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Germany's AfD: how to understand the rise of the right-wing populists
Indeed, the party’s name stems from Angela Merkel’s now famous observation that there was no alternative to the policies her government put in place in a bid to save the euro at the height of the financial crisis. [...] The AfD is, however, a rather more complicated beast than that. Although many of the Eurosceptics who founded the party have long since left, their influence has not vanished completely. One of the AfD’s two "leading candidates" for the 2017 election, Alice Weidel, for example, is a 38-year-old lesbian who used to work for Goldman Sachs. She speaks fluent Mandarin and spent six years in China writing a PhD on the Chinese pension system. She is certainly not the archetypal leader of a far-right party.
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Donald Trump, Marine Le Pen: Wie Wirtschaftskrisen Populisten helfen - Kolumne - SPIEGEL ONLINE
All das passt zu Zahlen, wonach - auch in Deutschland - eine große Minderheit seit Jahrzehnten real an Einkommen verliert. Und der Abstand zwischen Gewinnern und Verlierern atemberaubend groß geworden ist. Und es passt zum verbreiteten Gefühl, dass nur noch schwer nachzuvollziehen ist, welche Macht Konzerne ausüben. Und wie wenig die Regierungen dem noch entgegenzusetzen haben. [...] All das lässt sich nicht mit ein bisschen mehr Konjunktur beseitigen. Wie der französische Ökonom Thomas Piketty diagnostiziert hat, gibt es eine fast automatische Verschärfung der Ungleichheit - schon weil mit großem Geld mehr zu verdienen ist als mit harter Arbeit.
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(482) School of Public Policy | Patricia Tagliaferri Dean's Distinguished Lecture Series - Niall Ferguson - YouTube
Donald Trump is Populist. not autocrat. usa not entering tyranny. he is a tool. a puppet. a tool for demos appetite for populism and strongman. difference is Facism likes military and uniforms. Amber Rudd wanted to count foreign workers and publish it ... // Angus Deaton epidemic of substance abuse and suicide. Yuhval said that you are more likely at your own hands than anything else // comming apart - book // winner takes all problem of neolib global multinational liberal capitalism // min 30:30 - social science, systemanalysis ala luhmann does not help. the plain of real life, real life solutions. // united states of amnesia, no history. // need to study applied history //
DonaldTrump  Donald  Trump  demagogue  populism  history  Niall  Ferguson  Brexit  AfD  UK  USA  France  Tories  nasty  party  Conservative  Amber  Rudd  Theresa  May  Nigel  Farage  Elite  Plutocracy  Oligarchy  BarackObama  1%  economic  10%  Super  Rich  inequality  poverty  trap  gini  Angus  Deaton  book  middle  class  American  Dream  social  income  mobility  Abstieg  Abstiegsangst  Angst  Armut  Germany  GroKo  GFC  bank  bailout  capitalism  neoliberalism  globalisation  structural  underemployed  unemployment 
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Brexitland: The truth from well-to-do Fareham: this was no working-class uprising | Owen Jones | Opinion | The Guardian min 29 ... globale liberalismus ... ethnopluralismus aehnlich segregation // As he continues his journey around leave-voting areas, Owen Jones finds middle-class Brexiters variously motivated, but happy with the choice they made
• Brexitland: People can’t find homes. No wonder they were angry
• Brexitland: ‘Too many foreigners – way, way too many’
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