Online Media Expands, Digital Divide Persists
On interesting media surveys from Northwestern Qatar
media  academia  northwestern 
4 weeks ago
Anatomy of an election | Mada Masr
Another epic Hossam Bahgat article on the manufacture of the "For the love of Egypt" party list.
elections  egypt 
6 weeks ago
Adam Shatz on "The Daoud Affair"
The Algerian writer's commentaries on the the Arab world's "sexual misery"
daoud  shatz  sex  middle  eat 
7 weeks ago
Egypt Running on Empty
Great piece by Josh Stacher in MERIP
egypt  sisi 
7 weeks ago
5 Badass Photos From Syria
Protests in cities that have been bombed and besieged
syria  protests 
7 weeks ago
1.5 Million May Die if Mosul Dam Fails
Because Iraq doesn't have enough problems.
8 weeks ago
Living-Room Democracy - The New Yorker
Peter Hessler on elections in Upper Egypt, insightful as always.
egypt  upperegypt  elections 
8 weeks ago
Keeping it in the family | The Economist
Too much first-cousin marriage in Arab world
8 weeks ago
H. R. 3892 [PDF]
U.S. bill to designate Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization.
muslimbrotherhood  terrorism 
8 weeks ago
China’s Stance on East Jerusalem | MERIP
Interesting background on China's Arab policy.
january 2016
The Future of the Arab
Ursula on the graphic novels of Riad Sattouf
graphic  novels  riad  sattouf 
january 2016
The Politics of Protest in Tunisia
Another good paper to understands the unrest.
january 2016
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