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Dan Ariely: Why The Next Market Downturn May Quickly Become A Full-Blown Panic - YouTube
free self-regulated market where winner take all - creates adverse outcomes. //<< Book - The Darwin Economy: Liberty, Competition, and the Common Good by Robert H. Frank - Competition can be devastating if it is about winner take all !!! -​DvDrJI - via Dan Ariely // // !!! QE - reflate - hope and pray confidence will come back and economy roars back to health. did not happen. // poverty trap // trend continues w inequality, // post-racial America // inability to get out of bad situation // under banked, payday loan // studies have shown, Americans imagine/think of their countries more equal and just than Sweden // (1) create new financial institution, retail banking serving people (not making 15% profit p/a to give it to share holders even demanding more) like Sparkassen // (2) reform education // (stop damaging) narrative of invisible hand - getting the best out of people // national identity // sense of agency !!!
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Rethinking Economic Theory: The Evolutionary Roots Of Irrationality : 13.7: Cosmos And Culture : NPR
Research into behavioral economics has shown, for example, that our assessment of what something is worth to us can be directly, and predictably, influenced. This is the illusion of the free lunch, something humans are known to fall for even when economic theory would clearly suggest we select a more valuable option at a small cost. Ariely also beautifully elucidates how we sometimes operate on social norms, while other times we fall into market norms. The difference is in whether there is a price attached to something.
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