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Q: Why Do Keynote Speakers Keep Suggesting That Improving Security Is Possible? - YouTube
Great speech by James Mickens. Even though given at Usenix Security, it's a great watch for any software developer.
9 weeks ago by antrix
Jamie Dimon Is Not Messing Around
Great story on JPMorgan Chase's approach to technology investments
may 2018 by antrix
Making a Mesh: A Primer on Istio Running on KuBo - Ramiro Salas, Pivotal - YouTube
a great introduction to Service Mesh, the motivations and the possibilities.
december 2017 by antrix
Eight Things Cryptocurrency Enthusiasts Probably Won’t Tell You
Had already suspected and this very long read confirms the shenanigans going on inside the ICO world.
november 2017 by antrix
JDK 9: Pitfalls For The Unwary
Lots of CLI flag changes to watch out for!
linker  java9  java 
september 2017 by antrix
Seam Obsession
Just one class per interface is a sure sign of premature abstraction. The sooner you realize, the better.
linker  SOLID  designpatterns 
august 2017 by antrix
The Hiring Post
Using real world code as the hiring criteria for software dev jobs - what a radical idea!
linker  hiring 
march 2017 by antrix
Key lesson from our Serverless migration
Another validation that serverless is about complex clients enabled by distributed auth
february 2017 by antrix
SHA1 & Mercurial security
easier ways to compromise Git & Mercurial repos than try a SHA1 collision attack
february 2017 by antrix
features are faults redux
transcript of a thoughtful talk on how innocuous features interact to create security faultlines.
linker  security  bugs 
february 2017 by antrix
RethinkDB: why we failed
What a humble & thought provoking postmortem
business  startup  rethinkdb  postmortem  linker 
january 2017 by antrix
Science and technology: what happened in 2016
Lots of positive news. Also, vampires are probably real!
december 2016 by antrix
IIT Madras Heritage Center Photo Albums
Includes photos fromy days, 1999 & 2003
november 2016 by antrix
Total Nightmare: USB-C and Thunderbolt 3
Bought the official Dell dongle for my XPS 13 for same reason
october 2016 by antrix
How IIT-M beat other IITs to become #1 in NIRF: The Ken
Much more than rankings - inspiring longread on the developments at my alma mater
september 2016 by antrix
Off the grid - Stephen Fry
thoughtful and beautifully written
april 2016 by antrix
IntelliJ IDEA Pro Tips
Good list. Learned a few new things.
linker  intellij 
february 2016 by antrix
tty-player: <video>, but for ttyrec scripts
Used this in a Python talk I gave. Worked brilliantly.
linker  termrec  screencast  ttyrec  html5video 
december 2015 by antrix
GIT tip : Keep your branch clean with fixup and autosquash
this is the best git feature I've learned this month.
git  linker 
september 2015 by antrix
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