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My Post-Google RSS Setup — The Spark Journal
July 2, 2013. Now that Reader has truly been put out to pasture, I suppose it's time to share what my new RSS setup looks like.
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july 2013 by arnow
Webin Blog
Webin is a small independent software development company based in Eger, Hungary. It was founded by Balazs Varkonyi in 2009 and specializes on developing amazingly usable, well-designed, rock-solid software for the iOS and Mac platform.
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july 2013 by arnow
TidBITS: ReadKit for Mac Is Almost the Perfect Reading App
"Overall, ReadKit brings together a lot of features in an attractive package for a low price. Yes, it does currently suffer from a number of bugs. But I can look past most of them, since none are showstoppers, the app is still extremely useful, Varkonyi scrambled to support Google Reader refugees,
july 2013 by arnow

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