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Mistake of the Week: Belief is King | Scott Aaronson
Laypeople consistently overestimate the role of belief in science. Thus the questions I constantly get asked: do I *believe* the many-worlds interpretation? […] Never what are the arguments for and against: always what do I *believe*?
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september 2007 by ap
Designs, Intelligent and Stupid | Sean Carroll | Cosmic Variance
“Organic design” leads to very different structures than “synthetic design.” Rather than relatively straightforward sets of algorithms expressed in neurological lines of code divided into tidy subprograms, our minds are subtle machines with virtual processors distributed holographically and interacting nonlocally throughout the brain.
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june 2007 by ap
The proper reverence due those who have gone before | Paul Z. Myers
There was a vast history of events reduced now to nothing but a few footprints and a scattering of bones. […] So much has been lost to us, and those few scraps we do have must stand in proxy for such a burden of history.
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june 2007 by ap
Grasping the Depth of Time as a First Step in Understanding Evolution | New York Times
One of the most powerful limits to the human imagination is our inability to grasp, in a truly intuitive way, the depths of terrestrial and cosmological time. That inability is hardly surprising because our own lives are so very short in comparison.
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november 2006 by ap
Silicon Superstitions – When we don’t understand a process, we fall into magical thinking about results. | Jef Raskin | ACM Queue
Computer systems exhibit all the behaviors best suited to create superstitious responses. You will try something, it won’t work, so you try it again – the exact same way – and this time it works, or not. That’s random reinforcement.
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october 2006 by ap
SETI and Intelligent Design | SPACE.com
Our sought-after signal is hardly complex, and yet we’re still going to say that we’ve found extraterrestrials. If we can get away with that, why can’t they? Well, it’s because the credibility of the evidence is not predicated on its complexity.
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december 2005 by ap
Why Christians should abhor ID
If Intelligent Design is really a science, then the next step is to generate and test hypotheses about the designer(s). […] Consider these likely hypotheses about the designer:
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november 2005 by ap
Intelligent Design and Me | The Fishbowl
He’s not going to ever-so-carefully lay down false evidence that the Universe is one thing when it’s truly another. And He’s not going to create a Universe based on rational laws, then not want us to practice our rationality.
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october 2005 by ap
One side can be wrong | Guardian Unlimited
Intelligent design […] no more belongs in a biology class than alchemy belongs in a chemistry class, phlogiston in a physics class or the stork theory in a sex education class.
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september 2005 by ap
Idiotic Design | H. Wade Minter
I, like many sane Christians, have no problems reconciling God and evolution. […] I’m opposed to ID not because I hate religion, but because I respect science.
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august 2005 by ap
an unintelligent discussion of Intelligent Design | jjohn | use.perl.org
ID is a notional life vest for these individuals who are trapped in the rough waters between science and faith. ID is neither a product of devoted faith (if you know there's a God, you simply don't need ID in the first place), nor good science (see precee
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may 2005 by ap
Evolution And Faith
I am deeply offended by the notion that myths invented in the Bronze Age by superstitious desert nomads should be given exactly the same credence as the work of people like Darwin and Einstein and Euclid and Hawking and Newton.
faith  science  rant 
february 2005 by ap

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