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Craft | Linus Åkesson
A demo running on its own minimalistic demo platform. The demo platform is based on an ATmega88 microcontroller. Having successfully built a soundchip out of a microcontroller together with my friends in kryo, I wanted to tackle the greater challenge of generating a realtime video signal along with the sound. This is the result:
demoscene  hardware  hacking  inspirational  ! 
september 2008 by ap
Youscope (oscilloscope demo) | YouTube
A demo using an oscilloscope to display something. It was 3rd in assembly 2007 shortfilm compo, and won altparty’s most original entry prize […] Oscilloscope [in X/Y-mode] connected to PC soundcard […] with right channel connected to X and left to Y
demoscene  sound  hacking  :video  ! 
october 2007 by ap

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