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How did Hitler rise to power? - Alex Gendler and Anthony Hazard - YouTube
betrayed by politicians. jews got the blame partially and the established politicians / and left wing weak by internal squabbles. / exploiting peoples fear, uncertainty, anger and calls for change from the status quo
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Video "Hitlers Polizei" | Dokumentation und Reportage | ARD Mediathek
Police as instrumental piece for Power. First to use is against political enemies. Then against all other enemies! ... Gesinnungswandel. Nazifizierung. Als ueberlebenschance. Als einzige job security. Angleichung. Bedinnungslose hingabe. // History doesn't have to repeat itself, but rhymes. // wegsperren aller die als gefahr gesehen werden. und wenn man auch dafuer gesetze machen muss, spezial fuer diese faelle. regiemgegner. "Schutzhaft" als Schreckensinstument. ohne vor einem richter zu kommen, ohne verteidiger. Willkuer und Terror! --- Geheimpolizei Gestapo. "Staatsfeindliche taetigkeit." "Volksschaedlinge." "Volkshygiene" << ie LGBT etc "Fremdkoerper" // Im polizeigefaengnis werden dann gestaendnisse ... erzwungen. Wie im Krieg gegen den Terror heute. // Aus polizisten werden polizei soldaten, nicht dem rechtsstaats dienig, sondern dem Fuehrer.
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Streitbare Stimme Hans Mommsen gestorben: Hans Mommsens hat als Historiker die westdeutsche Geschichtswissenschaft und Forschung über den Nationalsozialismus geprägt. Am 5. November 2015 ist er gestorben - an seinem 85. Geburtstag.
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Guido Knopp über "Stunde Null" - YouTube - Schlacht um Berlin - Stunde Null &! Der 8. Mai 1945 - Deutschlands Stunde Null? - History Live vom 03.05.2015 - &! "Deutschland und die doppelte Stunde Null" - Unter den Linden vom 04.05.2015 - &! Background to 3rd Reich - Innenansichten Deutschland 1937 - Der schöne Schein des Dritten Reiches (Doku) - "aus Angst vor dem was noch kommen koennte, mit Hitler (NSDAP) mitgegangen." WW1 >> Treaty of Versailles >> Geld- und Wertvernichtung durch Inflation >> Great Depression >> Uncertainty & Fear (Safety Anxiety) bc NSDAP & SS take out any perceived rebels [Himmler & surveillance and spies] ['either you are with us or against us and will eventually sabotage us and Germany's success & growth back to old stenght'] [!!!HISTORY RHYMES!!!] >> Hitler takes advantage with his Charisma // - The Dark Charisma of Adolf Hitler &!
WW2  WWII  Adolf  Hitler  propaganda  history  democracy  freedom  of  press  Pressefreiheit  Lügenpresse  Stasi  Stasi  2.0  surveillance  state  surveillance  NSDAP  Orwellian  World  Police  antisemitism  Antisemitismus  Career  Politicians  European  Unrechtsstaat  Staatsfeind  Religion  freedom  of  expression  free  speech  Dictatorship  Meinungsfreiheit 
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▶ BBC Radio 4 - In Our Time, Hitler in History
Melvyn Bragg and guests discuss how history has struggled to explain the enormity of the crimes committed in Germany under Adolf Hitler: we have had theories of ‘totalitarianism’, and of ‘distorted modernity’, debates between ‘intentionalists’ and their opponents the ‘structuralists’. The great political philosopher Hannah Arendt said, “Under conditions of tyranny, it is far easier to act than to think”. But somehow none of these explanations has seemed quite enough to explain how a democratic country in the heart of modern Europe was mobilised to commit genocide, and to fight a bitter war to the end against the world’s most powerful nations.With Ian Kershaw, historian and biographer of Hitler; Niall Ferguson, fellow and tutor in Modern History at Jesus College Oxford; Mary Fulbrook, Professor of German History at University College London.
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The man who missed killing Hitler by 13 minutes - BBC News
"All the people who did something against the Nazis were seen as traitors - not only in Nazi Germany but also in post-war Germany," says Johannes Tuchel, Elser's co-biographer and director of the German Resistance Memorial Center in Berlin. [...] Johannes Tuchel hopes the new film will make Elser and his story much better known, though he says he doesn't want him to become "a big national hero". "I want him as a man who, in a dark time for Germany, showed us that not all Germans were Nazis," he says. Much recent research into Nazism has focused on the many "ordinary Germans" who became perpetrators of the most terrible crimes. Elser's extraordinary story reminds us that there were some "ordinary Germans" who behaved in a very different way. // Stauffenberg Story -
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