Meet the Man Who Should Be the Next Secretary of State | The Nation
Over the top fawning interview of the nonetheless quite sharp Chas Freeman
5 days ago
Mahmoud Salem, channeling what many feel in Egypt
8 days ago
Egypt denies talks on hosting Russian airbase — RT News
So some other arrangement envisaged, like Cairo West airbase for the US?
russia  egypt 
11 days ago
Morocco's Liberal Challengers | Foreign Affairs
This fawning Ilan Berman piece on PAM never mentions party's palace connection.
morocco  pam 
16 days ago
Fake News and False Flags
Pentagon paid Bell-Pottinger PR firm $500m for fake AQ propaganda.
propaganda  iraq  uspolicy  pentagon 
19 days ago
High Hitler: how Nazi drug abuse steered the course of history | Books | The Guardian
This is fascinating and might also explain a lot about Arab leaders.
25 days ago
We are all Stalinists on Syria — FT.com
Gideon Rachman - "The conclusion is bleak: to sustain liberal politics at home, western politicians may have to tolerate outrages against liberal values overseas."
25 days ago
Latest Estimate Pegs Cost of Wars at Nearly $5 Trillion
And some wonder why many Americans are against interventionism
4 weeks ago
Sunni Islam riven anew by ancient dispute
Forget the headline, this is a good explanation of what went down at that Grozny conference
sunni  islam  azhar 
4 weeks ago
The international school of Egypt’s military
The militarisation of late Mubarak neoliberalism.
military  egypt 
4 weeks ago
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