Irving Finkel Teaches Us Cuneiform - YouTube
actually seeing someone doing it makes it so much more clear!
writing  history  mesopotamia  cuneiform 
5 days ago
"a platform for media artists to safely and easily develop and deploy multimedia installations"
hardware  programming  art 
6 days ago
"The Intimacy of the Command Line"
"When I first saw code being executed into a black terminal, I started to feel a familiar sensation: I was transported to the dark empty space of a theatre. The dim light and velvet curtains made me forget everything. An entire planet lives behind those curtains. When my world begins to burn down around me, this is where I find refuge."
commandline  unix  poetry  poetics  performance 
12 days ago
Star Trek: Vulcanology: Vulcan Language Dice From "Unification"
the syllabic nucleus of the vulcan language. not sure why THIS prop in particular haunts my forever dreams
conlang  scifi  startrek  language  text 
25 days ago
Adam Greenberg
"Each poem has been assembled using only language from the names of companies found in the Fourtune 500 list from 1989"
poetry  text  poetics  appropriation 
25 days ago
Epistemic Sunk Costs and the Extraordinary, Populist Delusions of Crowds? — Crooked Timber
"[P]eople don’t like to be made to look ridiculous. The media is constantly getting blamed for disrespecting voters in Trump Country. But Trump himself makes it the case that there are really only two options. Either Trump is the greatest US President – the only one with the genius to penetrate the Matrix of Canadian lies – or else he is, at best, totally ridiculous. There really isn’t a third way, so take your pick. And tomorrow it will be some other damn thing. As a result, there is no way to conceptualize the red-blue divide except as a red pill-blue pill divide, so to speak. The reason Trump talks constant lies is, in part, to ensure the debate frame can only be: which side is constantly lying? He can’t grow his base that way, but he can lock it in."
politics  rhetoric  psychology  culture 
4 weeks ago
Seven Tips for Mass Effect Andromeda Insanity Mode | discordian bliss
essential tipz—basically didn't have to interact with any of these systems to complete the game on "hard" difficulty
videogames  masseffect 
4 weeks ago
Google AI Blog: Realtime tSNE Visualizations with TensorFlow.js
this is pretty amazing—realtime tsne in the browser. wondering if their technique could be adapted more generally for nearest neighbors calculation? (or if that's where it came from in the first place?)
tsne  javascript  dataviz 
5 weeks ago
MWITM (Man / Woman In The Middle) - lauren mccarthy
"Instead of sending text messages to each other directly, all of our texts were intercepted by a server. [...] The [software] had the ability to: modify a message as it is being sent or received, reply to a message instead of modifying or relaying it, and initiate new conversations.... Through this process we hoped to sync our different communication styles and develop a better relationship and conversation. We used this system, updating the code for the MITM and WITM, for a period of six months."
talk  language  conversation  art  text 
5 weeks ago
Paper-reading log
what mark j. nelson is reading
5 weeks ago
Overpass Font
sponsored by redhat, lovely sans-serif
opensource  free  typography  fonts 
6 weeks ago
What are the ten most cited sources on Wikipedia? Let’s ask the data.
"a dataset of every citation referencing an identifier across all 297 Wikipedia language editions"
data  datasets  wikipedia  text  language 
7 weeks ago
Variational Autoencoders Explained
extremely good explanation of variational autoencoders
machinelearning  ml 
8 weeks ago
Generating Names with a Character-Level RNN — PyTorch Tutorials 0.4.0 documentation
super straightforward example of conditional rnn generation (also links to classification tutorial)
machinelearning  python  text  language  poetics 
9 weeks ago
The Next Big Thing in Type
results of a student workshop on variable fonts, some cool ideas
type  typography  variablefonts 
9 weeks ago
parameterized font design thing
design  fonts  type  typography 
9 weeks ago
- Open Science Data Cloud
oh this is good to know about!
data  datasets 
9 weeks ago
Welcome - KanjiVG
stroke information for kanji, some internationalization maybe?
type  typography  japanese  cjk 
10 weeks ago
Digital Mappa
looks like a super interesting tool
hyptertext  documentation  text 
10 weeks ago
Special Issue 5: OuNuPo
"The term OuNuPo is derived from OuLiPo (Ouvroir de littérature potentielle), founded in 1960. OuLiPo is a mostly French speaking gathering of writers and mathematicians interested in constrained writing techniques. A famous technique is for instance the lipogram that generates texts in which one or more letters have been excluded. OuLiPo eventually led to OuXPo to expand these creative constraints to other practices (OuCiPo for film making, OuPeinPo for painting, etc). Following this expansion, XPUB launches OuNuPo, Ouvroir de Numérisation Potentielle, the workshop of potential digitisation, turning the book scanner as a platform for media design and publishing experiments."
text  language  poetry  poetics  transcription 
10 weeks ago
"list of upper ontologies with comments/ratings for possible use in AI applications."
botfood  poetics  text  ai  machinelearning 
11 weeks ago
mermaid · GitBook
dsl and renderer for making charts
charts  javascript 
11 weeks ago
Talk to Books
semantic similarity chatbot (essentially)
text  language  poetry  poetics 
12 weeks ago
word association game using word vectors
games  distributionalsemantics  words  poetics 
12 weeks ago
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