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march 2015 by arronpj
你知道,你也被性別歧視了嗎? | 達達主譯
性別歧視,對兩性都造成了傷害。但你知道你曾經表現出性別歧視的態度嗎?或是更糟的是,你知道你深受其害卻渾然不知嗎?日本插畫家 Razzy 將男女的遭遇的性別歧視畫成漫畫,呼籲大家,「性別平等」應該是男女都要共同 via Pocket(readed)
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october 2014 by arronpj
Artist Heather Theurer Brings Disney Princesses To Life In These Realistic-Looking Oil Paintings | Pixable
Despite having no formal art training, Heather Theurer creates these gorgeous oil paintings that turn otherwise flat-looking Disney characters alive. via Pocket
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october 2014 by arronpj
Open Content, An Idea Whose Time Has Come | The Getty Iris
Today the Getty becomes an even more engaged digital citizen, one that shares its collections, research, and knowledge more openly than ever before. We’ve launched the Open Content Program to share, freely and without restriction, as many of the Getty’s digital resources as possible. via Pocket(readed)
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august 2013 by arronpj

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