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A Look at NetNewsWire 4 — The Brooks Review
On September 3rd, Black Pixel announced that NetNewsWire 4 was out. I didn’t even bother to try it before buying the iPhone and Mac version and making the switch over to it. And then on September 6th I got fed up and switched back to FeedWrangler. This is a story of why.
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may 2016 by arnow
David Smith
Blog of David Smith, the developer of Feed Wrangler. "I'm an independent iOS and Mac developer based in Herndon, VA. Since 2006, I have owned and operated Cross Forward Consulting, a small company focusing on creating applications for the iPhone, iPad and Mac. My most successful apps include My Recipe Book and Audiobooks."
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july 2013 by arnow
My Post-Google RSS Setup — The Spark Journal
July 2, 2013. Now that Reader has truly been put out to pasture, I suppose it's time to share what my new RSS setup looks like.
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july 2013 by arnow
My RSS Setup — MacSparky
MacSparky choosed a combination of FeedWrangler and Mr. Reader
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july 2013 by arnow

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