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What Makes Us Happy? | The Atlantic
Most psychology preoccupies itself with mapping the heavens of health in sharp contrast to the underworld of illness. “Social anxiety disorder” is distinguished from shyness. Depression is defined as errors in cognition. Vaillant’s work, in contrast, creates a refreshing conversation about health and illness as weather patterns in a common space. “Much of what is labeled mental illness,” Vaillant writes, “simply reflects our ‘unwise’ deployment of defense mechanisms. If we use defenses well, we are deemed mentally healthy, conscientious, funny, creative, and altruistic. If we use them badly, the psychiatrist diagnoses us ill, our neighbors label us unpleasant, and society brands us immoral.”
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Happiness Doesn’t Come in Bottles | Walter J. Freeman
We cannot know the world by direct experience of it [because] an individual brain can only know the little that it can handle through its own body. It turns out that this view is well known to philosophers. It is called solipsism. Many philosophers have been afraid that it is true, but they couldn’t prove it or disprove it. Now neurodynamicists have proven experimentally that it is true. […] Each brain is isolated from all others. No one can truly feel what another person is feeling, though we can empathize through shared experience. […] Where we humans find joy is in surmounting this solipsistic barrier between us and sharing our feelings and comforts. We cannot ever really cross it, but, a bit like neighbours chatting over a fence, we can be together.
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Poor, arid, and, in appearance, deformed | Mark Liberman @ Language Log
At least in lexicographic terms, the Indo-European languages do not, contrary to what Whorf says, share a linguistic history that predisposes their speakers unconsciously to a particular physics of time, distance, velocity and so on.
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