The CRPG Addict: Game 316: Caverns of Mordia (1980)
from what crpg addict calls the "establishing era," this reminds me a bit of 80 Days
games  rpg  text  narrative 
2 days ago
YIIK: A Postmodern RPG
"We began the development with some clear goals: create an RPG set in late 90s New Jersey (as RPGs rarely are set in modern times), strike a healthy balance between humor and a compelling plot, as well as make a world with depth. We looked outside of games for inspiration, particularly to author Haruki Murakami. He is an incredible writer, our favorite living author, and someone who makes you feel as if he’s writing your dreams. We made sure everyone on the team read his entire collective works before we began development." (text from related article here https://blog.us.playstation.com/2019/01/16/inside-the-classic-rpg-and-literary-influences-of-yiik-out-tomorrow/)
playme  games  rpg 
2 days ago
Dotgrid by Rekka & Devine
"Dotgrid is a distractionless vector tool with line styles, corner controls, colours, grid-based tools, PNG and SVG export."
art  drawing  editor  svg  interface 
3 days ago
Reading postmortems
"I love reading postmortems. They're educational, but unlike most educational docs, they tell an entertaining story."
programming  text  poetics  narrative  devops 
9 days ago
Society for Textual Scholarship
"an international organization of scholars working in textual studies, editing and editorial theory, electronic textualities, and issues of textual culture across a wide variety of disciplines."
academia  text 
14 days ago
~alcinnz/memex - sr.ht git
"Do not run any untrusted code, even in a sandbox. Be easy to understand and contribute to. Avoid causing further collatoral damage. Where it doesn't make a difference to code readability, choose greater performance."
web  programming  hypertext 
23 days ago
"This site contains several years of research in the classification of occlupanids. These small objects are everywhere, dotting supermarket aisles and sidewalks with an impressive array of form and color. The Holotypic Occlupanid Research Group has taken on the mantle of classifying this most common, yet most puzzling, member of phylum Plasticae."
taxonomy  academia  classification  biology  science  parody  art 
28 days ago
Seedbank: Filtered by: generative
mostly gans for images but some good stuff in here too
generative  machinelearning  gan  procgen 
29 days ago
Academe — admin
"Welcome to my ever-expanding collection of academic professionalization resources. The goal is to render the opaque parts of the job as transparent as possible."
academia  work  education 
4 weeks ago
pronunciations, syllabifications, part-of-speech, frequencies and more for 135k french words. creative commons license!
french  français  nlproc  poetics  text  corpora  datasets 
4 weeks ago
Alexa Skill Blueprints
I don't like alexa but this is a really slick interface for creating and customizing device behaviors for general audiences
software  programming  ui  chatbots 
4 weeks ago
Exploring LSTMs
this is a really good explanation
4 weeks ago
Introduction to Conditional Random Fields
current math level: this mostly makes sense to me, like 90%
machinelearning  nlproc  statistics  language 
4 weeks ago
Jingle Rock Bell | MeFi Music
important deconstruction of a classic
music  holidays  dada 
4 weeks ago
Text as Data
Chris Bail, Duke University. In R.
syllabus  programming  text  data 
5 weeks ago
Publish in Journals! – Ehud Reiter's Blog
pros and cons of publishing in journals and conferences
academia  publishing 
5 weeks ago
History of Story Generation | James Ryan | updates | Research Project
not sure if there's a better central repository for this research?
narrative  procgen  history  text  poetics 
5 weeks ago
Collision Detection
jeff's intro textbook on collision detection, should add to resources for beginning programming syllabi
programming  graphics  games 
5 weeks ago
Top 5: Katie Skelly, Cartoonist | I WANT TO BE HER!
"[Y]ou can wear them in situations that call for pants with a zip, but no one will be at ease around them. [...] I would wager it’s probably the most shop-lifted lipstick, which is sexy. [...] To me there is nothing more low-key, ’70s-swinger-glamorous than a beautiful necklace with your zodiac symbol on it" omg
style  fashion 
5 weeks ago
no idea what the origin of this is ("yIKeS yIKEs YIKES yIkes yikES yiKes yikes YIKES YiKEs yiKES yikes YikES YIKES YikES yiKES yiKes YIKES yIKEs YikeS yIkes yiKEs yIkes yIKeS YIKES yIKEs yiKeS YIKES YikES yiKES yIkes YikEs YIKES yIkes YikEs"), encoding a-z plus some punctuation as bits on the capitalization of the word "yikes" for some reason...?
poetics  text  encoding  yikes 
5 weeks ago
a community of constrained writing
writing  poetics  constraints  socialmedia 
5 weeks ago
Bernd das Brot - Wikipedia
'According to himself, he belongs to the species "Homo Brotus Depressivus"' via https://icosahedron.website/@sixohsix/101196240790141671
culture  television  bread 
6 weeks ago
"MakeHuman is a completely free, innovative and professional software for the modelling of 3-Dimensional humanoid characters."
3d  anatomy  software 
7 weeks ago
Computer latency: 1977-2017
'If we look at overall results, the fastest machines are ancient. Newer machines are all over the place. Fancy gaming rigs with unusually high refresh-rate displays are almost competitive with machines from the late 70s and early 80s, but “normal” modern computers can’t compete with thirty to forty year old machines.' via https://hax0rz.lol/@hackerfriendly/101147422233416521
interface  computing  history 
7 weeks ago
Moon Signs – Amaranth Borsuk
"Adapting the doublet we created for our sound installation at King Street Station, we designed a volvelle whose apertures reveal a word ladder composed of 31 words. The gradually changing poem waxes and wanes along with the lunar phases, shown on the opposing side of the dial."
text  poetics  astrology  interface  volvelles 
7 weeks ago
Takeluma – Typotopo
Takeluma is an invented writing system for representing speech sounds and the visceral responses they can evoke.
type  typography  design  language  poetics  phonetics 
8 weeks ago
ongoing by Tim Bray · Post-REST
"It seems in­evitable to me that, par­tic­u­lar­ly in the world of high-throughput high-elasticity cloud-native app­s, we’re go­ing to see a steady in­crease in re­liance on per­sis­tent con­nec­tion­s, or­ches­tra­tion, and message/event-based log­ic. If you’re not us­ing that stuff al­ready, now would be a good time to start learn­ing."
web  api  programming 
8 weeks ago
Teletypes in Typesetting
great idiosyncratic overview, has that amazing picture of the teletypesetter baudot variant
type  typography  history  technology  poetics  telecommunications 
10 weeks ago
HOTGLUE.ME :: unique tool for web publication & samizdat
"HOTGLUE is a visual tool for making amazing web-pages!
Simply manipulate pictures, text and video directly in a browser window!
Editing a page looks exactly the same as viewing it, the only difference is that you can move things around!
No programming skills needed!"
blog  cms  publishing  web  programming 
10 weeks ago
Lorraine O'Grady - Exhibitions - Alexander Gray Associates
'Cutting Out CONYT returns to O’Grady’s 1977 work, Cutting Out The New York Times (CONYT), which consists of 26 found newspaper poems made between June 5 and November 20, 1977 from successive editions of the Sunday Times. Building on the 1977 series’ successful transformation of public language into private, in Cutting Out CONYT, O’Grady repurposes the collages to achieve a failed goal of the original work: the creation of what she terms “counter-confessional” poetry. Cutting Out CONYT culls the poems and reshapes the remains into 26 new works that adopt a form the artist refers to as “haiku diptychs.” Each of the haiku takes as its source a single 1977 poem. By concentrating and refining the original series’ voice, Cutting Out CONYT serves as a bridge between O’Grady’s early and later works. As she explains, “Making it has allowed me to maintain the tensions between my more explicit voice and my less explicit voice in a way that feels fruitful to me.”'
poetry  poetics  cutups  collage  art  artists 
11 weeks ago
Cutting Out the New York Times - Lorraine O'Grady
"Cutting Out The New York Times is a series of 26 “cut-out” or “found” newspaper poems made by O’Grady on successive Sundays, from June 5 to November 20, 1977."
art  artists  collage  poetry  poetics  cutups  rwet 
11 weeks ago
Nervous System | Shop
only want housewares and accessories from here from now on thx
shopping  buyme 
11 weeks ago
Let’s pretend this never happened – Rococo Modem Basilisk – Medium
"The Macintosh looms large because it was so influential, but everything good about GUIs came through the Macintosh from the Alto, while almost everything bad about GUIs comes from mistakes that were made by the Macintosh team and later spun by marketing materials as intentional. [...] The most useful thing we can do, when trying to imagine a desirable future for computing, is to try to forget the entire Macintosh legacy and send our minds back to 1976."
computation  computers  history  ux  ui 
11 weeks ago
"A natural language date parser in Javascript, designed for extracting date information from any given text."
javascript  programming  time  nlproc  poetics 
11 weeks ago
The Oral History of ‘Too Many Cooks’, Adult Swim's Weirdest Experiment Ever | Inverse
"I had no expectations. The true way to go viral is to not care. Do your best. Make it as crazy as you can make it and release it into the world. Maybe it will catch on, maybe not. But that’s how that goes."
culture  television  media 
11 weeks ago
Creative Help
"Creative Help is an experimental application intended to help people write stories by automatically suggesting new sentences in the story. At any point while writing, simple type \help\ to generate a new sentence. You can edit, add to, or delete this suggestion just like any other text in your story."
nlproc  text  poetics  interface 
october 2018
Ennigaldi-Nanna's museum - Wikipedia
"... thought to be the first museum by some historians... The curator was Princess Ennigaldi [...] [who] used the museum pieces to explain the history of the area and to interpret material aspects of her dynasty's heritage." via https://elekk.xyz/@noelle/100911787880302780
history  culture  museums  wunderkammer 
october 2018
Words have soul: on the Romantic theory of language origin | Aeon Essays
"[L]anguage is one of those phenomena that arose when human beings engaged with life not so as to survive but so as to participate in the great rush of it that they felt teeming around them. Human beings do not live on bread alone."
evolution  language  poetics  linguistics  history  culture 
october 2018
The Original Hacker's Dictionary
"Many years after the original book went out of print, Eric Raymond picked it up, updated it and republished it as the New Hacker's Dictionary. Unfortunately, in the process, he essentially destroyed what held it together, in various ways: first, by changing its emphasis from Lisp-based to UNIX-based (blithely ignoring the distinctly anti-UNIX aspects of the LISP culture celebrated in the original); second, by watering down what was otherwise the fairly undiluted record of a single cultural group through this kind of mixing; and third, by adding in all sorts of terms which are 'jargon' only in the sense that they're technical. This page, however, is pretty much the original, snarfed from MIT-AI around 1988." via https://cybre.space/@nightpool/100896387491277855
computing  history  lexicography  language  poetics 
october 2018
Arca Musarithmica - Wikipedia
how did I not know about this though. kircher that marvelous son of a gun. via https://fuckonthefirst.date/notice/4466749
history  computation  computationalcreativity 
october 2018
Welcome to polyglot’s documentation! — polyglot 16.07.04 documentation
"Polyglot is a natural language pipeline that supports massive multilingual applications." not sure why I'm not using this and talking about it in rwet
language  nlproc  linguistics  text  poetics 
october 2018
Sans Forgetica
"Sans Forgetica is a downloadable font that is scientifically designed to help you remember your study notes."
type  typography  design  text  poetics  psychology 
october 2018
qgcon-2018 | QGCon 2018 talk
"I did a talk on making small programming languages– for fun as a personal project, or as a helper tool in video games." andi mcclure
programming  language 
october 2018
on terminal control
"a short tutorial on ansi escape codes and terminal control, because you philistines won't stop using ncurses"
graphics  programming  text  terminal  gamedev 
october 2018
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