Animal Crossing Music (Chrome extension)
"Play Animal Crossing's background music and K.K. Slider in real-time from your browser"
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4 weeks ago
Spotify: Surviving Mars Official Mars Radio
Music from the game Surviving Mars (and by dint, also Cites: Skylines). Lovely instrumental yet pop-catchy electro-stuff.
music  games  survivingmars  citiesskylines  spotify 
5 weeks ago
Nuisance calls and messages | ICO
Report nuisance and spam phone calls and text messages to the Information Commissioner's Office
ico  spam  uk  law 
7 weeks ago
Star Trek: 10 key The Next Generation episodes to watch before Picard
I enjoyed the first episode of Picard very much, so finding myself looking for some background as I never really got into The Next Generation. Lots of these lists doing the rounds on the sites you'd expect at the moment. Take yer pick.
startrek  list  picard 
9 weeks ago
The Hardest Cryptic that Exists - YouTube
And just in case it's of interest, here's crossword champion Mark Goodliffe solving a cryptic so far beyond my ability it's unreal. We're all somewhere on the solving spectrum. If you're at the very beginning, I'm only one tentative step ahead.
cryptic  crossword  youtube  guide 
10 weeks ago
BEGINNER video: How to solve a cryptic crossword - YouTube
Another something for anyone curious about getting into cryptic crosswords: a nice video with a fairly accessible crossword and nice explanations for beginners.
cryptic  crossword  youtube  guide  intro 
10 weeks ago
This is Plaid
Lovely official Spotify playlist of Plaid material – 53 songs, 4 hours of music. Excellent choices.
music  plaid  spotify  playlist 
10 weeks ago
Crossword blog: that Dracula puzzle in full
So apparently the BBC's Dracula drama showed a crossword on screen for a few seconds, but, admirably, they went to the trouble of setting a whole crossword. You can find it here.
cryptic  crosswords  bbc  dracula 
11 weeks ago
How to solve a cryptic crossword
A lovely, succinct guide to the anatomy of the various cryptic crossword clue by Rob Jacques, aka Knut.
cryptic  crosswords  guide  tes 
11 weeks ago
Wabi-Sabi: For Artists, Designers, Poets & Philosophers
One unnecessary reference to homeopathy aside, a lovely read on wabi-sabi and Japanese sensibility.
wabisabi  books  reading  japan  zen 
october 2019
An Autechre live set on Spotify
music  live  autechre  warp  spotify 
october 2019
Parsnip and mustard mash recipe - All recipes UK
Sunday: made roast pork chops with mustard parsnip mash and braised red cabbage using this recipe. Very good.
recipe  food 
october 2019
Traditional Braised Red Cabbage with Apples | Recipes | Delia Online
Sunday: made roast pork chops with mustard parsnip mash and braised red cabbage using this recipe. Very good. Omitted the cloves. Didn't need them.
recipe  food 
october 2019
Igloo Magazine :: V/A :: Full Circle (A Strangely Isolated Place)
Celebrating the tenth anniversary of the A Strangely Isolated Place imprint, label-owner Ryan Griffin has once again defied expectations by releasing an extensive compilation of material with a strict set of rules in place:

• The tracks must have been written about or featured on ASIP between its 10-yr run from 2008—2018
• The tracks must not have been previously released on vinyl and, most crucially,
• The artist must not have been previously a part of the ASIP family.
ambient  music 
october 2019
Spotify – WXAXRXP
Spotify user Robert Bernardin has put together a playlist of selected tracks from Warp's WXAXRXP Sessions release, which itself marks numerous radio appearances from Warp artists over the years as part of the label's 30th anniversary goings-on.
music  warp  spotify  playlist 
october 2019
Boards of Canada - Societas x Tape 23rd June 2019
More Boc (not sorry) – this time their 2-hour set from NTS Radio back in June. Almost certainly contains unreleased BoC material.
boc  music  boardsofcanada  radio  mix 
october 2019
Coldcut – Relax Your Mind
A laid-back playlist compiled by messrs More and Black.
music  coldcut  spotify  playlist 
october 2019
Boards of Canada – XYZ
From BoC's 1998 Peel Session, but excluded from the original Warp release, XYZ is a lovely (and unsually up-tempo) track from the era of Music Has The Right to Children.
music  spotify  boardsofcanada 
october 2019

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