Fic: Teach Your Children Well by AvocadoLove
After Madara final attack on the village, Rokudaime Kakashi uncovers a time-travel scroll. Now he's Team Seven's sensei again. And this time, he's going to do things differently. A time travel fic.
Rated: Fiction K+ - English - Adventure/Fantasy - Kakashi H., Iruka U. - Chapters: 22 - Words: 37,849 - Reviews: 3,501 - Favs: 5,770 - Follows: 4,808 - Updated: Aug 31, 2013 - Published: Jun 10, 2010 - Status: Complete - id: 6040262
fic:genre:time_travel  fic:pairing:slash  fic:story:fanfiction  fic:story:plot  fic:story:wc:long/+10.000  nto:c:h3:sarutobi_hiruzen(sandaime)  nto:c:t07:haruno_sakura  nto:c:t07:hatake_kakashi  nto:c:t07:uchiha_sasuke  nto:c:t07:uzumaki_naruto(9)  nto:c:tsand:temari/kankuro/gaara(1)  nto:c:v:orochimaru  nto:FANDOM:naruto  nto:p:kakashi/iruka  nto:ti:before_1stexamgenin  fic:rating:2 
9 hours ago
Fic: Nidaime no Sairin by Narutoenthusiast
Naruto always enjoyed discovering new places and locations in Konohagakure. One night, after entering a cave, he decides to venture inside only to find the most beautiful waterfall he had ever seen. Once inside the cave, Naruto finds a lone rock that contained black markings. Thinking nothing of it, Naruto touches the black marking. What happens then no one could ever predict.HIATU
Rated: Fiction T - English - Adventure - Naruto U., Tobirama S. - Chapters: 6 - Words: 40,871 - Reviews: 1,045 - Favs: 3,864 - Follows: 4,324 - Updated: Oct 26, 2015 - Published: Sep 25, 2014 - id: 10714140
nto:FANDOM:naruto  0-abandonned_reading  fic:rating:1 
9 hours ago
Fic: I didn't sign up for this by Erimies
Time travel, the ultimate hoax to cheat in life and turn bad odds to your advantage. Or, it would be if Naruto had any idea what he was doing. Trying to save lives he holds dear, he somehow ended up as an international S-class criminal with a flee-on-sight order. Oops.
Rated: Fiction T - English - Humor/Drama - Naruto U., Kyuubi/Kurama - Chapters: 6 - Words: 30,185 - Reviews: 1,302 - Favs: 5,985 - Follows: 7,035 - Updated: Dec 5, 2015 - Published: Aug 14, 2014 - id: 10617970
Fic: How Naruto Screwed With History and Changed A Lot of Things by Rifat
What happens when you mess with the fabric of space and time? Nothing good at all. Still to defeat an Edo Tensei Madara, Naruto pulls off such a forbidden jutsu that decimates them both. Later, Naruto wakes up to find himself in a new Uchiha-ish body and a fustercluck of a journey begins for him - in the past no less. Crack-ish. Pseudo X-over. New content starts from chap 14/15.
Rated: Fiction M - English - Humor/Romance - [Naruto U., Kushina U., Mikoto U., Tsunade S.] - Chapters: 3 - Words: 26,416 - Reviews: 1,270 - Favs: 3,893 - Follows: 4,453 - Updated: Dec 28, 2017 - Published: Dec 30, 2016 - id: 12297781
Fic: Naruto's BFF by Lucillia
Due to an unfortunate choice of words, Madara gets a little stalker before the Massacre.
Rated: Fiction K+ - English - Humor - Madara U., Naruto U. - Chapters: 14 - Words: 16,049 - Reviews: 837 - Favs: 2,782 - Follows: 1,248 - Updated: Apr 20, 2012 - Published: Apr 1, 2011 - Status: Complete - id: 6862457
Fic: Kushina's Boyfriend by Lucillia
Prequel to Naruto's BFF. Madara tries to free the Kyuubi early. Things go south for him when he compliments Kushina's hair, and she decides that it is love at first sight. Madara is soon forced to defend his chastity from his would-be suitor.
Fic: Uzumaki and Uchiha by Lucillia
Sasuke and Naruto discover that they're distant cousins after they both activate the Sharingan on the bridge in Wave. Family is family, and they won't let anything happen to the only family they have left, even if they want to strangle each-other.
Rated: Fiction T - English - Humor/Family - Naruto U., Sasuke U. - Chapters: 12 - Words: 22,620 - Reviews: 429 - Favs: 2,214 - Follows: 2,341 - Updated: Aug 9, 2017 - Published: Aug 16, 2011 - id: 7291294
Fic: Concessions by Systatic
Pein's final technique wasn't control over death, but time. Naruto, sent back to start his life over, has a chance to change it all. Stuck with a differing Kyuubi attack and a wary, overprotective Fourth, will Naruto be able to do as he planned? GENFIC.
Fic: The Night The House of Cards Was Built by drakensis
Every week the most prominent citizens of Konohagakure gather for a game of poker. This time there are three new players... two kunoichi and a six year old Naruto! cowritten with Rift120
Rated: Fiction T - English - Humor/Drama - Anko M., Kurenai Y. - Chapters: 2 - Words: 25,143 - Reviews: 1,444 - Favs: 6,767 - Follows: 4,159 - Updated: Dec 29, 2007 - Published: Apr 7, 2007 - Status: Complete - id: 3480341
2 days ago
Fic: Do Over by Kyogre
Naruto and Kurama accidentally end up in the past, on the day of Naruto's birth, and are forced to live their lives all over again. They make the best of it, to everyone else's extreme confusion. (Alive Minato and Kushina, humor.)
2 days ago
Fic: The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men by Lucillia
When Naruto decides to skip past the Kage Bunshin and picks another jutsu to learn from the Forbidden Scroll, Madara - who'd dearly love to kill the brat - is left scrambling to salvage his plans.
Rated: Fiction T - English - Humor - Naruto U., Madara U. - Chapters: 12 - Words: 21,537 - Reviews: 1,019 - Favs: 3,872 - Follows: 4,143 - Updated: Jun 20, 2016 - Published: May 6, 2013 - id: 9268250
2 days ago
Fic: my bones are shifting in my skin by blackkat
Morality and logical limits are not Orochimaru’s strong point, even as a loyal Konoha shinobi. Thankfully, it seems that parenting actually is.


This was prompted by someone on Tumblr, but I’ve gone rather sideways with the idea and twisted it without mercy, oops. I have no regret, since I've been wanting to write Mitsuki in a fic since he was introduced. Chapters are going to be short, sorry—this fic is self-indulgent more than anything, and updates may be sporadic.
2 days ago
Two lives with you - Chapter 1 by dilcirisse [Archive of Our Own]
A fill for the prompt: Gimli and Legolas time travel after the coronation of Aragorn by accident and end up in the quest to reclaim Erebor- How does the company deal with these two time travelers- especially given that Gimli is Gloin's son and given the dwarfs hatred of Elves how will they perceive the friendship between the pair.
Now with the explicit warning filled.
Just skip chapter 10 to avoid.
fic:genre:time_travel  fic:pairing:slash  fic:story:fanfiction  fic:story:plot  fic:story:smut  fic:story:wc:long/+10.000  fic:story:wip  lotr:chara:dwarves_company  lotr:chara:dwarves_fili  lotr:chara:dwarves_gimli  lotr:chara:dwarves_kili  lotr:chara:dwarves_thorin  lotr:chara:elves_legolas  lotr:chara:hobbit_bilbo  lotr:FANDOM:lord_of_the_rings/hobbit  lotr:pairing:bilbo/thorin  lotr:pairing:legolas/gimli  lotr:timeline:after_lotr3  lotr:timeline:during_the_hobbit  fic:rating:3 
5 days ago
Fic: Biting Her Tongue by ShanaStoryteller
Yona sees her father get murdered, but manages to sneak back to her room unnoticed.

Soo-won then takes the path of least resistance to becoming King - marrying the Crown Princess.
fandom:other  fic:pairing:het  fic:pairing:slash  fic:story:fanfiction  fic:story:plot  fic:story:wc:long/+10.000  fic:rating:3 
7 days ago
Fic: Of the Woods by Dream_edge
On Friday, Derek kicked him out of the Pack.

On Saturday, he realized he was alone.

On Sunday, he was numb.

On Monday, he got angry. On Monday, he found magic.

After being kicked out of the Pack, Stiles finds a strange magic shop that sells wishes. Feeling alone and weak, Stiles makes a wish to become stronger, so that no one will have to save him again. He gets magic but as payment he must go through the trials of collecting 53 magic Cards before they destroy the town.
ccs:FANDOM:cardcaptor_sakura  ccs:t:au  ccs:t:au/other_captor  fic:genre:crossover  fic:genre:revenge_fic  fic:pairing:none/gen  fic:story:fanfiction  fic:story:gen  fic:story:plot  fic:story:wc:epic/+50.000  fic:story:wc:long/+10.000  fic:story:wip  tw:chara:allison  tw:chara:boyd  tw:chara:derek  tw:chara:isaac  tw:chara:lydia  tw:chara:peter_hale  tw:chara:scott  tw:chara:sherif_stilinski  tw:chara:stiles  tw:FANDOM:teen_wolf  tw:misc:bad!scott  tw:misc:magical!stiles  tw:timeline:after_s3/alpha_cora_nogitsune_true-alpha  fic:rating:4 
7 days ago
Fic: Find Me a White Knight Cloaked in Black by cywscross
Whether the civilians need a last-minute cake baked in time for a birthday or a limb fixed because the hospital is too busy or even a bar fight broken up because nobody else is willing to interrupt two drunk shinobi, they all know to go to the green-eyed foreigner. So it stands to reason that, sooner or later, ninjas would come knocking as well. Insanity ensues – they’re messing with a Marauder after all. But mostly, Hiei just wishes they would all leave him alone.
fic:genre:crossover  fic:pairing:none/gen  fic:story:fanfiction  fic:story:gen  fic:story:plot  fic:story:wc:long/+10.000  fic:story:wip  hp:FANDOM:harry_potter  hp:misc:master_of_death!harry  hp:timeline:after_school  hp:timeline:after_war  nto:c:h3:sarutobi_hiruzen(sandaime)  nto:c:m:umino_iruka  nto:c:nin:various_konoha_ninjas  nto:c:t07:hatake_kakashi  nto:c:t07:sai  nto:c:t07:uzumaki_naruto(9)  nto:c:v:shimura_danzou  nto:FANDOM:naruto  nto:ti:before_1stexamgenin  fic:rating:4 
7 days ago
Fic: Empathy, Empathy, Put Yourself in the Place of Me by twothumbsandnostakeincanon (somanyofthekids)
Peter was suspicious.

Just generally, as a person. He always assumed his fellow man had impure motives until they proved otherwise, and then he still kept an eye out.

But at this particular moment, he was specifically suspicious of Derek’s new girlfriend.

He's not the only one.
fic:genre:empathy  fic:pairing:slash  fic:story:fanfiction  fic:story:plot  fic:story:wc:long/+10.000  tw:chara:cora_hale  tw:chara:peter_hale  tw:chara:sherif_stilinski  tw:chara:stiles  tw:chara:the_hales  tw:FANDOM:teen_wolf  tw:misc:good!peter  tw:misc:magical!stiles  tw:pairing:stiles/peter  tw:timeline:before_fire  fic:rating:4 
7 days ago
Fic: If Thor Didn't Have Plot Shield by Kadorienne
Thor: The Dark World is full of holes in the script through which a fleet of helicarriers could pass with ease. If the portal through which Loki brought the Chitauri into New York had been as big as these plot holes, he'd be ruler of Earth right now. Characters behave in a completely illogical fashion because the plot requires it. It's like the scriptwriters had heard of people, but never actually seen one.

This is a series of unconnected, sometimes cracky ficlets pointing out the holes.

I really, really hated Thor: The Dark World. Because of that movie, I grew to really, really hate Thor, who before I had loved a lot.

If you don't want to see TDW or Thor being ripped mercilessly to shreds, don't read this.

This is just me letting off some steam. I'll be adding to these whenever I feel the need to vent about everything wrong with this movie. Brilliantly acted, beautiful to look at, morally appalling, and with the stupidest screenplay imaginable.

Also, thank you to Pluma for suggesting the title.
av:chara:aesir:fandral  av:chara:aesir:king_odin  av:chara:aesir:loki  av:chara:aesir:queen_frigga  av:chara:aesir:sif  av:chara:av:thor  av:chara:misc:jane_foster  av:FANDOM_avengers  av:timeline:movie_thor_2  fic:genre:revenge_fic  fic:story:fanfiction  fic:story:gen  fic:story:wc:long/+10.000  fic:rating:4 
7 days ago
Fic: Chains of the Seal by zephyrdragon362
Yugi's life takes an odd turn as he releases a set of magical cards that he now has to capture with the help of the Beast of the Seal. Along the way, he finds a powerful card that catches an interest in him and now he has to make a difficult choice.
0-abandonned_reading  ccs:FANDOM:cardcaptor_sakura  ccs:p:sakura/li_syaoran  ccs:t:au  fic:story:wip  ygo:FANDOM:yu-gi-oh!  ygo:pairing:kaiba/jounouchi  ygo:pairing:yami/yuugi  ygo:timeline:au  fic:rating:1 
8 days ago
Fic: The Road Less Traveled by Mystical_Magician
A strange cat and mysterious terrorist attacks in London herald the rediscovery of the Wizarding World in the midst of civil war. Wary and cautious, Sakura, Syaoran, Eriol, and Tomoyo move among the wizards in secret, making startling discoveries.
0-abandonned_reading  ccs:FANDOM:cardcaptor_sakura  ccs:p:eriol/tomoyo  ccs:p:sakura/li_syaoran  ccs:p:touya/yukito  ccs:t:au  fic:genre:crossover  fic:story:fanfiction  fic:story:wc:epic/+50.000  fic:story:wc:long/+10.000  hp:FANDOM:harry_potter  fic:rating:1 
8 days ago
Fic: Take Comfort Omake by butterflydreaming (chrysalisdreams)
Yue's grief for Clow strains the expression of Touya & Yukito's developing romantic relationship. When Nadeshiko Kinomoto reaches out to the lonely Moon Guardian, they begin an unexpected friendship.

T/Y and T/Y/Y, not resolved with Y-Y integration.
%anth  ccs:FANDOM:cardcaptor_sakura  ccs:p:fujitaka/nadeshiko  ccs:p:touya/yukito  ccs:p:touya/yukito/yue  ccs:t:during_series  fic:genre:angsty  fic:genre:magic_spells  fic:genre:rebirth_reincarnation  fic:pairing:het  fic:pairing:slash  fic:story:fanfiction  fic:story:wc:epic/+50.000  fic:story:wc:long/+10.000  fic:rating:3 
8 days ago
Fic: There May Be Some Collateral Damage by metisket
Ichigo’s been ordered to go undercover at a magic school to bodyguard a kid named Harry Potter, and this would be fine, except that he’s about as good at bodyguarding as he is at magic. And he considers it a good day, magic-wise, if he hasn’t set anything on fire.
0-BEST-OF  fandom:bleach  fic:genre:crossover  fic:pairing:none/gen  fic:story:fanfiction  fic:story:plot  fic:story:wc:epic/+50.000  fic:story:wc:long/+10.000  hp:FANDOM:harry_potter  hp:series:after_b_4:triwizardtournament_GoF  hp:series:year_5  hp:timeline:during_school  hp:timeline:during_war  fic:rating:5 
8 days ago
Fic: Blue Moon on the Rise by eternalscout
Sakura fails the Final Judgment. Everyone forgets the person they love most, as well as about the Cards. A new candidate must be chosen. Unfortunately for Touya, it looks like he's next on the list.
ccs:FANDOM:cardcaptor_sakura  ccs:p:eriol/yukito  ccs:p:touya/yukito  ccs:p:yue/clow_reed  ccs:t:during_series  ccs:t:final_judgment_alternate  fic:genre:magic_spells  fic:genre:memory_loss  fic:pairing:slash  fic:story:fanfiction  fic:story:plot  fic:story:wc:epic/+50.000  fic:story:wc:long/+10.000  0-BEST-OF  fic:rating:5 
9 days ago
Fic: This Corrosion by Sybil_Rowan
After Touya gives his magic to save Yukito, they have to settle into a new, romantic relationship with the complication of Yue in the background. The others around them are learning to embrace their new relationship as well.
0-abandonned_reading  ccs:FANDOM:cardcaptor_sakura  ccs:p:touya/yukito  ccs:p:touya/yukito/yue  ccs:p:yue/clow_reed  ccs:t:during_series  fic:pairing:slash  fic:story:fanfiction  fic:story:wc:long/+10.000  fic:rating:1 
9 days ago
Fic: Two Faces Of The Moon by Aeriel
Touya never would have believed on that first day that the new kid would become someone he couldn't imagine life without.
ccs:FANDOM:cardcaptor_sakura  ccs:p:touya/yukito  ccs:p:touya/yukito/yue  fic:pairing:slash  fic:story:fanfiction  fic:story:wc:long/+10.000  fic:rating:2 
11 days ago
Fic: Bullet With Butterfly Wings by blackkat
For the record, this is not how his grand defection from Konoha was supposed to go.

(Or, Orochimaru attempts to save the world. Hatake Sakumo may have been part of the plan, but he’s also very much an unexpected complication.)
0-BEST-OF  fic:genre:time_travel  fic:pairing:slash  fic:story:fanfiction  fic:story:plot  fic:story:wc:short/-10.000  fic:story:wip  nto:c:h3:sarutobi_hiruzen(sandaime)  nto:c:m:hatake_sakumo  nto:c:v:orochimaru  nto:c:v:shimura_danzou  nto:FANDOM:naruto  nto:p:orochimaru/sakumo  nto:ti:after_fourth_war/after_everything  nto:ti:before_show  nto:ti:through_war_against_madara  fic:rating:5 
14 days ago
Fic: Go find your heart (take it back) by blackkat
Obito wakes up.

This is…not how it was supposed to go.

(Wherein Obito is broken but not shattered, several [dozen] people want the Rokudaime dead, Rin makes a totally awesome Jedi ghost, and there are balcony scenes but no one is named Romeo. Or Juliet.)
fic:genre:rebirth_reincarnation  fic:pairing:slash  fic:story:fanfiction  fic:story:plot  fic:story:wc:long/+10.000  nto:c:nin:various_konoha_ninjas  nto:c:t07:hatake_kakashi  nto:c:v:uchiha_obito  nto:FANDOM:naruto  nto:p:kakashi/obito  nto:ti:after_fourth_war/after_everything  fic:rating:3 
14 days ago
Fic: The Life and Times of a Shinobi Den Mother by blackkat
Genma is a very good assassin. He takes a job, takes a life, comes home, repeats. Then one day a stray genin shows up on his doorstep. And then another. Lonely assassin? Not so much. Try resident shinobi den mother.

[In which Genma is a (very manly) mother hen, his apartment attracts strays, and all of his (bastard) friends are quite amused.]
%anth  fic:genre:kid!fic  fic:pairing:none/gen  fic:pairing:slash  fic:story:fanfiction  fic:story:wc:epic/+50.000  fic:story:wc:long/+10.000  nto:c:m:umino_iruka  nto:c:nin:namiashi_raidou  nto:c:nin:shiranui_genma  nto:c:nin:various_konoha_ninjas  nto:c:t07:hatake_kakashi  nto:FANDOM:naruto  nto:p:other/other  nto:ti:before_show  fic:rating:3 
14 days ago
Fic: your heart is a weapon the size of your fist by blackkat
It’s a love story, more or less.

(Or, Naruto was seven when his world ended. Twelve years as a faceless tool and he’s finally reaching the end of his tether when he meets a man who understands what it is to be a weapon. Sinister shadows are gathering, but there may still be a chance for Naruto and Zabuza to save themselves—and each other.)
0-BEST-OF  fic:pairing:slash  fic:story:fanfiction  fic:story:plot  fic:story:wc:long/+10.000  fic:story:wip  nto:c:h3:sarutobi_hiruzen(sandaime)  nto:c:m:kurama(kyuubinokitsune)  nto:c:m:misc_uchihas  nto:c:nin:haku  nto:c:nin:uchiha_shisui  nto:c:nin:various_nonkonoha_ninjas  nto:c:t07:haruno_sakura  nto:c:t07:hatake_kakashi  nto:c:t07:jiraya  nto:c:t07:uchiha_sasuke  nto:c:t07:uzumaki_naruto(9)  nto:c:t07:yamato_tenzou  nto:c:v:orochimaru  nto:c:v:uchiha_itachi  nto:c:v:uchiha_madara  nto:c:v:uchiha_obito  nto:FANDOM:naruto  nto:p:kakashi/obito  nto:p:naruto/other  nto:ti:before_1stexamgenin  fic:rating:5 
15 days ago
Fic: Stepping Stones by blackkat
In a world where he didn’t die at the bridge, Obito is a loyal Konoha shinobi, even if his Konoha is practically gone. Rather than die at the hands of Orochimaru, Obito triggers an experimental time-space jutsu that sends him across dimensions, into a world where his counterpart went insane and Kakashi is mystifyingly different.
fic:genre:time_travel  fic:pairing:slash  fic:story:fanfiction  fic:story:plot  fic:story:smut  fic:story:wc:long/+10.000  nto:c:nin:shiranui_genma  nto:c:nin:various_konoha_ninjas  nto:c:t07:haruno_sakura  nto:c:t07:hatake_kakashi  nto:c:t07:uchiha_sasuke  nto:c:t07:uzumaki_naruto(9)  nto:c:v:uchiha_obito  nto:FANDOM:naruto  nto:p:kakashi/obito  nto:ti:after_fourth_war/after_everything  fic:rating:4 
15 days ago
Fic: Come When You Call by denilmo
Itachi has always trusted Shisui, and when he finds out that he and Sakura share the same fantasy, well who else is better fitted for the situation than the other Uchiha? All smut, little story. This contains graphic depictions of a threesome, so you've been warned. If you don't like it, please don't read.
fic:pairing:het  fic:pairing:slash  fic:story:smut  fic:story:wc:long/+10.000  nto:c:nin:uchiha_shisui  nto:c:t07:haruno_sakura  nto:c:v:uchiha_itachi  nto:FANDOM:naruto  nto:p:itachi/sakura  nto:p:itachi/shisui  nto:p:sakura/shisui  nto:ti:alternate/modern_setting  fic:rating:3 
18 days ago
Fic: Nightmare in Red by Sariasprincy
Haruno Sakura used to think the eyes were the windows to the soul, but after witnessing the horrors of the Sharingan firsthand, she's convinced they are the doors.

It was pure chance that led Sakura to the discovery of the disease eating through Uchiha Itachi's lungs and now that she's aware, she knows she cannot just turn a blind eye. But how is she to treat the very man who tortured her while at the same time keep her nightmares from consuming her? That she doesn't know, but she knows she has to try, even if it nearly kills her in the end.
fic:genre:casefic  fic:genre:sloooow_burn  fic:pairing:het  fic:story:fanfiction  fic:story:plot  fic:story:wc:epic/+50.000  fic:story:wc:long/+10.000  fic:story:wip  nto:c:m:misc_uchihas  nto:c:nin:shiranui_genma  nto:c:nin:uchiha_shisui  nto:c:nin:various_konoha_ninjas  nto:c:t07:haruno_sakura  nto:c:t07:hatake_kakashi  nto:c:t07:uchiha_sasuke  nto:c:t07:uzumaki_naruto(9)  nto:c:t10:akimichi_chouji/nara_shikamaru/yamanaka_ino/sarutobi_asuma  nto:c:v:uchiha_itachi  nto:FANDOM:naruto  nto:p:itachi/sakura  nto:p:other/other  nto:ti:after_sasukeleaves/before_akatsuki  nto:ti:alternate/modern_setting  fic:rating:4 
18 days ago
Fic: Dropping In by Yukina_Love_Stories
In the final battle Tsunade decides that there is no was the shinobi can win. In order to save the world she sends Sakura and Naruto back in time to stop the war before it happens. Sakura goes back a bit further than intended to make some changes that will change the world for better or for worse.
fic:genre:time_travel  fic:pairing:het  fic:story:fanfiction  fic:story:plot  fic:story:wc:long/+10.000  fic:story:wip  nto:c:m:misc_uchihas  nto:c:nin:various_konoha_ninjas  nto:c:t07:haruno_sakura  nto:c:t07:hatake_kakashi  nto:c:t07:uchiha_sasuke  nto:c:t07:uzumaki_naruto(9)  nto:c:v:uchiha_itachi  nto:FANDOM:naruto  nto:p:itachi/sakura  nto:ti:before_1stexamgenin  fic:rating:4 
18 days ago
Fic: Roar by zeddess
In a twist of fate, Sasuke is the firstborn of the Uchiha clan. This leads to unprecedented change that warps the original timeline, leaving Itachi to redeem his older brother from the intangible claws of evil.
fic:genre:revenge_fic  fic:pairing:het  fic:story:fanfiction  fic:story:plot  fic:story:wc:long/+10.000  fic:story:wip  nto:c:t07:haruno_sakura  nto:c:t07:hatake_kakashi  nto:c:t07:uchiha_sasuke  nto:c:t07:uzumaki_naruto(9)  nto:c:v:akatsuki_shinobis  nto:c:v:uchiha_itachi  nto:FANDOM:naruto  nto:p:itachi/sakura  nto:ti:before_1stexamgenin  fic:rating:4 
18 days ago
Fic: Dessert, Two Ways by shiphitsthefan
The optimist believes we live in the best of all possible worlds. The pessimist fears this is true. This is your best possible world, Will. You're not getting a better one.

Except for an unseen world in a mirrored universe, that is. It isn't necessarily better, but it is different.


Panna Cotta: In chapters one through five, alpha Will travels to Florence to face his fate. When his presence sends omega Hannibal into an unexpected heat, they face the consequences--and reap the benefits--of accepting both their true natures and each other.

Tiramisu: In chapters six through ten, omega Will travels to Florence and induces an artificial heat, intending for alpha Hannibal to either claim him or kill him. Mason intends to have fun entertaining them as his guests, however, whether they're mated or not.
fic:genre:omega_verse  fic:pairing:slash  fic:story:fanfiction  fic:story:wc:long/+10.000  hg:FANDOM:hannibal  hg:misc:dark_will  hg:pairing:hannibal/will  hg:timeline:during_series  hg:timeline:florence  fic:rating:3 
26 days ago
Fic: Rise Up Like Glitter and Gold by Prince_Ofluff
Jack Crawford is sent to Sleepy Hollow following the three strange and obscene murders that have taken place. He brings with him his adopted son Will Crawford (Formerly Will Graham) to assist him. Secretly, known only to him, his son is a witch who can see into killer's minds and helps further his father's career.

The Lord of this small community is Hannibal Lecter whose family has secrets of their own.
0-BEST-OF  fic:genre:fantasy_verse_au  fic:genre:magic_spells  fic:pairing:slash  fic:story:fanfiction  fic:story:plot  fic:story:wc:long/+10.000  hg:FANDOM:hannibal  hg:misc:non_human!hannibal  hg:misc:non_human!will  hg:pairing:hannibal/will  hg:timeline:au  fic:rating:5 
27 days ago
Fic: Always You by sarhea
Akatsuki captures Naruto before he ever becomes a genin and Uchiha Itachi makes a drastic choice to save the Yondaime's Legacy. It exiles them both to a different world, one without the restrictions of their old lives. Along the way they become new people and find something more in each other.
hp:FANDOM:harry_potter  nto:FANDOM:naruto  0-abandonned_reading  fic:rating:1 
27 days ago
Fic: The Evil Overlord's Guide to Dating by Mireille
"If they were going to engage in this ridiculous, generally ill-advised attempt at--whatever was defined by a lot of flirting-while-fighting, three kisses-in-the-aftermath, and nine-and-a-half highly promising minutes on the roof--they were going to engage in it like a couple of mature adults. "

Except they're Tony and Loki, so... not so much. Instead, Tony gives Loki advice from the Evil Overlord list, because it seems like a good idea at the time.
av:chara:aesir:loki  av:chara:av:bot_jarvis  av:chara:av:bruce_banner  av:chara:av:clint_barton  av:chara:av:natasha_romanov  av:chara:av:steve_rogers  av:chara:av:thor  av:chara:av:tony_stark  av:chara:villains:amora  av:chara:villains:dr_doom  av:FANDOM_avengers  av:pairing:loki/tony  av:timeline:after_movie_avengers  fic:pairing:slash  fic:story:fanfiction  fic:story:wc:long/+10.000  fic:rating:3 
28 days ago
Big Changes by Geep 10
Tony sighed as he sent the last of the reports to Gibbs and the printer finishing this case. There was still a couple of hours left in the workday and, hopefully, the team was far enough down the rotation list not to be called in this upcoming weekend. Tony just hoped they weren’t called out again today.
fic:genre:crossover  fic:pairing:slash  fic:story:fanfiction  fic:story:plot  fic:story:wc:long/+10.000  fic:story:wip  ncis:chara:abby  ncis:chara:ducky  ncis:chara:gibbs  ncis:chara:tim  ncis:chara:tony  ncis:chara:vance  ncis:chara:ziva  ncis:FANDOM_ncis  ncis:pairing:tony/other  ncis:timeline:ziva  sga:chara:carson  sga:chara:jennifer  sga:chara:john  sga:chara:radek  sga:chara:rodney  sga:chara:woolsey  sga:FANDOM:sga  sga:misc:earthside  sga:misc:sentient!atlantis  sga:pairing:rodney/john  sga:timeline:after_contact_with_earth  fic:rating:3 
4 weeks ago
Fic: Force of Nature by Ramabear (RyMagnatar)
He had died- honorably, he'd like to think, despite living as a villain and an assassin for over half a century- and that, as far as Xanxus had ever figured, would be the end of that. No heaven. No hell. Just life when you were breathing and nothingness when you stopped.

Except that it didn't, quite, turn out that way. Except he came back as the son of the kindest, sometimes saddest father in the world. In both worlds. A father that he knew, without a doubt, to be his flesh and blood. All at once, Xanxus had everything he'd wanted as a child. A home. A family. Stability. And he was going to fight like hell and beat down anyone who tried to take it from him, no matter what his age.

(In which Sakumo raises a son who speaks multiple languages from birth, all of them gibberish to the poor single father jounin, spits vulgarity with the same ease as he does his praise and burns with an unshakable determination to build himself a family that will not fall, no matter who or what is thrown against it.)
fandom:other  fic:genre:crossover  fic:genre:rebirth_reincarnation  fic:pairing:slash  fic:story:fanfiction  fic:story:wc:long/+10.000  nto:c:h4:namikaze_minato(yondaime)  nto:c:m:hatake_sakumo  nto:c:m:nohara_rin  nto:c:nin:mitarashi_anko  nto:c:nin:uchiha_shisui  nto:c:nin:various_konoha_ninjas  nto:c:nin:various_nonkonoha_ninjas  nto:c:t07:hatake_kakashi  nto:c:t07:uzumaki_naruto(9)  nto:c:v:shimura_danzou  nto:c:v:uchiha_itachi  nto:c:v:uchiha_obito  nto:FANDOM:naruto  nto:p:kakashi/other  nto:ti:before_1stexamgenin  nto:ti:before_show  fic:rating:2 
4 weeks ago
Fic: Distance by SomethingIncorporeal
If anyone was going to change the path of Albus Dumbledore's life, he certainly didn't expect it to be the obnoxious blond boy with the Napoleon complex. However, we can't always pick who the universe throws our way and Nicolas seemed perfectly content with their new research partner.

Whether the wizarding world would still be standing at the end of their collaboration however, was another question.
fic:genre:crossover  fic:pairing:none/gen  fic:story:fanfiction  fic:story:plot  fic:story:wc:long/+10.000  fic:story:wip  fma:FANDOM:fullmetal_alchemist  fma:timeline:after_series  hp:FANDOM:harry_potter  hp:timeline:marauder!era  hp:timeline:not_canon  fic:rating:3 
5 weeks ago
Fic: The Great Cycle by sister_coyote
"It all makes sense," Ed went on, "the imperfect matter purified, but purity is without vitality -- the greening into life, and then the chaos of life, which has to flourish if you want to get anything potent out of it -- and then the re-focusing of chaos, making it true without sterilizing it into lifeless purity, and then the willing sacrifice, the offering of the self -- but I still don't understand where the energy for the final stage, the rebirth from the flames, I don't see how you can get that -- it's not physically possible, there's nothing entering the reaction there . . ."
fic:genre:future_fic  fic:pairing:slash  fic:story:fanfiction  fic:story:smut  fic:story:wc:long/+10.000  fma:FANDOM:fullmetal_alchemist  fma:pairing:ed/roy  fma:timeline:after_series  fic:rating:3 
5 weeks ago
Fic: Accidents Happen by metisket
It’s not so much the strange children falling from the sky that are worrying Harry. It’s more that the children don’t seem to think the situation is all that weird.

“No matter where I go,” Ed said thoughtfully, “there’s a goddamn pyromaniac there waiting for me.”
fandom:other  fic:genre:crossover  fic:pairing:none/gen  fic:story:fanfiction  fic:story:plot  fic:story:wc:long/+10.000  fma:FANDOM:fullmetal_alchemist  fma:misc:dimensional_hopping  fma:timeline:during_brotherhood  fic:rating:4 
5 weeks ago
Fic: A Hazy Shade of Blood and Breath by SleepsWithCoyotes
Will Graham is called out to assess the most recent in a string of killings, but for once he can tell this is not the killer's design. The killer, super-impressed with this, follows him home. Now Will finds he needs a crash course in the care and feeding of brainwashed assassins, and thank god he has a former surgeon on speed dial, and also dogs. Because this situation clearly needs a lot of dogs.
av:chara:av:steve_rogers  av:chara:misc:james_bucky_barnes  av:chara:villains:zola/hydra  av:FANDOM_avengers  av:pairing:steve/bucky  av:timeline:after_movie_captain_america_2  av:timeline:au_movie_captain_2  fic:genre:crossover  fic:pairing:slash  fic:story:fanfiction  fic:story:plot  fic:story:wc:long/+10.000  fic:story:wip  hg:FANDOM:hannibal  hg:pairing:hannibal/will  hg:timeline:during_series  0-BEST-OF  fic:rating:5 
6 weeks ago
Fic: Holly Potter and the Favorite Professor by wynnebat
After meeting Holly Potter in the Leaky Cauldron, Quirrellmort decides to gather intelligence on the Girl-Who-Lived. One spiked firewhiskey and a shopping trip later, the wizarding world's future tilts on its axis.
fic:genre:genderbend  fic:pairing:het  fic:story:fanfiction  fic:story:plot  fic:story:wc:long/+10.000  fic:story:wip  hp:FANDOM:harry_potter  hp:misc:dark!harry  hp:pairing:harry/voldemort_tmr  hp:series:after_b_1:stone_PS  hp:series:year_1  hp:timeline:during_school  hp:timeline:during_war  0-BEST-OF 
7 weeks ago
Fic: The Accidental Hale Brood by Julibean19
“I know, I just…” Derek trailed off, rubbing his forehead with both hands, frustrated that the right words weren’t coming to him.

“What?” Stiles asked honestly, pulling on one of Derek’s wrists until he could see his expression again.

Derek’s heart pounded in his chest so loud he figured even Stiles could hear it. He inhaled deeply and let the air out slowly through his nose, trying to keep his voice even. “When we take them places, and spend time with them, and make them smile… it feels like…”

“It feels like they’re yours,” Stiles finished for him, licking his lips before snagging the bottom one between his teeth.

“No,” Derek said, taking Stiles by surprise. “It feels like they’re ours.”

“Oh,” Stiles said simply, mouth still slightly open while he contemplated Derek’s words.

Or, the one in which Stiles and Derek have been BCPD partners for years when they are assigned Halloween duty and run into a couple of kids from the orphanage. One fake marriage and two real adoptions later, they somehow become a family.
fic:genre:fake_dating  fic:genre:kid!fic  fic:pairing:slash  fic:story:fanfiction  fic:story:wc:long/+10.000  tw:chara:allison  tw:chara:boyd  tw:chara:derek  tw:chara:erica  tw:chara:isaac  tw:chara:jackson  tw:chara:lydia  tw:chara:melissa_mccall  tw:chara:scott  tw:chara:sherif_stilinski  tw:chara:stiles  tw:FANDOM:teen_wolf  tw:pairing:boyd/erica  tw:pairing:scott/allison  tw:pairing:sheriff/melissa  tw:pairing:stiles/derek  tw:timeline:after_s2/gerard_kanima  tw:timeline:future_fic  fic:rating:4 
7 weeks ago
Fic: Death Moves To Sunnydale by tohonomike
Xander dresses up as Death, and things get serious. Chapter 10/Temp Finis, ala Meet Joe Black in the SGC Universe
btvs:FANDOM:buffy  btvs:misc:costume_ep  0-abandonned_reading  fic:rating:1 
7 weeks ago
Fic: The Fox's Wedding by thehoyden
Because Will’s life is bullshit, he gets gently kidnapped from the hospital after Hannibal guts him.


So once upon a time, Rageprufrock was like, "HANNIBAL," and I was like, "But I'm easily scared and I don't think I would like it. It's about a cannibal, right?" And then I basically finished watching the whole series in two weeks with both Pru and N figuratively and sometimes literally holding my hand, and this happened. Thanks to Pru and Twentysomething for audiencing, and to Lynnmonster for the beta -- one of the loveliest things about a new fandom is finding old fannish friends in it. You guys are all great.
fic:pairing:slash  fic:story:wc:long/+10.000  hg:FANDOM:hannibal  hg:pairing:hannibal/will  hg:timeline:during_series  hg:timeline:post_will_locked_up  0-BEST-OF  fic:rating:5 
8 weeks ago
Fic: teen hannibal ficlets by emungere
What it says on the tin: a collection of ficlets about teen Hannibal and Will. This is the original prompt: AU where Hannibal never meets Lady Murasaki and is somehow found by Will Graham and Will raises him instead. As Hannibal gets older he becomes obsessed with Will and so Teen Hannibal tries to seduce Guardian Will who is just like oh god someone save me. It's pretty accurate.

The underage warning is for kissing and discussions only, but they do have sex eventually, when Hannibal's much older.
fic:genre:deaged/aged_up  fic:pairing:slash  fic:story:fanfiction  fic:story:smut  fic:story:wc:long/+10.000  hg:FANDOM:hannibal  hg:misc:no_cannibalism  hg:pairing:hannibal/will  hg:timeline:au  hg:timeline:before_series  fic:rating:3 
8 weeks ago
Fic: Out of The Darkness by swaggymailk
If anyone had told Stiles that he would have a pregnant omega and his dog on his front porch that was calming to his father's brother, he probably would have gave you the nastiest look he could muster, so why was the omega being wrapped in his father's arms and what was he doing in Beacon Hills.
0-abandonned_reading  fic:genre:crossover  fic:genre:omega_verse  fic:pairing:slash  fic:story:fanfiction  fic:story:plot  fic:story:wc:long/+10.000  fic:story:wip  hg:FANDOM:hannibal  hg:pairing:hannibal/will  hg:timeline:post_chilton_is_framed  tw:FANDOM:teen_wolf  tw:pairing:stiles/derek  tw:timeline:after_s4/were_kate-malia-kira  fic:rating:1 
8 weeks ago
Fic: To Court a Monster: Hannibal Edition by Rhiw
At thirty, Will Graham is finally evolving into his adult form, much to his consternation and his father's delight. But to Ezra Graham's absolute dismay, his emotional boy still refuses to hunt, feeling far too connected to the humans he grown up amongst. But at a hundred, the elder Graham know he's entering the last chapter of his life and won't be able to hunt for his fickle son for much longer.

No, what his boy needed was a dominant mate to whip him in shape.

It would be difficult. The Roux-Ga-Roux was a dying breed even in the old countries and were far more sparse here in the New World. But Ezra refused to be intimidated. If they left a big enough calling card, surely someone would come. To his utter surprise he finds two (two!) rather fine specimens responding.
%don'tserialize  %serieschecked  0-BEST-OF  fic:genre:mythology  fic:genre:omega_verse  fic:pairing:slash  fic:story:fanfiction  fic:story:plot  fic:story:smut  fic:story:wc:epic/+50.000  fic:story:wc:long/+10.000  fic:story:wip  hg:FANDOM:hannibal  hg:misc:dark_will  hg:misc:non_human!hannibal  hg:misc:non_human!will  hg:pairing:hannibal/will  hg:timeline:canon_retelling  hg:timeline:during_series  hg:timeline:post_chilton_is_framed  fic:rating:5 
8 weeks ago
Fic: Divided Loyalties by LennaNightrunner
Jackson returns home after a month spent in London trying (and failing) to start the next phase of his life there. Knowing now from experience that he’d be a fool to try to make it as a werewolf on his own, he asks Derek to take him in as a beta. Derek agrees on the condition that Jackson will do as he’s told. Jackson hopes that, despite the mess left in the wake of the Kanima, he might be able to repair his life in Beacon Hills. Of course, things haven’t really been going the way Jackson has hoped lately...
%serieschecked  0-BEST-OF  fic:pairing:slash  fic:story:fanfiction  fic:story:hot_smex  fic:story:plot  fic:story:smut  fic:story:wc:epic/+50.000  fic:story:wc:long/+10.000  tw:chara:allison  tw:chara:boyd  tw:chara:chris_argent  tw:chara:cora_hale  tw:chara:danny  tw:chara:deaton  tw:chara:derek  tw:chara:deucalion  tw:chara:erica  tw:chara:ethan/aiden  tw:chara:isaac  tw:chara:jackson  tw:chara:lydia  tw:chara:melissa_mccall  tw:chara:peter_hale  tw:chara:scott  tw:chara:sherif_stilinski  tw:chara:stiles  tw:chara:the_argents  tw:FANDOM:teen_wolf  tw:misc:alpha!stiles  tw:misc:were!stiles  tw:pairing:scott/allison/isaac  tw:pairing:stiles/jackson  tw:timeline:after_s2/gerard_kanima  tw:timeline:after_s3/alpha_cora_nogitsune_true-alpha  fic:rating:5 
8 weeks ago
Fic: Jim the (Not-So) Virgin by yaoichan12
Jane the Virgin AU
Jim is able to become pregnant and is accidentally inseminated with Spock's sperm during a routine exam and becomes pregnant.
Not good with summaries.
0-abandonned_reading  fic:genre:mpreg  fic:pairing:slash  fic:story:fanfiction  fic:story:wc:epic/+50.000  fic:story:wc:long/+10.000  st:FANDOM:star_trek_movie_reboot  st:pairing:kirk/spock  st:timeline:au  st:timeline:before_movies  fic:rating:1 
9 weeks ago
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