Arthur Snell · How to Read the Trump Dossier · LRB 17 January 2017
Interesting in how it explains the craft of intelligence.
‫ماجد العيسى - هواجيس | Majedalesa - Hwages‬‎ - YouTube
The Saudi video doing the rounds right now - great stuff but also check out their past ones.
3 days ago
The Last of Their Kind? | salamamoussa
Maged Atiya reviews YBG's book about his family.
copts  egypt 
8 days ago
What has happened to the NGO law? | MadaMasr
Sisi still not signed controversial law.
ngos  egypt 
9 days ago
The Syria aid regime that needed help
A call for a fresh approach to humanitarian action.
15 days ago
Egypt’s Failed Revolution - The New Yorker
Some issues with this Hessler piece, but as always some good insights.
egypt  sisi 
20 days ago
The Making of Egypt's Presidents
Interesting letter from Menufiya.
5 weeks ago
Egypt, China sign currency swap deal
So Egypt can import from China in yuans rather than dollars.
5 weeks ago
Advice for Young Muslims
Letters by the UAE ambassador to Russia to his son.
5 weeks ago
Paris/Rakka, aller-retour : parcours de radicalisation
Podcast featuring David Thomson and Farhad Khosrokhavar.
france  islamism 
6 weeks ago
Jihadi Document Repository
Useful collection by Norwegian scholars
6 weeks ago
Le Palais rappelle à Benkirane les véritables limites de son pouvoir - Le Desk
Morocco PM, usually silent on foreign policy, slams Russia over Syria and gets slammed back by palace.
morocco  syria  russia 
6 weeks ago
How the War Ends in Syria - NYT
Poor piece by Galbraith, starting w/ assumption it will end.
6 weeks ago
Slavoj Zizek on a 'clash of civilisations' - UpFront
Rather combative. Good for Zizek to be called on his provocations.
6 weeks ago
How Stable Are Democracies? ‘Warning Signs Are Flashing Red’
New research tries to spot the collapse of liberal democracies before they happen, and it suggests that Western democracy may be seriously ill.
7 weeks ago
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