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proofreading stamps (Word) van Wiley
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june 2015 by arnow
Free app integrates DEVONthink, Microsoft Word, and Endnote
DEVONthink user and scientist Jim Falk has created a great little app to help him with his research work. The Mac app named FlunkeyFox facilitates using DEVONthink Pro (Office) together with Microsoft Word. Creates Microsoft-Word-compatible links to documents in DEVONthink Pro Reveals the corresponding document in DEVONthink when the link is clicked Opens Google Scholar in Safari with the title of a highlighted document in DEVONthink Pro so that the correct citation can be found Imports the citation into Endnote 7 and then into Microsoft Word as a footnote Jim wrote the app written in AppleScript using GUI scripting and Livecode. It’s compiled as a standalone application but comes with source code. Jim publishes it under the GNU GPL-3 license. Download FlunkeyFox here or join the discussion about it in our user forum.
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january 2015 by arnow
Conditional text in address labels (Word 2011) | Arno's tech blog
In this post, I explain how to use Word’s mail merge features to optionally add the names of your contacts’ spouses to the labels.
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january 2015 by arnow
Address labels with Apple Contacts and MS Word 2011 | Arno's tech blog
Pages lacks a feature to print labels from a data source (at least on OS X Mavericks). Apple recommends to use Contacts (previously: Address Book) but this program does not allow you to edit the labels. If this is a problem MS Word 2011 might come to your rescue.
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january 2015 by arnow
Format text with styles - mac word -
Download this .pdf tutorial and learn several ways to format your text with styles in just a few clicks. Apply styles to headings to automatically create a table of contents.
september 2013 by arnow
The Missing Paste Commands
The Tools>Customize dialog in Word is a treasure trove of hidden commands that you can make easily accessible by dragging to a toolbar, or by defining a keyboard shortcut for. Oddly, however, two frequently desired commands have not been pre-defined: Edit>Paste Special Unformatted Text, and in Word 2004, Paste Matching Destination Format.
Since Word 2004 broke the macro recorder for anything involving the Edit>Paste Special command, here are the macros you would need.
september 2013 by arnow
Creating a Template (Part II)
A very good article on styles, templates and typography by Johm McGhie. It includes discussions of pratical issues such as 'what styles do I need?', 'how do I organize them?', 'what fonts do I choose?', 'what margins do I set?' and 'how much white space do I put above or below a paragraph?').
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january 2009 by arnow
Word Topics
Tech on the Net is dedicated to providing helpful advice, how-to's and FAQs. We focus on technologies such as Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, SQL, Oracle/PLSQL, UNIX, and Linux.
november 2008 by arnow
How to number headings and figures in Appendixes in Microsoft Word
This page shows you how to do numbering for headings, figures, references to figures and page numbers in a document that contains several "Chapters" (or "Parts" or "Sections") followed by one or more Appendixes (Shauna Kelly)
september 2008 by arnow
How to create heading numbering and outline numbering in Microsoft Word
This page lays out the basics of how to set up outline numbering in Word (Shauna Kelly)
september 2008 by arnow
Microsoft Word Tutorial. Basic Concepts and an on-line Tutorial
This page, and those that follow from it, present some Basic Concepts of using Microsoft Word (Shauna Kelly).
september 2008 by arnow

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