What struck me about Annabel is that the parents are in total denial of what their child is: this child has to choose in the end, and that’s what society is making them do. Why can’t you be both? I feel really strongly about that whole concept in so many things in life. All the characters in these songs are trying to figure out who they are, where they’re going, and why they are who they are. /watch?v=TxCn8UyrAmk
Society  gender  expression  gender  norms  sociology  Transgender  art  gender  conforming  gender  binary  gender  identity  book  intersex  gender  Goldfrapp  culture  LGBT  gender  non-conforming 
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La Biennale di Venezia - Home
International Art Exhibition is open to the public from 1 June to 24 November -- contemporary art expo
holiday  Art  vacation  Venice  citybreak  Italy 
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