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Salmon farming in crisis: 'We are seeing a chemical arms race in the seas' | Environment | The Guardian
As a result of the lice infestations, the global price of salmon has soared, and world production fallen. Earlier this year freedom of information [FoI] requests of the Scottish government showed that 45 lochs had been badly polluted by the antibiotics and pesticides used to control lice – and that more and more toxic chemicals were being used.
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5 Reasons to STOP eating FISH [warning graphic] - YouTube //&! NOBODY ELSE CAN BE AS MUCH CARING TO LOOK AFTER U AS U SHOULD LOOK AFTER URSELF. intrinsic motivation. enlightenment. self-education. informed decision. ethical machine. consciousness. instead comfortably unaware. inconvenient truth. out of sight, out of mind. consumer habit = consumer has it in their hands. // small dose of antibiotics, long-term exposure by spin doctors (reframing) is too small 2 make u sick. // Fukushima fallout = radioactive seafood. // see also - ALS (& other neurodegenerative diseases) onset/occurrence among population correlates with seafood consumption among population. // The Planet, the environment/ecology is a Public Good. //&! - MILK INDUSTRY! - &! &! &! // corporate media reliant on ad$, cant report truthfully&weekly (aka destroy) on culprits of sick population. the food industry!
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Fische aus Zuchtanlagen stark mit Medikamenten belastet - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Bei Untersuchungen im Rahmen des Europäischen Schnellwarnsystems für Lebensmittel meldeten die Prüfer des Bundes in 183 Fällen Nachweise von pharmakologisch wirksamen Stoffen. Überwiegend handelte es sich um Rückstände der Fischarznei Malachitgrün, die im Verdacht steht, Krebs zu erregen, gefolgt von Abbauprodukten verschiedener Antibiotika und Antiseptika. Bei Krustentieren meldete Deutschland 306 Mal den Fund solcher Abbauprodukte. Die Daten stammen aus Untersuchungen von Lachsen, Forellen oder Shrimps aus Aquakulturen im Zeitraum von 2005 bis Ende März dieses Jahres. Bei sechs Prozent aller Stichproben fanden die Kontrolleure demnach Arzneimittel.
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