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APIs Design - Creation - Management
Upcoming SlideShare Loading in …5 × APIs Design - Creation - Management 1. APIs Design, Creation and Management William El Kaim Oct. 2016 - V 2.2 2. This Presentation is part of the Enterprise Architecture Digital Codex © William El Kaim 2016 2 3. via Pocket
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june 2017 by arronpj
別讓開發者不開心,開放 API 前別忘了 DX- ALPHA Camp Blog
如同 UX(User Experience)旨在提供給使用者在 Web 和 App 上最佳的操作體驗,DX(Developer Experience)的目的即在於提供開發者完善的開發支援和服務體驗。隨著越來越多的 API 被開放出來提供開發者使用,DX 也就日益重要。 良好的開 via Pocket(readed)
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april 2015 by arronpj
Build APIs You Won't… by Phil Sturgeon [Leanpub PDF/iPad/Kindle]
I've been building APIs for a long time now and it is becoming ever more common for server-side developer thanks to the rise of front-end JavaScript frameworks, iPhone applications and API-centric architectures. via Pocket
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september 2014 by arronpj
Gilt API
The Gilt Groupe APIs give outside developers with the ability to build applications that display information about Gilt Groupe's upcoming sales and the products available in those sales. via Pocket
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october 2013 by arronpj
Google Image API | Library Codes
With the Google Images API script you can search images, and get back results in JSON format. Google has not only limited its own API to 100 free queries per day, but also gives back limited results. With this script you can do unlimited queries, and you don’t need to sign up. via Pocket
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october 2013 by arronpj
APIhub | API Repository | Library of APIs
Skip to main content Powering 13,500 APIs Expose your API to the world in minutes... ... via Pocket
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october 2013 by arronpj

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