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BUI (Buffer User Interface) is an Emacs library that can be used to make user interfaces to display some kind of entries (like packages, buffers, functions, etc.).
10 weeks ago
The Mac Pro Apple SHOULD Be Selling!
A $1,400 hackintosh can't outperform a $5,000 Mac. Right...? Download Dashlane for free at http://dashlane.com/snazzylabs
october 2018
The Internet’s keepers? “Some call us hoarders—I like to say we’re archivists”
AUSTIN, Texas—As much as subscription services want you to believe it, not everything can be found on Amazon or Netflix. Want to read Brett Kavanaugh buddy Mark Judge’s old book, for instance (or their now infamous yearbook even)?
october 2018
12 Factor CLI Apps
12 Factor CLI Apps CLIs are a fantastic way to build products. Unlike web applications, they take a small fraction of the time to build and are much more powerful.
october 2018
When the topic of DomainSpecificLanguage comes up, one of the common puzzles is exactly what is or isn't a DSL. The trouble is that there is no precise definition for a DSL and there is a large gray area between DSLs and other things.
october 2018
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