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APIs Are The New FTEs | TechCrunch
In The New World, FTEs (Full-Time Employees) Will Become APIs. Much has been made about how the dropping cost of website infrastructure has spurred a boom in startup formation, with Amazon Web Services held up as the prime example. The capital cost of servers has been eliminated, but even more important is the plummeting human cost. (<< Netflix has no own data center) [...] Companies and products like Heroku, Celery, RabbitMQ, Mandrill, Fastly, Chartio, Chargebee, Shipwire, Docker, Codeship, Rainforest QA, Replicated and Chartbeat have changed the nature of tech development. [...] Sure, there is a shortage of talent today, but developers are rapidly finding ways to put future developers out of jobs.
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Why an Instagram Tweak Spells the Beginning of a Multibillion-Dollar Industry | Re/code
Last week, Instagram — the image-based social network with more than 300 million users — made a change that barely received notice outside the tech world. It officially switched on its API, or application programming interface, for ads. [...] On a practical level, it means that the Internet’s newest advertising behemoth is officially open for business. Thanks in part to the new API, Instagram’s current mobile ad revenue of $595 million a year is expected to rocket to $2.8 billion by 2017 — leaving even giants like Twitter and Google in the rearview mirror in the U.S. market. [...] Ads can now be purchased by just about anyone, using online ad-buying tools offered by official Instagram partners. [...] businesses can now log onto third-party sites to create, target and place an ad — self-serve style. [...] In June, Instagram opened up ad-targeting tools that tap into user data from Facebook profiles.
Instagram  Facebook  business  model  pageviews  native  advertising  advertising  advertisement  branded  content  native  content  API  Platform  TOS  Marketplace  advertisement  targeting  advertisement  re-targeting  Big  Data  user 
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All Android operating systems infringe Java API packages, Oracle says | Ars Technica UK
The ongoing legal saga known as the Oracle-Google copyright battle took a huge leap Wednesday when Oracle claimed the last six Android operating systems are "infringing Oracle's copyrights in the Java platform." That's according to the latest paperwork Oracle filed in the five-year-old closely watched case that so far has resulted in the determination that Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are, indeed, copyrightable. [...] The latest legal brouhaha comes two months after the Supreme Court declined to review Google's contentions that assigning copyright to APIs, sets a dangerous precedent and allows "copyright monopolies over the basic building blocks of computer design and programming." [...] [&] fair use right [came up][.] Complicating matters more, however, is the fact that there's no clear answer as to what constitutes fair use. [...] [I]t's decided on a case-by-case basis. According to the US Copyright Office.
API  Android  Google  Java  Oracle  Programming  Programming  Language  Software  Is  Eating  The  World  Platform  TOS  EULA  Supreme  Court  USA  fair  use  patent  trolls  patent  troll  patents  Google  Inc. 
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Harvest of Facebook user data prompts calls for tighter privacy settings | Technology | The Guardian
[ It's not free, you are not the customer, you are the ware, your experience and your date is not their first priority - except keeping you on facebook scrolling, consuming, clicking ... ads. ] Software developer exploits loophole to obtain thousands of names, pictures and locations of users who link their mobile phone number with account
Facebook  API  encryption  TOS  Big  Data  Internet  Privacy  Privacy  user  IT  Security  abuse  abuse  of  power 
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Doorman Raises $1.5 Million To Eliminate Missed Package Deliveries | TechCrunch
With Doorman, the idea is that consumers can provide an online retailer with their “Doorman address,” which is a location in the company’s warehouse. You can then specify when, exactly, you want that order sent to you at your home or elsewhere via Doorman’s app, which also notifies you when the courier is in route. Doorman currently offers hourly scheduling from 6 pm to midnight, catering heavily to office workers who can’t be home during the day for deliveries. [...] [ API allows companies to provide Doorman option automatically to its customers where Doorman is available ] [ again, trading money for time and convenience, for those available with the disposable income >> thus SF tech workers is/are the ultimate proving ground, other metropolitan cities with high disposable income are next, from highest to lowest, for the roll-out plan ]
API  on-demand  convenience  middleman 
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Twitter Lists S.A.Q. (Suddenly Asked Questions) | Columnists | Mediaite
What makes Twitter so great is that the system more of a protocol than a website. Very few people actually add or read tweets through In fact, 10 times more traffic goes through Twitters API (application programming interface) than through the website. This is the set of web tools that allows an application to use the Twitter system, and what has spawned the great tools power users enjoy, like Tweetdeck or Tweetie.
twitter  API  lists 
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Set our Data Free and Create a (Digital) Economy | redcatco blog
today’s digital information is trapped in non-portable and hard to process formats.
There are four aims behind the project and opening up the data: 1) Aid transparency and accountability. 2) Empower citizens to drive public service reform. 3) Unlock the social and economic value in the data. 4) Stimulate the UK’s digital economy, with regard to technology and research in the web domain.
new generation of digital talent
My hope is that the data will provide a platform for an ecosystem of businesses and micro-businesses, as well as non-profit organisations, to create value for UK Plc, both for the public good and for economic good. It will also be a proving ground for a new generation of geeks who can work with massive datasets and produce insights from them. Exactly the kind of folks the knowledge-based business of the future will need.
ecosystem  data  semantic  journalism  free  knowledge-based  freedom  digital  economy  digital-economy  api  government  gov2.0  collaboration  open  OpenD  openness  opensource  crowdsourcing  Transparency  accountability  economics  crowd  wisdom-of-the-crowd 
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