charting library via @lsnider
4 weeks ago
javascript timeseries library
11 weeks ago
Illustrations | unDraw
themable, quick lil' illustrations
october 2018
Choose Boring Technology
Slide version of the classic Dan McKinley essay
january 2018
pipe shell output to public web server
november 2017
Keen IO - Analytics for Developers
seems to be the easiest way to send metrics from an app to a store (see also stathat)
october 2017
try this next time i'm tempted to screw with unetbootin
june 2017
Developing GUI application to run on 7" RPi DSI Display
Exploring alternatives for multiple monitor support
november 2016
Wordpress architecture tooling for aws
july 2016
Toggl - Time Tracking Software & App
sweet marketing site for a saas tool. with soul.
january 2016
Permission to Fail - Michelle Wetzler of Keen IO
honest writing from a tech startup ceo, when things aren't perfect
december 2015
yet another API modeling framework?
november 2015
Out Beyond Ideas
"it's more important to be in right relationship than it is to be right."
august 2015
mysql cli hot and fresh off the kitchen
august 2015
hosted websockets
june 2015
The product qualified lead (PQL)
Great thoughts on qualifying leads via behavior
june 2015
Aloha Editor
sleek web text editor
may 2015
4K dreamtime
crazy 4k slow motion footage
april 2015
Culture Code: Creating A Lovable Company (hubspot)
the last thing the world needs is another slideshow on culture, but this is a classic, and something i've been thinking about a lot recently
march 2015
nice event / ticketing service
january 2015
visual roadmap tool
january 2015
UX Project Checklist
product design / ux checklist
december 2014
realtime api javascript server sent events stuffs
december 2014
wrapper around dropbox / box / etc file picker APIs
october 2014
instagram prints onto a mini projector.
october 2014
Troubleshooting High I/O Wait in Linux
good dive into tools and arcane unix process statuses
september 2014
iOS Version Stats - David Smith
hourly for ios8 over the next few weeks. ios adoption
september 2014
baremetrics meets stathat
september 2014
StatHat - custom stat tracking tool.
graph / stat tracking as a server. feels lighter weight than new relic insights
september 2014 by xr09
easier shell color output
september 2014
ZSH scripting tips
practical stuff for actual scripting, not just consuming the shell
august 2014
static api doc gen. as seen in recurly.js's docs
august 2014
Opsmatic configuration monitoring
UIs to track changes + drift in chef-managed servers
august 2014
LinkedIn-ish mobile CRMish, like Refresh app.
july 2014
Skala Color, a Mac color picker
gotta find a way to automate this installation in my dotfiles
june 2014
Brandisty - Connect your brand to the modern web
brand management saas -- seems to just be about logos?
june 2014
best stuff on amazon
june 2014
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