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The Economist asks: Has Alan Greenspan carried too much blame for the financial crash? by The Economist
Sebastian Mallaby // Repuplican Party loyalist Alan Greenspan. Appointed by Republican president. Later surprised, what they've got w him - as he got more and more politically skilled. The expert w machiavellian tendencies. [...] came at a disadvantage in early 2000's to tighten monetary policy recovery but did not so (monetary and fiscally (being advocate)); glass stegall - derivatives, gov support for property (tax breaks and deductions), ... "fed tried, fed did, fed failed" in end politics failed (Larry Summers, Bill Clinton shot the starting gun) to reign in investment banking (derivatives), ... &&& group think among economists/profession into believing in self-regulation!!! &&& bc he knew about the possible bubble still did not raise rates enough to prick property bubble. a shy person who liked to be loved.
economic  history  book  Alan  Greenspan  GFC  recovery  income  inequality  property  bubble  equity  Ben  Bernanke  Janet  Yellen  Fed  neoliberal  neoliberalism  USA  Paul  Volker  regulation  regulators  self-regulation 
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Alan Greenspan on Brexit, U.S. Economy, and Inflation (Full Interview) - YouTube
UK out of Euro Currency but part of free trade single market was best option on table. // lack of leadership for political union and fiscal union aka ever closer union. not just currency and trade union (free trade). // GET AT THE ROOT ISSUE; productivity, ageing population (entitlement crisis), stagnant wages, secular stagnation = desperate population // European banks some still burdened by sov debt crisis/NPL (= zombie banks) & NIRP & QE & lack of uptake in business & consumer loans. // no back-up to the ECB (balance sheet) yet. what happens if the EURO stops being a hard currency? get Greece out, is a liability. // EU can not go on in Status Quo indefinitely. ie funding southern states. States have to get on course of economic harmony! everyone has to give up something! // Precariat/Squeezed Middle Class/Social Mobility = creates desperate people. // Entitlements are a legal issues. Productivity and Growth Rates can't fund entitlements. = There will be a crisis. // Career Politicians won't touch it. // History (look at M2) this environment ends up in inflation. not time or data.
European  Union  Brexit  fiscal  Political  Union  ECB  Alan  Greenspan  Fed  Yanis  Varoufakis  Janet  Yellen  PIGS  sovereign  debt  crisis  secular  stagnation  productivity  gap  disposable  income  discretionary  spending  ageing  population  current  account  deficit  budget  deficit  GFC  entitlement  spending  Abenomics  monetary  policy  fiscal  policy  pension  obligation  babyboomers  Baby  Boomers  immigration  NIRP  ZIRP  QE  economic  history  Germany  Angela  Merkel  BOE  Mark  Carney  rising  middleclass  squeezed  middle  class  working  poor  Precariat  populism  demagogue  demagogy  Donald  Trump  western  world  savings  rate  Gini  coefficient  social  mobility  income  mobility  triple-lock  pension  pension  fund  pension  scheme  democracy  Career  Politicians  politician  output  gap  M2  inflation  targeting  M3  commodity  prices  global  economy 
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Paragraph 175. Schadensersatzvorderung gg Deutschland. Weil Verurteilte es schwer hatten/fast unmoeglich Arbeit zu finden, wegen dem Eintrag als Verurteilter. Famielienangehoerige sollten vor den Europaeischen Gericht gehen. U.a. auch wegen psychische leiden.
Alan  Turing  §175  Paragraph  175  Germany  Unrechtsstaat  history 
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The Man Who Made the UK Say “I’m Sorry For What We Did To Turing.” — Backchannel — Medium
germany holocaust reparations /// Germany needs to acknowledge Nazi and post-modern crimes and human rights violations / verfassung / persoehnlichkeitsrechts. - needs to remove convictions (being a felon) under 175 - and pay reparations. ... before the last victim dies.
Alan  Turing  UK  Germany  Paragraph  175  §175  human  rights  Holocaust  homophobic  Homophobia  erzkonservativ  Angela  Merkel  CDU  CSU  Zivilcourage  Zivilgesellschaft  history  European  ethics  moral  Career  Politicians  short-term  thinking  short-term  view 
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Alan Greenspan on what's wrong with the world economy - Newsnight - YouTube
secular  stagnation  alangreenspan  Alan  Greenspan  recovery  GFC  2014  ZIRP  liquidity  trap  Structural  Impediments  imbalance  faultlines  NIRP  QE  monetary  policy  fiscal  policy  austerity  economic  history  Debt  Super  Cycle  sovereign  crisis  infrastructure  investment  business  investment  Europe  PIGS  monetary  transmission  mechanism  business  confidence  confidence  trust  trustagent  Germany  policy  folly  policy  error  IMF  Makers  Pact  fiscal  stimulus  Career  Politicians  short-term  thinking  short-term  view  Angela  Merkel  Wolfgang  Schäuble  equity  bubble  Thomas  Piketty  book  Jens  Weidmann 
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Robin Williams ist tot: US-Schauspieler beging offenbar Selbstmord - SPIEGEL ONLINE "Williams trank, weil er sich einsam fühlte und Angst hatte. "Es ist buchstäblich Furcht. Und du denkst, oh, das wird die Angst erträglich machen. Aber das tut es nicht." Angst wovor?, fragte ihn der "Guardian". "Vor allem. Es ist einfach ein generelles Arggghhh." || + || +++ +++ + + - Robin Williams: What Should We Think? Russell Brand The Trews (E121) ... 'celeb suicide show societies ills end results.' #thelastcryforhelp As fragile as the world. || + - Robin Williams: Stand-Up Comedy Is Great Therapy
creativity  creative  creative  destruction  mental  health  mental  illness  anxiety  Generalised  anxiety  disorder  social  anxiety  Robin  Williams  society  western  society  Celebrity  of  You  celeb  culture  instant  gratification  social  beings  self-regulation  self-awareness  Philosophy  quality  of  life  standard  of  living  sociology  human  progress  humanity  human  tragedy  social  science  social  status  status  anxiety  status  symbol  status  social  society  social  safety  net  stigma  stereotype  bias  prejudice  judgement  living  environment  environment  spirituality  Alan  Watts  long-term  thinking  long-term  view 
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