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Earth's resources consumed in ever greater destructive volumes | Environment | The Guardian
“Our current economies are running a Ponzi scheme with our planet,” [...] "The situation is reversible. Research by the group indicates political action is far more effective than individual choices." [...] Separate scientific studies over the past year has revealed a third of land is now acutely degraded, while tropical forests have become a source rather than a sink of carbon. Scientists have also raised the alarm about increasingly erratic weather, particularly in the Arctic, and worrying declines in populations of bees and other insect pollinators, which are essential for crops. &! Activism - Nine activists defending the Earth from violent assault //&! Mindestens 207 #Umweltschützer wurden im vergangenen Jahr weltweit ermordet, besonders in #Brasilien und auf den Philippinen gab es viel tödliche Gewalt gegen Aktivisten. Die Zahlen von @Global_Witness unterschätzen das Problem "deutlich": #Umweltschutz
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OECD: leading countries spend $200bn a year subsidising fossil fuels | Environment | The Guardian
Thinktank says member states and six biggest emerging economies should use sum to tackle climate change instead //&! Company emerges as Europe’s worst climate policy wrecker, according to a new table ranking firms by their records on lobbying and opposition - //&! 'its always about jobs' how about reframe it and retrain these people vs putting them directly on the dole, funded by government - long-term investment! duh. there is always an alternative. //&! - What Exxon Knew About Climate Change - The influence of the oil industry is essentially undiminished, even now. The Obama Administration may have stood up to Big Coal, but the richer Big Oil got permission this summer to drill in the Arctic;
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BBC News - Arctic drilling: UK 'complacent', say MPs
Earlier this week, scientists said the release of large amounts of methane from thawing permafrost in the Arctic could have huge economic impacts on the world. The researchers estimated the climate effects of the release of this gas could cost $60 trillion (£39 trillion), roughly the size of the global economy in 2012.
methane  thawing  permafrost  globalwarming  Biodiversity  arctic  ecological  disaster  global  warming 
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Arctic Ice Cap Shrinks to Record Low Level - YouTube
Jet Stream (Climate Zones), Weather patterns very likely to change and Weather extremes very likely to be an the rise.
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