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Goldman Sachs to pay $5bn for its role in the 2008 financial crisis
The settlement holds the bank accountable for its ‘serious misconduct’ in falsely assuring investors that securities it sold were backed by sound mortgages // [ 7 YEARS LATER. AND THIS IS A SETTLEMENT (both parties haggled for a price)! If prosecutors would have decided to go ahead and try prosecute in court, we would have looked for an additional 7 years wait. No including going into appeals. ]
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Ben Bernanke urges punishment of individual bankers - BBC News
>> Privatisation where and when it is needed. No, only if it suits their ideology and agenda. // regulatory failure. - - Ben Bernanke, John Mack Reflect on 2008 Financial Crisis >> NINJA Loan, homeownership, subprime, ... //&! Ben Bernanke on Lehman Crisis: "We Agreed to Be Vague" (Oct. 6, 2015) | Charlie Rose - - 'lehman brothers was a sink hole. money put in from gov in a saving attempt would have resulted in being pulled out by its counterparties and creditors. and had not enough collateral and assets.'
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The Exchange: Greg Smith on Leaving Goldman Sachs - YouTube
Greg Smith, author of "Why I Left Goldman Sachs," joins Rob Cox to discuss his contention that the firm's shift away from serving clients inspired his public exit from the investment bank.
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Neues Wall-Street-Gesetz: Obama lässt die Zocker von der Leine - SPIEGEL ONLINE - Nachrichten - Wirtschaft
Wall Street Lobby inserted into JOBS Act via Republicans;
- removing rules and oversight learned from the .dom bubble enron and worldcom
- removing conflict of interest (communication) between brokers and analysts, not liable in principle
"Betrug kehrt zurück an die Wall Street", orakelt Eliot Spitzer
Die breite Mehrheit (im Senat und Kongress) kaschiert den Widerstand bei progressiven Demokraten, Gewerkschaften, Verbraucherschutzgruppen und Aktivisten. Die protestieren vergeblich dagegen, dass der Jobs Act die Schutzregeln lockert, die aus dem Dotcom-Crash erwuchsen - etwa, indem es die Kommunikationsgrenzen zwischen Analysten und Aktienhändlern innerhalb eines Unternehmens wieder weiter öffnet. Ein Austausch von Informationen ist prinzipiell wieder möglich.
If Obama didn't sign the Act bc if the inserts, Republicans would have a feast that he wouldn't sign a JOBS Act.
USA  JOBS  Act  politics  oversight  regulation  reform  EliotSpitzer  maryschapiro  SEC  HenryBlodget  Abacus  GoldmanSachs  conflict  of  interest  bubble  dotcom  2012  lobby  WallStreet  barackobama 
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Goldman's Dan "Shitty Deal" Sparks Sued For Selling Junk, Dogs, Big old lemons, and Monstrosities | ZeroHedge
While the FHFA has targeted lawsuits at a whole bunch of employees of the 17 banks previously disclosed, nothing gives us as much amusement and frankly pleasure, as the fact that Goldman's definition of smugness - one Dan Sparks of "shitty deal" fame, is among the accused. Perhaps, even in uber crony communist America, what goes around eventually comes around. Now, if only someone can figure out how Warren Buffett's Wells Fargo, with its several hundred billion worth of Wachovia toxic biohazard, is not on the list of defendants...

That Goldman knew of the originators’ abandonment of applicable underwriting guidelines and of the true nature of the mortgage loans it was securitizing is further evidenced by how Goldman handled its own investments.
FHFA  timberwolf  goldmansachs  security  securities  fraud  subprime  mortage  securities-fraud  2011  freddiemac  fanniemae  Abacus  misleading  GSE  MBS 
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UPDATE 3-Goldman wins dismissal of Timberwolf CDO lawsuit | Reuters
Goldman Sachs Group Inc won the dismissal of a lawsuit accusing it of causing an investor to become insolvent by fraudulently misleading it about risky debt it expected would tumble in value.
In a decision made public on Thursday, U.S. District Judge Barbara Jones in Manhattan said the plaintiff, Basis Yield Alpha Fund, failed to sufficiently show that its investment in the Timberwolf 2007-1 collateralized debt obligation was a "domestic" transaction, entitling it to sue in a U.S. court.
She nonetheless gave the Cayman Islands-based fund 30 days to file a new complaint to recover its $56 million loss. Basis had accused Goldman of securities fraud and common law fraud.
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Goldman Abacus Trader Jonathan Egol Just Bought This Beautiful NYC Apartment
Jonathan Egol, a managing director at Goldman Sachs, and one of the Goldman employees involved in the recent lawsuit, just bought a beautiful apartment on the Upper East Side for $3.72 million, according to Bloomberg.The apartment, on 94th and Madison, was originally listed for $4.25 million in October, and then dropped its price to $3.65 million in February.We guess Egol and his wife really like the place, since they're paying more than the listing price.The doorman building has many amenities including a garden and roof deck, and there are beautiful views of Central Park. Egol's apartment has five bedrooms and two bathrooms.

Read more:
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JPM Settles Magnetar Charges Related To Misleading CDO Information With SEC For $153.6 Million | zero hedge

The recurring question from the ongoing press conference is why nobody at JPM is being charged, and Khuzami is completely unable to reply.Another question for the porn addicts is why it charged GSC's Steffelin in this case while it did not charge anyone from ACA in Abacus. Either the response is either very muffled, or Khuzami has a large appendage in his mouth.
Question: who at JPM knew that Magnetar was selecting the CDO; SEC response: we will not comment beyond what is publicly filed. ...
Magnetar  CDO  jpmorgan  SEC  settelment  2011  fraud  Abacus  wallstreet 
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YouTube - Burns Says Don't Read Too Much Into Goldman Subpoena
Douglas Burns, a formal federal prosecutor, talks about the Manhattan District Attorney's office subpoena of Goldman Sachs Group Inc. Goldman, the fifth-biggest U.S. bank by assets, is being asked to turnover information on the firm's activities leading into the credit crisis, according to two people familiar with the matter. Burns speaks on Bloomberg Television's "InBusiness with Margaret Brennan." (Source: Bloomberg)
goldmansachs  subpoena  2011  SEC  financialcrisis  investigation  settelment  CDO  Abacus 
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