Sinan Antoon: an Iraqi novelist living in continuous mourning
Looking forward to forthcoming English translation of his latest
iraq  literature  sinan  antoon 
21 hours ago
Sinan Antoon: an Iraqi novelist living in continuous mourning
Looking forward to forthcoming translation of his latest novel, Ave Maria
iraq  literature  sinan  antoon 
22 hours ago
Brookings - With friends like these
Wittes responds to Indyk (but why think an architect of Oslo and dual containment had much to offer?)
The politics of "quietist" Salafism
New Brookings paper argues that quietist Salafists are plenty political.
salafism  islamism 
6 days ago
Abu Aardvark: An Open Letter to John Legend
Urging him not to play a concert in Bahrain
john  legend  bahrain 
8 days ago
Mali and the Sahel
Separatism, terrorism, smuggling networks
mali  terrorism 
10 days ago
The Hezbollah Connection
Great account of investigation of Hariri murder
hariri  hezbollah 
13 days ago
Mr Freeze « LRB blog
Masterful takedown of de Mistura by Moin Rabbani
14 days ago
More Egyptians kidnapped by ISIS
Why didn't Egypt plan for retaliation/organize evacuations?
egypt  libya  ISIS 
16 days ago
Journaliste, j'ai été arrêté au Maroc : surréaliste et violent.
French journalists tailed, searched and deported from Morocco.
morocco  journalism 
16 days ago
"Once Upon a Revolution"
Review of Thanassis Cambanis' book on Egypt
egypt  revolution 
17 days ago
The New Yorker | The Unravelling
Jon Lee Anderson profiles Libya's Haftar - some errors but interesting.
libya  haf 
17 days ago
Frantic Intrigue of King Abdullah's Last Hours
Another fascinating, plausible, but ultimately unsourced (single-sourced?) piece by David Hearst.
17 days ago
The struggles - and hopes - of Hend Nafea
The Egyptian "girl in the blue bra" gets a life sentence
egypt  hend  nafea  blue  bra 
21 days ago
Ali Abdulemam: I have not lost my identity.
Bahraini blogger on being stripped of his citizenship alongside 71 others.
bahrain  blogger  citizenship 
22 days ago
In Matareya, death unites
On a Cairo slum that has lost hundreds in clashes with police
egypt  matareya  protests 
23 days ago
Mutual escalation in Egypt
Escalation in rhetoric towards violence.
23 days ago
The Muslims of Early America
"Like the rodeo, Islam is an indelible part of our culture."
24 days ago
More readers, better designs and unlikely bargains at the Cairo book fair
Interesting roundup what's new of Cairo's major book faire.
25 days ago
Rafale en Égypte : l'accord est à portée de main
Reminds me of Jack Lemmon in Glencarry Glen Ross.
france  egypt  arms 
25 days ago
Thugs Beat Up Monkeys At Alexandria Zoo
Makes you wish for Planet of the Apes reprisal
egypt  monkeys 
26 days ago
Egypt's Sisi 'despised' and colluded with Gulf rulers
More leaks of high-level military calls -- where are they coming from?
egypt  leaks  sisi  GCC 
26 days ago
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