No Laughing Matter (Catelyn/Ned, Margaery, Robb, Sansa, Modern AU)
Prompt: The Stark children know better than be home on Valentine's Day unless they want to walk in on their parents screwing on the kitchen counter or couch or anywhere around the house...again.
ADULT  Catelyn/Ned  Margaery  Robb  Sansa  other:modern!AU 
february 2014
Silver and Cold, Brynden/Val
Prompt: When Brynden reaches the Wall to find Robb's heir, he meets the mighty Wildling Princess
ADULT  Brynden/Val 
february 2014
The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn, Rhaegar, Life After Life AU
Prompt: take any ASOIAF character, dead or alive, and give them the chance to live their life over and over again, until they get it right.
GEN  Rhaegar  other:au 
february 2014
Long You Live And High You Fly, Lysa/Jon Arryn, Catelyn/Ned
Prompt: Five times Lysa wished she had married Ned; and the one and only time she was glad she'd married Jon instead.
GEN  JonA/Lysa  Catelyn/Ned 
february 2014
Cersei, Jaime, Bodyswap AU
Prompt: "...Jaime gets the feeling that Cersei isn't that interested in getting her old body back"
GEN  Jaime  Cersei  other:au  other:bodyswap 
february 2014
Heroes and Ghosts; Lyanna/Rhaegar, Lyanna/Oberyn; Dub/con
Prompt: Lyanna didn't go with Rhaegar willingly. But now, with all the Targaryens dead, she is perfectly willing to be Queen.
ADULT  Lyanna/Rhaegar  Lyanna/Oberyn  kink:dub-con 
february 2014
Arya, Sansa, Looks AU
Prompt: Arya has the Tully look, and Sansa looks like a Stark, but with their canon personalities.
GEN  Arya  Sansa  other:au 
february 2014
Jon, Lyanna, Mordern AU
Prompt: Lyanna's single parenting of Jon Snow
Fill: five times Jon Snow wished he had a normal mother, but still loved her anyway
GEN  Jon  Lyanna  other:modern!AU 
february 2014
If wishes were horses, Bran
Prompt: any character gets a magic lamp, a genie, and three wishes
GEN  Bran 
february 2014
Davos/Stannis, Bad Sex
Prompt: Really, REALLY awkward, repressed, overwhelmed by feels sex please.
ADULT  Davos/Stannis  kink:badsex 
february 2014
My Guardians
Prompt: a fic based on this post
Here's what it says:
"game of thrones AU → rickon, jon, and theon as sansa stark’s queensguard
This was her guard, her sworn swords: her brother the wolfling, who the men said was half-wild; the last of their kin, the somber wolf who never spoke; and even the Kraken, broken as he was, for he owed a terrible debt. For the memory of their brother, they would put a crown of swords upon her head and seat her on the throne of winter."
GEN  other:au 
february 2014
wash the poison from off my skin [Robb, Tywin, Ned, others]
Prompt: In the afterlife the dead can see the way how the living are handling being alive. All the snark happens.

Bonus 1x: If the dead tries hard enough they can toss shit at the living when they think they fuck it up. Robb tends to be the one getting the most at him (and he does not understand were the things comes from DX)

Bonus 2x: We get to know what happened with the abduction of Lyanna and Roberts Rebellion with fights between Robert and Rhaegar.

Just, I want something very snarky please :)
GEN  Robb  Tywin  Ned 
february 2014
Sansa/Tyrion—post-series AU
Prompt: Tyrion did not know what to think when Sansa Stark, Queen in the North, and still technically his wife, came to negotiate with Queen Daenerys. He tried to hide, knowing very well he would have to see her soon since he was Queen Daenerys’ Hand. But he was very surprised, after hiding all day that he would walk into his chambers to find Sansa Stark there.
ADULT  Sansa/Tyrion  other:au 
february 2014
All Things Unknown- Roose/Theon
Prompt: Daddy kink. Theon slips up somehow and calls Roose "Father." Can be canon or modern AU.
ADULT  Roose/Theon  kink:daddy-kink 
february 2014
Wolves in sheep's Clothing
"Starks In Different Houses

I love these kind of stories, so I prompting another one!

Here's what I think would be interesting to see, but feel free to change these around:

Ned Lannister
Catelyn Tyrell
Jon Targaryen
Robb Greyjoy
Sansa Martell
Arya Baratheon
Bran Arryn
Rickon Tully"
GEN  other:au  other:house  swap 
february 2014
You Know Nothing (Except how to get me going)
Prompt: Jon/Satin, modern AU
Jon is a lonely, dedicated cop. Satin is his streetwalker informant. Jon tries to keep their relationship strictly professional. he tries so hard. Satin isn't having it, he does who he wants
ADULT  Jon/Satin  other:modern!AU 
february 2014
Dany/Irri, cunnilingus
Prompt: Daenerys/Irri, The first time Dany performs cunnilingus.
ADULT  Daenerys/Irri  kink:cunnilingus 
february 2014
If You Think You Are A Queen- Cersei/Margaery
Prompt: The battle for ruling also extends to the bedroom. They fight for who will be on top. I would love it If it was Margaery the victorious one, and Cersei accepted reluctantly but ended up liking it. Hate sex all the way, plz.
ADULT  Cersei/Margaery  kink:hatesex 
february 2014
queen of love and beauty (Stannis/fem!Jon)
Prompt: When Selyse dies Robert tells his brother he's going to find him a new young pretty wife

Stannis is not impressed when this turns out to be Ned Stark's legitimized bastard but marries her as commanded but sends her to Dragonstone to keep her away from Robert.

On a visit home he finds much more welcoming chambers, a happier daughter and a younger brother willingly visiting,he takes time to get to know Jon and by the time he returns to court his wife is expecting.

When their child is born Lord Arryn is very interested in the fact the baby has thick black hair.....

Bonus points for R+L=J - Stannis finds out when Robert dies that GirlJon's father was Rhaegar who had taken Lyanna as another wife. So his claim to the throne is strengthened by his wife and houses who declare for him as his wife is a Targaryen Princess.
ADULT  Jon/Stannis  other:genderswap 
february 2014
Memory - Jon Snow/Robb Stark (warning: incest)
Prompt: Any/Any, “You and I, it’s as though we have been taught to kiss in heaven and sent down to earth together, to see if we know what we were taught.”
ADULT  Jon/Robb  kink:incest 
february 2014
out where the dreams all hide, Jon, Howland, Ned, R+L
Prompt: From this quote found online: a baby's appearance near birth is no predictor of its childhood or adulthood appearance. If you assume R+L=J, then Ned was taking a horrific risk raising a baby who might, in time, turn out to have silver-gold hair and purple eyes.
GEN  Jon  Howland  Ned 
february 2014
Prompt: Robb doesn't marry Jeyne Westerling. As he makes his way back to the Twins all the eligible Frey girls are anxiously anticipating who he will choose and swapping stories about him. Roslin hears that he is cruel and merciless and his direwolf tears out the throat of any that displease him. She becomes frightened and begins to pray that he does not choose her. Of course upon reaching the Twins Robb picks Roslin since she is pretty and seems like a good wife. Roslin is terrified and cries on their wedding night.Robb comforts her and promises not to hurt her. They both decide to work towards mutual love and respect for one another.

Bonus if they take back the North as King and Queen and Roslin doesn't get totally screwed over in life.
ADULT  Robb/Roslin 
february 2014
Joffrey/ Ramsay rough sex, violence, torture
Prompt: Joffrey invites the new warden of the North and Lord of winterfell to the Capital for the royal wedding of princess Myrcella and prince Trystane. They both find eachother attractive at first sight. In the middle of the feast a serving wench spills something on Joffrey and Ramsay suggests a heavy punishment. They bring her to a dungeon, torture her, find out they have a lot in common and fuck. I don't care who tops.

Bonus if everyone at the wedding is like "Oh man, this cannot end well"'
ADULT  Joffrey/Ramsay  kink:rough-sex  kink:violence  kink:torture 
february 2014
Davos/Other, Davos/Stannis
Prompt: "Davos ends up sleeping with one of Robert's bastards who happens to look a a bit like Stannis."
ADULT  Davos/Stannis  Davos/Other  kink:prostitution  kink:dub-con 
february 2014
The Six Wives of Roose Bolton, Roose/multiple
Prompt: The six wives of Roose Bolton (Barbrey, the miller's wife, Bethany, girl!Theon, girl!Robb, Walda). Divorced, beheaded, died, divorced, beheaded, survived.
ADULT  Roose/Barbrey  Roose/TheMiller'sWife  Roose/Bethany  Roose/Theon  Robb/Roose  Roose/Walda  kink:non-con  kink:dub-con  kink:underage 
february 2014
Queen of the North (Jaime/girl!Jon)
Prompt: Both Stark girls are lost now, one missing and the other one married and on the run; but Jaime fulfills his vow in the best way he can: He saves and protects Ned Stark's remaining daughter.

Mega bonus points for R + L = J but is not a deal breaker. I just one some Jaime/girl!Jon love.
ADULT  Jaime/Jon  other:genderswap 
february 2014
Dragonspawn (AU Jon, Lyanna, Robert. R+L=J)
Prompt: Robert finds out about Jon and rides to Winterfell to confront Ned and get rid of the last of the dragonspawn that he can get his hands on.

But when he gets there he sees a little toddling lad who looks nothing like his father and is the image of mother.

Robert can't kill him - not with his lost loves eyes staring up him from behind Ned's leg.

Bonus points for Varys, Jamie or Barristan Selmy plotting to save Jon from Robert
GEN  Jon  Lyanna  Robert  other:au 
february 2014
Hell is empty and all the demons are here (Cersei, Supernatural AU)
Prompt: Supernatural elements in the ASOIAF world. Can be angels, monsters, crossroads demons...
GEN  Cersei  other:au  other:crossover 
february 2014
Given the Chance (Catelyn/Ned)
Prompt: Ned catches his wife pleasuring herself
ADULT  Catelyn/Ned  kink:masturbation 
february 2014
Acceptance, Jon/Tentacles, Dub-con, impregnation
Prompt: Jon is captured by some kind of cult that worships a monster (can be Rhllor or somthing else), and is forced to mate with it. He tries to fight it at first but eventually accepts it and enjoys it.

Bonus if the monster impregnates him
ADULT  Jon/Other  kink:dub-con  kink:mpreg 
february 2014
The Queenmaker; Male!Cersei/Female!JonSnow; hints of dub/con
Prompt: genderbent AU in which Tywin's firstborn is a boy, with ambitions of becoming king... and what better way for him to do it than marrying Rhaegar's daughter? (assuming R+L=J). In the meanwhile, everyone wonders why the heir to the Rock is wooing the Bastard of Winterfell
ADULT  Cersei/Jon  kink:dub-con  other:genderswap 
february 2014
Ned, Sansa
Prompt: Young Sansa decides that her father isn't romantic enough, and sets about trying to fix this.
GEN  Sansa  Ned 
february 2014
Sansa/Tyrion, Wilding!Sansa
Prompt: Wilding-born Sansa wants to be a Lady so badly that she steals the only Lord she can.
GEN  Sansa/Tyrion 
february 2014
Make My Wish Come True - Cat/Ned
Prompt: "All I want for Christmas is you."

Ned reveals his feelings for Cat.
ADULT  Catelyn/Ned 
february 2014
Sansa/Tyrion, Wilding!Sansa Wilding!Tyrion
Prompt: Tyrion should have been killed off as a child he knows that, it is not like he could do any of the wilding things, like steal a wife, fight, etc. But after saving Sansa from being stolen (a complete fluke) she now considers herself his wife and is coming under his furs with him.
GEN  Sansa/Tyrion 
february 2014
Everyone's an Ocean Drowning (Robb/Theon)
Prompt: Theon enjoys dressing fancy, fussing over his clothing, and wearing jewelry, but deep down he wants to crossdress more than anything. Ever since he was a child, he enjoyed playing dress up with his mother's clothes, but was treated mercilessly by his father and brothers as a result. Due to this abuse and the culture he comes from, he hid that facet of himself, until one day he opens up to Robb about it. Expecting nothing but beratment and humiliation, he's shocked when Robb encourages and supports him on it.
ADULT  kink:crossdressing  kink:blowjob 
february 2014
Remain Silent, Jon/Stannis
Prompt: (516): I'm stripping for him via video chat, but the sound is turned off because his students are taking a test
ADULT  Jon/Stannis 
february 2014
see the sunlight in her soul (Jeyne/Theon)
Prompt: Sansa doesn't get it, how her sweet best friend could be dating smug and sarcastic Theon, but then she sees the way they look at each other.
ADULT  JeyneP/Theon 
february 2014
Rickon/Shireen + Renly, Modern AU, Totally Hypothetical
Prompt: Teen Shireen comes to cool uncle Renly asking for Christmas/Birthday gift advice for her "hypothetical boyfriend." Renly's surprised as fuck but plays along. Up to you when he realizes her hypothetical boyfriend is real, and the wild Rickon Stark.
GEN  Rickon/Shireen  Renly  other:modern!AU 
february 2014
Tell me (Bethany/Roose), warnings for torture and gore
Prompt: She might be lifeless during intercourse. But she gets herself off listening to him speak of how he has flayed people
ADULT  kink:masturbation  Bethany/Roose 
february 2014
Learning to Love (Jeyne/Jon)
Prompt: She ends up Queen in the North after all.
ADULT  JeyneW/Jon 
february 2014
An Exercise in Restraint (Catelyn/Ned)
Prompt: Ned, newly returned from Robert's Rebellion, struggles to keep himself from going to his wife's chambers every fifteen minutes. (Hey, he may be honorable Lord Stark, but he's also a 20-year-old man) Cat can appear or not; I just find the idea of Ned struggling with self-control really entertaining.
GEN  Catelyn/Ned 
february 2014
A Friendship Mended, Catelyn/Ned
Prompt: They barely talk for two months after their horrible blow up when Cat asks Ned about Ashara being Jon's mother, and in that time Ned never visited her chambers either. Tired of being alone, Cat decides she's going to try to make things work. Not wanting to seem to have given in or being too forward, she consults Maester Luwin about aphrodisiacs to slip into Ned's food and drink. Ned's visits go from weekly, to every other night, to every night. After a while she stops using them and to her surprise Ned still shows up every night.

Bonus if Ned gets really wild in bed and is completely oblivious to why he's losing control over his body.
ADULT  kink:blowjob  kink:cunnilingus 
february 2014
The Kindness of Strangers (Lysa Tully)
Prompt: Five husbands Lysa Tully could have been happy with, and one life where she didn't marry anyone and was happy like that too.
GEN  Lysa 
february 2014
you know what they say about the young, Theon/Wylla
Prompt: Wylla from White Harbour often goes to Winterfell to visit friends and represent her father. She becomes friends with Theon and they talk about nautical stuff. He mentions that he really misses eating shellfish. So the next time Wylla visits Winterfell, she brings with her a small barrel of saltwater containing several live crabs. And so the rumour starts.

'Wylla gave Theon Greyjoy crabs.'

BONUS They're rushed into marriage because of the scandal and both are completely oblivious and confused, but not particularly objecting since they get on.
ADULT  Theon/Wylla 
february 2014
"Lady Asha, Lord Theon" Asha Greyjoy/Robb Stark
Prompt: After a gruesome incident at Pyke, Robert made a different decision. When Asha was the one to be taken to Winterfell, raised by Lord Stark and to be wed to Robb Stark, it was Theon who was left behind.
ADULT  Asha/Robb 
february 2014
An Urgent Matter
Prompt: Catelyn/Ned, While Ned is conducting ~important Lord of Winterfell business~ with household staff/bannermen/whoever, Catelyn interrupts and asks to see her husband for an urgent matter. Ned thinks he should probably be annoyed when he finds out that said urgent matter is a quickie, but mostly he's just smug that his dutiful wife wanted him that badly.
ADULT  Catelyn/Ned 
february 2014
The World Within - Alannys, Greyjoys, Hunger Games AU
Prompt: The Greyjoys, a District 4 family, is famous for having several Games victors. Would prefer a focus on any of the older generation Greyjoys (Harlaws welcome too!), not so much on Asha or Theon.
GEN  Alannys  other:au 
february 2014
Once in a Great While (Catelyn x Ned)
Prompt: Prompt: It's the first time she's seen Ned drink heavily, and even though she is very glad she does not have a drunk for a husband, Cat can't help loving how amorous and demonstrative too much liquor makes him.
ADULT  Catelyn/Ned 
february 2014
i am haunted by humans: Death (Book Thief), Brandon, Elia, Rhaegar, Lyanna, Ashara, Barristan
Prompt: Five conversations Death had with the recently deceased and one he had with someone who barely escaped him. I just saw The Book Thief so I really wanted more of Death’s perspective and commentary, especially on ASOIAF characters.
GEN  Brandon  Elia  Rhaegar  Lyanna  Ashara  Barristan 
february 2014
All For You (Loras/Renly)
Prompt: Sometimes before a joust or tournament, Renly likes to get Loras all worked up, but not allow him to orgasm until he wins all his matches.
ADULT  Loras/Renly  kink:blowjob  kink:anal-sex 
february 2014
Prompt: Sansa/Willas (tw: dubcon) Every rose has its thorns. Sansa marries Willas and discovers that while he's everything Margaery said he was, he's also a demanding master in the bedroom who will accept nothing but her complete submission.
ADULT  Sansa/Willas  kink:dub-con 
february 2014
Lessons, Jon/Stannis
Prompt: Jon is fostered at Dragonstone as a boy. Stannis is attracted to him but too honourable to act upon his feelings. Jon, desperate for affection and praise after years of feeling unwanted at Winterfell, works hard for his guardian's approval and the pair become inseparable.

UST finally erupts into unbridled passion on Jon's seventeenth nameday
ADULT  Jon/Stannis 
february 2014
Irony, Brienne/Jaime, Sansa/Willas
Prompt: Prompt: Dany takes the Iron Throne, and there is sufficient political pressure to force her not to execute all the members of rival families she planned on. She can, however, force them into marriages where they will probably be miserable. So she matches her father's killer with the ugliest woman in Westeros, the Stark girl with the cripple whose family framed her for murder, the last Baratheon with another cripple, and any other pairings you think she might hate.

Jokes on her when all of them are perfectly suited to each other and live happily ever after.

Bonus points if the only couple not happy are herself and her nephew/consort, either Aegon or Jon.
ADULT  Brienne/Jaime  Sansa/Willas 
february 2014
watching her world slip through my fist
Prompt: Sansa/Margaery, "Do you still want to be queen?"
GEN  Sansa  Margaery 
february 2014
almost the whole story- Jeyne, Shireen
Prompt: They become close friends when Jeyne makes it to The Wall.
GEN  JeyneP  Shireen 
february 2014
Starks + Tyrion
Prompt: Tyrion goes about winning Sansa's heart the old-fashioned way--by being nice to her brothers. He takes Bran swimming, helps Rickon with his reading and Arya with her High Valyrian, advises Jon on the game and tries not to murder Robin. Does he succeed?
GEN  Tyrion  Arya  Sansa  Bran  Nymeria  Summer  Shaggydog 
february 2014
The Giant Member, Jon/Tormund
Prompt: Canon or Modern AU: Jon has a size kink. He loves being filled by a huge cock. Cue him meeting someone with a huge cock (or many someones in The Night's Watch or among the Wildlings ... possibly even Ygritte with a huge strap-on!)
ADULT  Jon/Tormund  kink:size  kink:strap-on 
february 2014
Your Unpleasant Family, Davos/Stannis, minor violence
Prompt: Prompt: Davos only meets Stannis's family other than his daughter about a fortnight before the wedding. One evening in their company is enough to tell him why.
GEN  Davos/Stannis  kink:violence 
february 2014
Jon/Theon (tw: non-con fantasy)
Prompt: Prompt was Jon/Theon, Spanking, gagging, discipline, and humiliation.
kink:spanking  kink:gagging  kink:discipline  kink:humiliation  ADULT  Jon/Theon 
february 2014
Davos/Stannis, sexting
Prompt: Davos sends Stannis a dirty message (letter, e-mail, text, whatever) and Stannis sends back a corrected version. (He has strong opinions on the use of "cum" vs. "come")
ADULT  Davos/Stannis  kink:sexting  kink:noncon 
february 2014
As Many As Hiding Places [Rhaenys]
Prompt: Rhaenys escapes the Sack of King's Landing instead of Aegon. She hides somewhere with her kitten Balerion and this time they don't find her.
GEN  Rhaenys 
february 2014
Shaking At Your Touch (Alys/Jon), modern AU
Prompt: Really really wonderfully awkward first-time sex.
ADULT  Alys/Jon  kink:first-time 
november 2013
untitled Firefly AU - Robb, Jon, Theon
Prompt: CAPTAIN ROBB STARK. Jon as Zoe. Theon as Jayne. And whomever else you want. IN SPACE! ADVENTURES, DANGER, INTRIGUE!
GEN  Jon  Robb  Theon 
november 2013
A Golden Heart (Untarnished) - Cersei/Various
Prompt: Five husbands Cersei could have been happy with, and one universe where she didn't marry anyone and was happy like that too.
F/M  Cersei/Edmure  Cersei/Brandon  Cersei/Mace  Cersei/Oberyn  Cersei/Rhaegar 
november 2013
"Love Grew, In Time," Sansa/Stannis
Prompt: Nobody realized how unhappy Stannis was until they saw him happy with Sansa.Five different people's perspectives on the relationship
F/M  Sansa/Stannis 
november 2013
black/white, Roose/Theon (implied), references to abuse
Prompt: Theon has scars and faded hair and awful memories and most of the time he wishes he could just disappear. Roose is an art photographer who thinks Theon would be a fascinating subject.
M/M  Roose/Theon  other:modern!AU 
november 2013
Reek/Ramsay/Theon (rape, previous torture)
The original prompt was just for Original!Reek and Theon!Reek meeting
ADULT  M/M/M  Ramsay/Reek/Theon  kink:non-con 
november 2013
I can't find the original prompt for the life of me, but the gist was a modern AU in which Ned and Catelyn, both virgins, have sex for the first time, but each goes into it not realizing that the other is a virgin. If anyone knows what the prompt was, please feel free to comment!
ADULT  Catelyn/Ned  kink:first-time  other:modern!AU 
november 2013
Quartered - Roose/Theon, Ramsay/Theon (noncon, torture)
Prompt: Roose is present somehow when Ramsay tortures Theon and offers constructive criticism to the point where Ramsay becomes enraged and lashes out. Because voyeur!Roose is the best Roose.

warning: Torture
ADULT  Ramsay/Theon  Roose/Theon  kink:non-con  kink:knifeplay  kink:bloodplay 
november 2013
A love like ours was not made of delicate things - Robb/Jon, Sansa/Sandor, incest
Prompt: Robb, Sansa, modern AU
"You first."
"No, you first."
"No, you."
"Count of three?"
"I'm gay."
"I'm pregnant."
F/M  M/M  Sandor/Sansa  Jon/Robb  kink:incest  other:modern!AU 
november 2013
A Lion Still Has Claws - Lannister!Catelyn/Ned
Catelyn Lannister weds Eddard Stark shortly after Harrenhal (Tywin reads the signs that Rhaegar is going to try something with Lyanna and wants to try to secure the North's loyalty in return for having Jaime released from the Kingsguard - up to writer if it succeeds). Catelyn knows the motivation for the wedding and goes along with it for her brother's sake. Surprisingly, she and Ned get on well, and their first child, a son, is born before Robert rebels. Cat remains in Winterfell when Ned rides off to war after Brandon's death and gives birth to their second son while he's off to war.

But how does Lannister!Cat react to baby Jon afterward? Something tells me a lion doesn't cower when a wolf snarls at her to not ask questions ...
F/M  Catelyn/Ned 
november 2013
Ask Me (Catelyn x Ned)
Prompt: Ned/Cat, bondage

(Don't care who's tied up, but it was totally Catelyn's idea. XD)
ADULT  Catelyn/Ned  kink:bondage 
november 2013
Nothing More (Catelyn)
The prompt: AU Cat survives the RW. Anything where everything is Cat + Angst and EVERYTHING hurts.
GEN  Catelyn 
november 2013
remember your name (Theon)
Prompt: Theon as the Runt from October in the Chair by Neil Gaiman.
GEN  Theon 
november 2013
The road of falling boulders - Catelyn (Ned, Tyrion, whoever)
Tyrion doesn't intervene when the mountain men attack on the way to the Vale, and Catelyn is abducted. How does this change things? (Please, no Cat bashing or 'there would have been no war!' etc)
GEN  Catelyn  Ned  Tyrion 
november 2013
A Reason to be Glad, Catelyn/Ned
Prompt: The first time they share a bed without having sex first.
F/M  Catelyn/Ned 
november 2013
you can call me queen bee: Shireen+Stannis
Prompt: A queen does not cut herself. King Stannis has his daughter practice sitting on the Iron Throne.
GEN  Shireen  Stannis 
november 2013
moebius, catelyn/ned
Prompt: Reincarnation.

"I don’t know how you are so familiar to me—or why it feels less like I am getting to know you and more as though I am remembering who you are. How every smile, every whisper brings me closer to the impossible conclusion that I have known you before, I have loved you before—in another time, a different place, some other existence.” - Lang Leav
F/M  Catelyn/Ned 
november 2013
love attains the greatest intensity in murder: Lady Stoneheart+Reek
Prompt: They find each other, team up to take down the people who have hurt them, and while Cat may never forgive Theon for what he did, she appreciates everything Reek does for Lady Stoneheart.

Warnings: mild gore, minor violence, major character death
GEN  Catelyn  Theon 
november 2013
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