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If You Liked The Book, You'll Hate The Movie - Chapter 1 - paperclipbitch - X-Men: First Class (2011) [Archive of Our Own]
Modern-Day High School AU. It’s not until Hank realises half the class are glancing towards the back of the classroom with something like nerves and something like schadenfreude that he finds out Alex Summers is back.
fandom:xmfc  fic  genre:au/ar  theme:school  theme:psychological  genre:drama  pairing:hank/alex  pairing:erik/charles  pairing:other  slash  het  status:complete  author:paperclipbitch 
march 2012 by arccie
Long Road Home - juurensha - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling, Marvel (Movies), X-Men: First Class (2011) [Archive of Our Own]
In a world where Death Eater Shaw kills Erik's Muggle parents and takes him for experimentation, Erik manages to escape to the Xavier Mansion. Charles and Erik grow up together at the mansion and at Hogwarts, but Erik is still intent on hunting down his tormentor. HP AU, Erik/Charles.
fandom:xmfc  fandom:hp  fic  genre:crossover/fusion  theme:growing-up  genre:fluff  pairing:erik/charles  pairing:hank/raven  slash  het  gen  status:wip  author:other 
december 2011 by arccie
The Winter of Banked Fires - Chapter 1 - Yahtzee - X-Men (Movies), X-Men: First Class (2011), X-men - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
Charles Xavier has returned from the dead -- but is lost within his own mind. Rogue has cast aside her own power and doesn't know where she fits in the world any longer. The production of synthetic Cure means mutantkind itself is newly at risk. And Magneto, turned human against his will, is in despair until the day he feels a familiar consciousness tugging at his own --

Set after X-3 (with much desperate fix-it applied), during XMFC, and every time in between.
fandom:xmfc  fandom:x-men  fic  genre:fix-it  genre:action  theme:conflict  theme:society  pairing:erik/charles  pairing:logan/rogue  pairing:hank/raven  gen  slash  het  status:complete  author:yahtzee 
september 2011 by arccie
Some Assembly Required - valtyr - Marvel Adventures - Fandom [Archive of Our Own]
Tony Stark is trying to set up a new superhero team when he's given a sex change, courtesy of Victor von Doom. He copes with that about as well as you'd expect.
fandom:marvel  fandom:ironman  fic  genre:genderbender  theme:transformation  genre:action  pairing:steve/tony  het  slash  author:valtyr 
august 2011 by arccie
1stclass_kink: Prompt Post: These Bridges We've Built
“Please,” Raven says, carefully holding what appears to be a tiny, blue baby. “I can’t bring him with us; war is no place for a child.”
fandom:xmfc  fic  genre:kid!fic  genre:future!fic  pairing:mystique/azazel  pairing:erik/charles  gen  het  slash  author:alishatorn 
july 2011 by arccie
Hitchups Chapter 1: Hitched, a how to train your dragon fanfic - FanFiction.Net by the Antic Repartee
Hiccup didn't see the point in stopping Astrid as she ran off towards his village—towards his father—with his most desperately protected secret. He was leaving anyway. A coming-of-age tale.
fandom:httyd  fic  genre:au/ar  genre:action  pairing:other  gen  het  status:wip  author:other 
may 2011 by arccie
metisket: on the outside - part 1
“You killed my dad,” Iemitsu repeats blankly, voice echoing oddly in his ears.

“I was paid to.” Reborn’s gaze goes distant. Cold. It’s the first time Iemitsu’s seen him without a smile, and it’s fucking terrifying. “Besides,” Reborn muses quietly, “he was a disgusting man.”
fandom:khr  fic  pre-canon  genre:family  gen  het  author:metisket 
april 2011 by arccie
The Spirit and the Letter - lightgetsin - Dresden Files - Jim Butcher [Archive of Our Own]
"Hey, I just realized!" Bob said. "You're like a country song: you lost your house, you lost your car, you lost your job, and now you've lost your dick!"
fandom:dresden_files  fic  theme:transformation  genre:drama  pairing:marcone/dresden  slash  het  author:lightgetsin 
april 2011 by arccie
i have a cunning plan...Decimation
Spock is pretty much doomed the minute Jane realizes that the fatshirt is incredibly slutty, and also regulation.
fandom:startrek  fic  genre:genderbender  genre:romance  genre:pwp  pairing:spock/kirk  het  author:waldorph 
september 2010 by arccie
Alternative Directions: Options Chapter 1, a Gundam Wing/AC fanfic - FanFiction.Net
Directions is set post Endless Waltz and roughly 2 years have passed. Gundam pilots are now 18 years old. Zechs and Noin are on Mars and Duo, after spending some time with Hilde in a relationship leaves L2 to join Preventers. Hilde was not happy about his decision. I guess enough said. This is also AU for the standard Setting [our universe, as well as the series and Endless Waltz.
fandom:gw  fic  genre:future!fic  theme:superpowers  genre:action  genre:drama  genre:epic  pairing:6x2  pairing:6x9  preslash  het  status:wip  author:karina_roberston 
august 2010 by arccie
mercurial_wit: [Ouran: a wish to assimilate the world]
"No, really," Tamaki's saying, "how many of these light fittings could we manage without?" which is when Kyouya realises that things have started to go too far.
Hikaru makes a rude noise around a mouthful of rice, but at least he swallows before jabbing his chopsticks accusingly in Tamaki's direction. "Now look what you've done, Haruhi."
fandom:ouran  fic  genre:future!fic  genre:family  threesome/moresome  pairing:kyouya/tamaki/haruhi/kaoru/hikaru  slash  het  author:mercurial_wit 
july 2010 by arccie
It’s For a Good Cause, I Swear! Chapter 1: Kakashi, a Naruto fanfic - FanFiction.Net by Sarah1281
After receiving a time travel jutsu as payment for a mission, the original four members of Team 7 each get a chance to go back to one event in their life and change it. Surely they will use such an awesome power responsibly...right? Don't count on it.
fandom:naruto  fic  genre:timetravel  genre:au/ar  genre:crack  pairing:other  het  author:other 
july 2010 by arccie
brytewolf - The Flavor of Laughter Part 1 Chapter 1
He is Starfleet’s youngest captain. But he is untried, and inexperienced. What kind of captain will James Tiberius Kirk become? A story in three parts. Slow-building, will eventually be K/S.
fandom:startrek  fic  genre:future!fic  genre:canon-tag  theme:slowbuild  genre:drama  pairing:spock/kirk  pairing:spock/uhura  preslash  het  status:wip  author:other 
may 2010 by arccie
st_xi_kink: PART ELEVEN [CLOSED] Romulan!Kirk
The captain who piloted the Kelvin to her death. His name had been Kirk.

And there was a child out there who had just been born. A child who would become a legend. Became a legend.

"Bring him to me," Nero said.
fandom:startrek  fic  genre:au/ar  genre:angst  genre:family  gen  het  status:wip  author:anonymous 
may 2010 by arccie
triwislinthis - fanfic | stxi | leave no soul behind 1.0 prologue/?
If you're Starfleet, you spend your whole life wishing you never see an EPAS uniform right up until the moment they become your only hope. Whether you're dying a slow, cold death in space, or a long painful one on some godforsaken planet, they're going to come for you. So count your last breaths, son, and hold on tight. They leave no soul behind.
fandom:startrek  fic  genre:au/ar  genre:action  genre:drama  theme:war  pairing:spock/kirk  pairing:kirk/other  preslash  het  status:complete  author:other 
april 2010 by arccie
On the Way to Greatness Chapter 1: Year One, a Harry Potter fanfic - FanFiction.Net by mira-mirth
As per the Hat's decision, Harry gets Sorted into Slytherin upon his arrival in Hogwarts - and suddenly, the future isn't what it used to be.
fandom:hp  fic  genre:au/ar  genre:action  genre:drama  gen  het  status:wip  author:mira-mirth 
march 2010 by arccie
captanddeastar: White Collar fic: Jack of Diamonds
“I’m willing to give Caffrey the benefit of the doubt on this one,” Agent Jezewski says, as NYPD secures the scene and techs pour into the room, congregating around the body. “But there’s a process, Burke. You know that.”
fandom:white_collar  fic  theme:imprisonment  genre:angst  theme:non-con  pairing:pete/neal  pairing:peter/elizabeth  slash  het  author:deastar 
march 2010 by arccie
miafic: There's No Makebelieving - Master Post by miakun
The first time Morgana's step-brother and her flatmate meet, Arthur throws up on Merlin's shoes. And that might be the highlight of their relationship.
fandom:merlin  fic  genre:au/ar  genre:everyday  genre:romance  pairing:arthur/merlin  pairing:lancelot/gwen  pairing:other  slash  het  author:other 
february 2010 by arccie
vaingirlfic: Objects in Motion (Girl!Kirk/Spock)
Jennifer Titania Kirk's a hooker (sans heart of gold) with a heart full of napalm. One crashed embassy party later, she's got a Vulcan buddy she's not so sure she wants to shake.
fandom:startrek  fic  genre:au/ar  pairing:spock/kirk  het  author:ninhursag 
february 2010 by arccie
Short drops, sudden stops... - Dream As If You'll Live Forever by commodoresexual
Cas hasn't spoken a word to anyone in years and is a drifter who works various odd jobs to finance himself. Dean is a guy with a violent temper who grew up in foster care and has just gotten out of prison for a stupid judgment call. The two cross paths in a pay-by-the-week boarding house run by an eccentric older couple (Bobby and Ellen).
fandom:supernatural  fic  genre:au/ar  genre:angst  theme:imprisonment  pairing:castiel/dean  pairing:sam/jo  pairing:bobby/ellen  slash  het  author:commodoresexual 
december 2009 by arccie
Defenders of the Realm by lamardeuse
Modern AU. Arthur and Morgana are Metropolitan police officers drawn into a strange case involving robbery of ancient artifacts. Merlin is a graduate student at Imperial College studying the healing plants of Ancient Britain under Gaius – or at least that's what he tells everyone. Soon they, along with Gwen, Lancelot and Uther, will be facing a battle for the future of the country. Can they defend the realm from those who would seek to destroy it?
fandom:merlin  fic  genre:au/ar  genre:action  theme:superpowers  pairing:arthur/merlin  pairing:lancelot/gwen  pairing:uther/morgana  slash  het  author:lamardeuse 
november 2009 by arccie
electrainverted: Freedom Fighters
"It's about helping a man when he can't, and won't, help himself. You up for that, Spike?"
fandom:ffvii  fic  genre:au/ar  genre:re-write  genre:action  pairing:seph/cloud  pairing:zack/aeris  preslash  het  status:wip  author:electrainverted 
october 2009 by arccie
sarkasticfics: Twice Shy: Masterpost
Bones is a werewolf.

The moment he meant James Kirk, got a good whiff of his scent, he knew he was fucked.

He had thought those stories about werewolves scenting their mate were all bullshit.

But the stories about mating for life have got to be fake, right? Right?
fandom:startrek  fic  genre:au/ar  theme:transformation  pairing:mccoy/kirk  pairing:spock/uhura  slash  het  author:sarkasticfics 
august 2009 by arccie
leupagus | It's the story that ate my life! Here, share my crazy.
Detective Spock, born on Vulcan and resident of San Francisco, is assigned to the Midwest police bureau. I think everyone can guess what happens next.
fandom:startrek  fic  genre:au/ar  theme:slowbuild  genre:drama  pairing:spock/kirk  pairing:spock/uhura  slash  het  author:leupagus 
july 2009 by arccie
hounds_morrigan - Hounds of Morrigan
An alternate world without a federation. Nyota Uhura is a scary BAMF with an even more terrifying matched set of hunting hounds on her leash.
fandom:startrek  fic  genre:au/ar  genre:dark  pairing:uhura/kirk/spock  het  slash  author:other 
june 2009 by arccie
vaingirlfic: You like crack, don't you? A Star Trek Fic
Because every fandom in the world needs an au where they're all in high school and in a band
fandom:startrek  fic  genre:au/ar  genre:crack  pairing:spock/uhura  gen  het  author:ninhursag 
june 2009 by arccie
tzzzz: Forever Approaching Infinity SGA/Watchmen fusion
To Rodney, all of time happens in an instant, but he still can't seem to grasp the future. SGA/Watchmen fusion.
fandom:sga  fandom:watchmen  fic  genre:crossover/fusion  pairing:john/rodney  pairing:rodney/other  slash  het  author:tzzzz 
may 2009 by arccie
Ample Nacelles :: Recent Entries
Kirk sets off from Earth ready for a life of danger and adventure. What he gets is more or less completely different
fandom:startrek  fic  pairing:spock/uhura  pairing:mccoy/kirk  pairing:spock!prime/kirk  pairing:spock/kirk  het  slash  status:wip  author:calicokat  author:black_regalia 
may 2009 by arccie
Hurl words into the Darkness - Star Trek XI FF: Taking the slower path (we'll get there in the end) [Kirk/Spock; PG-13]
They're not friends yet. That takes time, more than a few really disastrous missions, two anniversaries, and quite a lot of bloodshed. Jim's never been the patient type.
fandom:startrek  fic  pairing:spock/uhura  pairing:spock/kirk  het  preslash  author:black-eyedgirl 
may 2009 by arccie
The Realm of Make-Believe - Fic: Merlin; Camelot's Sweethearts; Reel Merlin by definewisdom
Arthur is a film star, Merlin is his personal assistant who might, possibly be head over heels in love with him. However, Arthur’s more interested in his ex, Morgana, and then the mysterious Sophia to notice… Oh, and Will is awesome.
fandom:merlin  fic  genre:au/ar  pairing:arthur/merlin  pairing:merlin/will  pairing:other  slash  het  author:other 
march 2009 by arccie
ras_fic: Two Weeks Notice (1/5)
Merlin readjusted the fliers under his arm, careful not to spill the piping hot coffees, and looked up to see the crosswalk light had changed. He stepped off the curb and caught sight of Lance rallying the crowd, waving over everyone's heads as he caught sight of Merlin. Merlin grinned back, eyes on Lance and, in typical Merlin fashion, forgetting to watch where he was going.

And that's when it all went to hell.
fandom:merlin  fic  genre:au/ar  pairing:arthur/merlin  pairing:lancelot/gwen  pairing:other  slash  het  author:ras_elased 
march 2009 by arccie
Sheppard's Law by speranza
"Weird? You don't know what weird is. Weird is being in a-- with the-- and the crazy alien--" He stopped, incoherent, hands flailing. "And then your best friend is twelve, and you're his piano teacher. That--now, you're talking weird!"
fandom:sga  fic  genre:timetravel  pairing:john/rodney  pairing:other  slash  het  author:speranza 
march 2009 by arccie
xylodemon: FIC: Once More With Feeling
History has a funny way of repeating itself. A really, really funny way of repeating itself.
fandom:good_omens  fandom:hp  fic  genre:crossover/fusion  pairing:aziraphale/crowley  pairing:other  slash  het  author:xylodemon 
march 2009 by arccie
stele3 - The 1300 Days Part 1
Sam was at college for almost 4 years... 1300 days, to be exact. This is what happened to Dean during that time.
fandom:supernatural  fic  genre:angst  pairing:dean/omc  pairing:dean/ofc  slash  het  gen  author:other 
march 2009 by arccie
calamitycrow: Master Post, Beasts and Outlaws (AU, Sam and Dean/OMC)
Back in 2001, two brothers made their choices. Now Dean's in a relationship and Sam's a respected hunter who has his father's love and approval. Of course, nothing's that easy when you are a Winchester....
fandom:supernatural  fic  genre:au/ar  theme:transformation  pairing:dean/omc  pairing:other  slash  het  status:wip  author:other 
march 2009 by arccie
Wraithbait :: Male Enhancement Universe
Rodney got his new SX-7 two weeks after he'd ordered it. Him. It. Whatever.

In which John is an android.
fandom:sga  fic  genre:au/ar  theme:transformation  pairing:john/rodney  pairing:other  slash  het  author:lavvyan  author:leah 
february 2009 by arccie
claire_debonair: Dewiniaeth Master Post
Nimueh is set on destroying the Pendragons, yet again. They do say hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, after all, and this time it's Merlin who bears the brunt of her scheming. Fairy tale princess he is not.
fandom:merlin  fic  theme:transformation  pairing:other  pairing:arthur/merlin  het  slash  author:other 
february 2009 by arccie
Walking into Legend by lesserstorm
Sorceror, King, Queen. Seer, Druid, Knight. They walk into legend, one step at a time
fandom:merlin  fic  genre:future!fic  pairing:arthur/merlin  pairing:lancelot/gwen  slash  het  author:other 
february 2009 by arccie
To Strain for Glimmers - Fic: The Words That Bind (14 Valentines Day 1: Body Image)
It was Rodney she approached in barely-tamped frustration when Elizabeth first asked her to write mission reports and the linguistic learning program kept contradicting itself. And Rodney who stared at her in blank surprise for a long time, cheeks pinking with what she later realised was gratitude.
fandom:sga  fic  pairing:other  het  gen  author:chandri_macleod 
february 2009 by arccie
Eir's Tomorrow, a Final Fantasy VII fanfic - FanFiction.Net
The Planet isn't willing to let death take away its greatest weapon. If Cloud can't save the past, then he'll be damned to watch history repeat itself.
fandom:ffvii  fic  genre:au/ar  genre:timetravel  pairing:seph/cloud  pairing:zack/aeris  het  preslash  status:wip  author:hades_phoenix 
january 2009 by arccie
I promise I'm not a criminal mastermind. - Fic: All the Laughter From Before (1/1, R, Merlin/Arthur)
“There was once boy Merlin came to the court to ensnare the prince in his grasp, for he was an evil wizard, determined to destroy all of Albion. He bated his time, and made the prince believe he was his friend, someone to be trusted until two Augusts after his arrival, the good King Uther Pendragon recognized that his son’s illness was related to the boy who never left his son’s side for a moment. When the evil wizard Merlin was burned, Prince Arthur emerged from confinement healthy and strong again.”
fandom:merlin  fic  pairing:arthur/merlin  pairing:arthur/gwen  pairing:lancelot/gwen  slash  het  author:waldorph 
january 2009 by arccie
Home of Chanchito's Fiction - FIC: The Most Embarrassing Boy on Earth - Part 1
There is nothing so embarrassing as a younger sibling. Except maybe an older sibling. Or a crazy family. Or even, a pair of brothers....
fandom:prison_break  fic  genre:crack  pairing:other  het  gen  author:chanchito-z 
january 2009 by arccie
The True Story of Matilda Sweetfuck - FIC: Peach, Plum, Pear (Merlin, Merlin/Arthur) (1/2) by sweetestdrain
How in his tenth year of rule King Arthur chose a man to take the role of Court's Magician, and how Arthur made his decision.
fandom:merlin  fic  pairing:arthur/merlin  pairing:arthur/gwen  pairing:lancelot/gwen  slash  het  author:other 
january 2009 by arccie
tex: New Fic - What You Trust
He’s never been good at asking for what he wants. Well, not politely. And especially not when it’s something personal. “Come on, let’s snuggle,” or “I need a hug” are words that have never passed his lips. And he’s been fine with that because there’ve been things to do, people to see. But now, tonight, all those excuses and denials seem piled up at his door and he can’t make a move without tripping on them.
fandom:sga  fic  pairing:rodney/other  pairing:john/rodney  het  slash  author:tex 
january 2009 by arccie
i will not be the girl in the sensible shoes - Everything's Going to Get Lighter (Even if it Never Gets Better), Arthur/Merlin Gwen/Lancelot, PG-14 by raphaela667
Merlin looked her in the eye – rare enough, for the man who shares her husband’s bed – and told her he’d no idea what was coming, but that they had all better be more prepared than they were.
fic  slash  het  fandom:merlin  pairing:arthur/merlin  pairing:lancelot/gwen  author:raphaela667 
january 2009 by arccie
i_defeated_sga: Angles Thus And So 1/4
The city belongs to Sheppard and McKay, and the boys belong to Elizabeth -- especially Rodney.
fandom:sga  fic  pairing:rodney/other  pairing:john/rodney  het  slash  author:copperbadge 
january 2009 by arccie
Something in the Water « toomuchplor’s fanfiction
No one’s coming out for ’screw around with the jumpers’ night anymore, and John and Rodney can’t figure out why.
fandom:sga  fic  genre:crack  pairing:other  pairing:john/rodney  het  slash  author:toomuchplor 
january 2009 by arccie
anthropomor_fic: Continent fic! Moving Apart by elvenpiratelady
A detailing of Australia's various conquests. My country is a right bastard when it comes to love.
fandom:-  fic  genre:crack  pairing:other  het  slash  author:other 
december 2008 by arccie
Dirge by sardonicsmiley
Tag to Last Man Standing. Five moments in Rodney McKay's life that broke him.
fandom:sga  fic  pairing:rodney/other  gen  het  author:sardonicsmiley 
december 2008 by arccie
mithreon - SGA Fic: Sandstorms 1-7
Summary: The way back turned out to be longer than he’d imagined. Post-trinity fic. Notes: Not the greatest piece ever written, bit in parts the emptions ring just right.
fandom:sga  fic  genre:au/ar  pairing:rodney/other  pairing:john/rodney  het  slash  author:mithreon 
december 2008 by arccie
La Femme McKay by Kharessa Bloodrose
Dr. McKay has a transforming experience due to an accident with an alien plot device. Herein you will find no pregnancy of any kind.
theme:transformation  fandom:sga  fic  pairing:radek/rodney  het  slash  author:kharessa_bloodrose 
november 2008 by arccie
SGA Big Bang: "Life After" by velocitygrass
"We could do more," John said, turning to him, and there was a conviction in his voice and eyes that sent shivers down Rodney's spine. "We could destroy the Wraith."
fandom:sga  fic  genre:au/ar  pairing:john/rodney  pairing:other  het  slash  author:velocitygrass 
november 2008 by arccie
Vorkosigan fic: Seeds by lightgetsin and sahiya
The Imperial Wedding was a mere five days away when Ekaterin had a startling epiphany. Sequel to A Deeper Season and What passing Bells
genre:au/ar  fandom:vorkosigan  fic  pairing:ivan/other  pairing:gregor/miles  het  slash  author:lightgetsin  author:sahiya 
november 2008 by arccie
Pawns . by Velvet Mace
Sometimes it was easy to forget she was a conscript. Other times, it was impossible.
genre:au/ar  fandom:fma  fic  pairing:al/winry  pairing:roy/ed  het  slash  author:other 
november 2008 by arccie
Mascotverse: Pecking Order
The new kid gets a partner, learns the ropes, and fights crime. Chocobo love.
genre:au/ar  fandom:ffvii  fic  pairing:other  het  slash  author:ciceqi 
november 2008 by arccie
Mascotverse: For Luck
They're on a mission. A mission from (God) (Skadi) Sephiroth.
genre:au/ar  fandom:ffvii  fic  pairing:zack/cloud  pairing:other  het  slash  author:ciceqi 
november 2008 by arccie
Band AU by Sleeps With Coyotes
The rise and, uh...continued rise of the Sex Alchemists.Band AU. WIP (abandoned?)
genre:au/ar  fandom:fma  fic  pairing:roy/ed  pairing:al/winry  het  slash  author:ciceqi 
november 2008 by arccie
Situation Normal by Sleeps With Coyotes
Ed figures out why folks are acting so weird. Then he figures out why he is.
fandom:fma  fic  pairing:roy/ed  pairing:other  het  slash  author:ciceqi 
november 2008 by arccie
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