Revealed: private surgery for NHS patients soars under Tories | Society | The Guardian
does not include backdoor privatisation
people w the money jump the queue.
NHS  Privatisation 
6 days ago
(94) Merkel, Springer und Pressefreiheit in China | ZAPP | NDR - YouTube
KKR steigt bei Springer ein mit 43%. Mit Bestandsgarantie fuer die grossen marken wie Bild die die Erbin und der CEO gefordert haben.
Print und Alte Stellen werden gestrichen weil kein Wachstum/ROI.
Fokus auf Anzeigenportal (mini/vertical Facebook). Order was halbes wie Bild - content (clickbait) um Anzeigen zu verkaufen.
Grosse Unsicherheit.
KKR  Private  Equity  Springer  Redaktionsschluss  Journalism  Journalismus  print  ROI  profit  maximisation  clickbait 
6 days ago
(376) The World's Shrinking Population - YouTube
Darrel Bricker and John Ibbitson co-authors of, "Empty Planet: The Shock of Global Population Decline," say these predictions have been greatly exaggerated.
27:40 --- Canada Immigration Policy: foreign Students are granted automatically a work permit after graduation and can get a guaranteed residency status (legal permanent resident).
This is a selfish rightwing capitalistic argument.
29:00 --- Looming shortage of migrants for western countries. There will be a competition of the best.
book  Rentnerrepublik  birth  rate  immigration  population  Canada  urbanisation  student  visa  policy  sociology  unintended  consequences 
10 days ago
(304) How This Twitch Streamer Became A YouTube Villain - Alinity | TRO - YouTube
appeal (income) disconnected from credibility
drama did not dip their income
neither Destiny.
Only really nasty people sink, because they are inherently nasty (eg Sam Pepper).
exaggeration of topics, clickbait - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=57nMtBqUNFw
Twitch  YouTube  TOS  thot  Pewdiepie  women  sexualisation  Social  Media  Alinity  socialpsychology  stan  culture  stanning  sociology  psychology  algorithm  clickbait 
12 days ago
Capita benefits assessor 'laughed' at disabled woman - BBC News
Capita paid the women money. Hush money. Wow.

https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2019/oct/26/benefit-assessor-more-afraid-state-poverty - I had a visit from my benefits assessor – and now I fear the state more than poverty
DWP  Capita  ESA  PIP  disabled  WCA  Austerity  Privatisation 
19 days ago
Tory NHS shake-up blamed for fall in child vaccination rates | Society | The Guardian
UK ​National Audit Office​ says austerity is driving dropping vaccination rate, not anti-vaxxers.

anti-vaxxers  vaccination  rate  GP  MMR  NHS  Austerity  UK 
21 days ago
(572) Unser Bauch: Die wunderbare Welt des Darms | Doku | ARTE - YouTube
diversity key
- there is a correlation between antibiotics in the first 6 months. and later on obesity as a child and asthma.
c-section kids missing some key microbiome types - and show increased asthma, diabetes and obesity
because the immune system also affected
and tests showed, immunotherapy against cancer sometimes fail >>
because of missing microbiota. fix microbiome. and then the immunotherapy that failed, now works fighting cancer tumours.
recommendation to eat ~24 different vegetables. per week.
microbiome  microbiota  gut  immune  system  antibiotics  obesity  diet  lifestyle  allergy  asthma  birth  cesarean  public  health  Emulgatoren  cancer  immunotherapy 
24 days ago
(503) Who Invented the iPhone? (It Wasn't Steve Jobs) - YouTube
Multi-Touch was not invented by apple. was bought by apple.
and on stage somebody was fired - tony faddell. head behind the ipod. because the ipod was dead.
Apple  iphone 
26 days ago
More than half of A&Es 'not good enough' - BBC News
Half of A&Es in England are not good enough - and there are no guarantees services will get better despite the extra money going into the NHS, the regulator says.

The Care Quality Commission said people were turning to A&E in a crisis because of a lack of support in the community.

It said services would remain under pressure until a funding solution was found for social care.

The government pledged in the Queen's Speech to reform social care.
Austerity  A&E  funding  crisis  CQC 
4 weeks ago
(215) Diagnostiziert eine Bildungskatastrophe | Psychiater Dr. Michael Winterhoff | SWR1 Leute - YouTube
Michael Winterhoff
anti-autonomes lernen, kind leitet
delayed development,
ihm wird populismus vor geworfen.
education  policy  book  smartphone  parenthood  childhood 
4 weeks ago
Health boss left 'dumfounded' by hospital's woes - BBC News
This means the new facility cost about £150m to build, but its full price tag over the next 25 years, including maintenance and facilities management fees, will be £432m.
4 weeks ago
Long-term Lyme disease 'actually chronic fatigue syndrome' - BBC News
The majority of people who believe they have a chronic form of Lyme disease are more likely to have chronic fatigue syndrome, experts suggest.
Lyme  disease  chronic  fatigue 
5 weeks ago
Government forced into U-turn over disability benefits for chronically ill | Society | The Guardian
Sick claimants were wrongly denied benefits because they were not taking powerful painkillers
DWP  WCA  ESA  Disabled  Universal  Credit  Austerity  Privatisation 
5 weeks ago
Far right swooping on towns to exploit tensions, report says | World news | The Guardian
Far right swooping on towns to exploit tensions, report says
Activists turn residents against Muslims and government fails to tackle them, its adviser finds

Growth of far right networks 'fuelled by toxic political rhetoric'
Experts say extremists respond to mainstream use of words such as ‘traitors’ or ‘betrayal’
far-right  UK  alt-right  right-wing  extremism  Islamophobia  Homophobia  Brexit 
5 weeks ago
Corporate tax avoidance: it's no longer enough to take half measures | Business | The Guardian
Given the scale of the problem, it is clear that we need a global minimum tax to end the current race to the bottom (which benefits no one other than corporations). There is no evidence that lower taxation globally leads to more investment. (Of course, if a country lowers its tax relative to others, it might “steal” some investment; but this beggar-thy-neighbour approach doesn’t work globally.) A global minimum tax rate should be set at a rate comparable to the current average effective corporate tax, which is about 25%. Otherwise, global corporate tax rates will converge on the minimum, and what was intended to be a reform to increase taxation on multinationals will turn out to have just the opposite effect.
tax  evasion  avoidance  taxation  Brexit  corporate  rate 
5 weeks ago
Families lose high court challenge over special needs funding | Education | The Guardian
In a judgment handed down on Monday, however, Mr Justice Lewis ruled there was “no unlawful discrimination” in the way the government made provision for Send funding and dismissed the families’ claim for judicial review.
UK  Council  Austerity  disabled  education  policy  exclusion  DfE 
5 weeks ago
Why WeWork's problems have London landlords fretting | Business | The Guardian
Every tenant agreement is on a new Ltd company. If the property does not finance itself, WeWork closes that down, and leaves itself (main company) protected from demands, but the landlord, who made an agreement with a subsidiary basically, high and dry. Retailers also to it this way. The main company is always protected from individual store failures.


“They [WeWork] wanted 15-months’ rent free on an eight-year lease, but they also wanted us to cough up £100 a sq ft in a cash contribution; this would pay for their fit out, desks and generous introductory fees for the brokers they use,” he said.

The eventual rental offer was good, but Wainwright said there was no UK company guarantee if things went wrong.

“The problems will come further down the line when the rent-free [agreements] expire,” he said.

The back-loaded nature of WeWork’s rental agreements is one reason why the company is, in the short-term at least, able to offer customers so many freebies.
5 weeks ago
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