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CocoaPods, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Objective-C Dependency Management | Bryan Irace
”Not invented here syndrome” is a well known software development mentality, where programmers favor building from scratch over using code made available by a third-party. via Pocket(readed)
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march 2014 by arronpj
CocoaPods Guides - Private Pods
CocoaPods is a great tool not only for adding open source code to your project, but also for sharing components across projects. You can use a private Spec Repo to do this. via Pocket(readed)
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february 2014 by arronpj
Using CocoaPods to Modularize a Big iOS App
Selecting the right architecture for your mobile app is a pretty big deal. It will shape your daily workflow, frame the problems you face, and can be a huge asset or huge liability. HubSpot's app is fully-featured. via Pocket(readed)
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february 2014 by arronpj

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