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Raiding Eternity
Us but not us. Our bodies and brains, but not our thoughts. Not our art, but our brush. We’ve made a lot of brushes.
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march 2010 by ap
What Makes Us Happy? | The Atlantic
Most psychology preoccupies itself with mapping the heavens of health in sharp contrast to the underworld of illness. “Social anxiety disorder” is distinguished from shyness. Depression is defined as errors in cognition. Vaillant’s work, in contrast, creates a refreshing conversation about health and illness as weather patterns in a common space. “Much of what is labeled mental illness,” Vaillant writes, “simply reflects our ‘unwise’ deployment of defense mechanisms. If we use defenses well, we are deemed mentally healthy, conscientious, funny, creative, and altruistic. If we use them badly, the psychiatrist diagnoses us ill, our neighbors label us unpleasant, and society brands us immoral.”
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march 2010 by ap
Happiness Doesn’t Come in Bottles | Walter J. Freeman
We cannot know the world by direct experience of it [because] an individual brain can only know the little that it can handle through its own body. It turns out that this view is well known to philosophers. It is called solipsism. Many philosophers have been afraid that it is true, but they couldn’t prove it or disprove it. Now neurodynamicists have proven experimentally that it is true. […] Each brain is isolated from all others. No one can truly feel what another person is feeling, though we can empathize through shared experience. […] Where we humans find joy is in surmounting this solipsistic barrier between us and sharing our feelings and comforts. We cannot ever really cross it, but, a bit like neighbours chatting over a fence, we can be together.
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september 2009 by ap
Craft | Linus Åkesson
A demo running on its own minimalistic demo platform. The demo platform is based on an ATmega88 microcontroller. Having successfully built a soundchip out of a microcontroller together with my friends in kryo, I wanted to tackle the greater challenge of generating a realtime video signal along with the sound. This is the result:
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september 2008 by ap
“Ghoti” before Shaw | Benjamin Zimmer | Language Log
Previously, the earliest known appearance of ghoti was from a 1937 newspaper article […] But now Matthew Gordon of the University of Missouri-Columbia has antedated ghoti – all the way back to 1874.
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april 2008 by ap
Holy evaluation | Chris Blattman
You know experimental program evaluation has become a craze when even the Imams want it.
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april 2008 by ap
And four point five billion years later… | Greg Laughlin
A distant echo of the impact that was large enough to cause Earth to glow with the temperature of a red dwarf star.
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march 2008 by ap
Poor, arid, and, in appearance, deformed | Mark Liberman @ Language Log
At least in lexicographic terms, the Indo-European languages do not, contrary to what Whorf says, share a linguistic history that predisposes their speakers unconsciously to a particular physics of time, distance, velocity and so on.
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march 2008 by ap
Self-Consciousness Among the Stars | Paul Gilster
“Are we looking for only intelligent beings, or conscious beings, or beings like ourselves who are both? When we search for extraterrestrial intelligence, are we actually searching for extraterrestrial minds?”
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november 2007 by ap
Evolution IS a Blind Watchmaker | YouTube
I simulate clocks as living organisms. […] NO goal is imposed on the design […] And it works. Clocks evolve through a series of transitional forms: Pendulum, Proto-clock, 1-handed Clock, 2-handed Clock, 3-handed Clock, and 4-handed Clock.
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november 2007 by ap
Motivation: Jerry Seinfeld’s productivity secret | Lifehacker
“You’ll like seeing that chain, especially when you get a few weeks under your belt. Your only job next is to not break the chain.”
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september 2007 by ap
Dollar auction | Wikipedia
[Illustration of] a paradox [in] traditional rational choice theory in which players with perfect information in the game are compelled to make an ultimately irrational decision based completely on a sequence of rational choices made throughout the game.
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september 2007 by ap
The proper reverence due those who have gone before | Paul Z. Myers
There was a vast history of events reduced now to nothing but a few footprints and a scattering of bones. […] So much has been lost to us, and those few scraps we do have must stand in proxy for such a burden of history.
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june 2007 by ap
“Visitable” Planets | Greg Laughlin
My attitude toward Venus was transformed by David Grinspoon’s _Venus Revealed_ […] By contrast there’s *no* place on Mars that could be explored using gear from an Army Surplus store.
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june 2007 by ap
A Gliese Moment | Paul Gilster
My unexpected conversations on this topic have completely delighted me […] I am picking up [a] palpable sense of awe [… Gliese 581 c] was like finding an unexpected gift at the door that made these two people […] feel enchanted with the cosmos again
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may 2007 by ap
Fight the next battle | Adam Turoff
As Ruby/Python make dynamic languages respectable, the whole “static vs. dynamic” language debate sounds like fighting last battle to me. It’s tired. It’s boring. It’s a solved problem, they both work, and it’s time to move onto something new.
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april 2007 by ap
Illustrations | Greg Laughlin
I can’t get over the fact that I can photograph the subtly intricate details of a habitable planet available in my own backyard, and later that afternoon have them transmitted digitally across the globe.
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december 2006 by ap

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