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What I Learned This Week About Tim Cook’s Apple | Re/code
[ always along the motto: extension of you, part of you. The new Apple under Jobs was NOT an overnight success! It build on its differentiation, strong base, a cult, a Tribe, 1000 True Fans, and build on it stride by stride. Most capitalistic company out of SV, no counter-culture out of largest corp on world. & can pull of iAd coup because it has monopsony! & Duopoly w Android. ] Many people love Apple, others despise it. But, even without Jobs, it cannot be ignored. There simply is no other company that combines such a high-quality hardware line with such well-regarded software platforms. A faltering Samsung has the former, but not the latter. A strong and admirable Google has the latter, but not the former. If you didn’t believe that before, this week’s event made it crystal clear, with once-bitter rivals like Microsoft and Adobe showing up onstage to boast about how well their products worked with new Apple hardware and software. [ sw & hw iteration = leverage comp advantage ]
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Everything You Need To Know About iOS 9’s New Content Blockers | TechCrunch
Ben Thompson: Apple Enables Ad-Blockers - --- is apple nudging content providers to point people to the native app?! as mobile web gets better!? and bandwidth and coverage better!? --- under the cover of Privacy and user experience! --- with the exception of its own ad-network iAD, sure. // what a move. // &! The adblocking revolution is months away (with iOS 9) – with trouble for advertisers, publishers and Google - &! // &! Apple, has made Content Blocking “official”, ad-supported publishing business models are in trouble. [...] [PAGEVIEWS as business model] Too many sites are just echo chambers, they rewrite news releases, add strong adjectives and adverbs, and a bit of spin. [news is free, analysis and perspective not] - //&! - Begun, The Mobile Ad-Blocking Wars Have [...] increasing bloatware of online advertising. &! << ad business model not working!!!
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Why Andrew Ng left Google and joined Baidu | Hacker News
When companies turn into giants. It's hard to run through the giant battleship and rally guys for your initiative. And not let talk about moving fast/iterating/experimenting. [...] Question is post Steve Jobs - can keep Apple its Start-up mentality? // "If a guy like Ng was frustrated inside of Google by 'committee meetings' keeping him from getting things done quickly, then that says something about the current state of affairs there." Are the big ones are running scared on the inside, focused defending the existing turf? ++ + + +
Google  Microsoft  Yahoo!  IBM  Apple  Nokia  business  management  corporate  culture  corporate  values  Wall  Street  Salesforce  Amazon  Baidu  Rakuten  Alibaba  Twitter  Facebook  ebay  Cisco  Unilever  Procter  &  Gamble  Coca-Cola  Oracle  Intel  AutoCad  EMC  VMware  Adobe  LVHM  Fortune  500  creative  destruction  value  creation 
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Thoughts on Flash
Apple has many proprietary products too. Though the operating system for the iPhone, iPod and iPad is proprietary, we strongly believe that all standards pertaining to the web should be open. Rather than use Flash, Apple has adopted HTML5, CSS and JavaScript – all open standards. Apple’s mobile devices all ship with high performance, low power implementations of these open standards.
Apple  Adobe  Flash  Open  Platform  Platform  Internet  e-Mail  email  Open  Standards 
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21 Adobe Air Apps For Designers And Social Media Addicts | Creative Nerds
Adobe air apps are just simply great it enables any one with knowledge within ajax, Flash, JavaScript and HTML to be able to create a desktop widget, which can be created to be compatible with a range of different operating systems. This article I’ve compiled is 21 great Adobe Air Apps for Designers and Social Media Addicts.
adobe  AbobeAir  apps  tools  software  design  webdesign 
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