China’s Stance on East Jerusalem | MERIP
Interesting background on China's Arab policy.
10 days ago
The Future of the Arab
Ursula on the graphic novels of Riad Sattouf
graphic  novels  riad  sattouf 
11 days ago
The Politics of Protest in Tunisia
Another good paper to understands the unrest.
12 days ago
Egypt: who's afraid of January 25?
Random raids and arrests ahead of anniversary
egypt  jan  25 
17 days ago
Two Sisters’ Escape From Syria
Unaccompanied and brave young women
syria  refugees 
17 days ago
Staggering civilian death toll in Iraq
Over 18,000 killed, 36,000 wounded and 3 million displaced since January 2014
19 days ago
Al Jazeera America shutting down
Another boom-and-bust Gulf project
media  al  jazeera  america 
24 days ago
The Obama Administration & the Middle East: An Insider's View
Colin Kahl interviewed in the War on the Rocks podcast
obama  uspolicy 
24 days ago
Deciphering Algeria: the stirrings of reform? | ECFR
A counterpoint to prevalent doom and gloom on Algeria
24 days ago
Farming the Sahara | TakePart
Long piece on food security in Egypt.
egypt  food  agriculture 
25 days ago
When prisoners vanish
Sharif Abdel Kouddous on Egypt's judicial morass
egypt  prison  police  disappearances 
26 days ago
Draft text of proposed amendments to Algeria's constitution
4 weeks ago
Egypt Shuts Arts Venues Amid Signs of Clampdown
Townhouse gallery and Merit publishing house targeted
egypt  culture 
5 weeks ago
The Identity Thief
Read this, by a Syrian refugee in Istanbul
syria  turkey  refugees 
7 weeks ago
Recommended 2015 Books From and About the Arab World
A list from @ursulind. Not at all definitive. Thanks to all who shared suggestions.
books  2015  literature 
7 weeks ago
The Decline in Islamic State Media Output
Like many of our links, brought to our attention by @Pasha_Spider
ISIS  media 
7 weeks ago
Egypt shuts down novelist Alaa al-Aswany
@arablit on vanishing freedom of expression in Egypt
alaaalaswany  egypt  freespeech 
7 weeks ago
Negotiate With ISIS - The Atlantic
By Jonathan Powell (who negotiated the Good Friday accords)
8 weeks ago
With US help, Saudi Arabia is obliterating Yemen | GlobalPost
Great long piece of reporting by Sharif Abdel Kouddous.
9 weeks ago
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