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Using BibDesk - A short tutorial.
This excerpt of A. Fischlin *Latest additions to the literature management system of Terrestrial Systems Ecology group ETH Zurich* (2009) guides a new user of BibDesk step by step through the typical use of BibDesk. Although the tutorial is targeted at members of the Systems Ecology Group of ETH Zurich, Switzerland, it is of general interest, since it describes typical working steps using BibDesk. Simply skip over any sections that are too specific. After the tutorial this excerpt describes in detail how to customize BibDesk, which may also be of interest to other BibDesk users, notably since no official BibDesk tutorial exists. The excerpt also contains some possibly useful tables relating BibTeX/BibDesk and EndNote reference types and fields together with the FileMaker based data base for the members of the Systems Ecology group at ETH Zurich.
january 2016 by arnow
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