The bit bomb
"It took a polymath to pin down the true nature of ‘information’. His answer was both a revelation and a return."
claude_shannon  information  information_theory 
september 2017
Nomad Pictures
Free High-Res Stock Images and Cinemagraphs.
images  resource  open_access  creative_commons 
february 2016
Study guide for Capital - Harry Cleaver
A study guide for Karl Marx's Capital Vol. 1 by Harry Cleaver.
marxist_theory  resource  political_theory 
march 2015
Teaching in a Digital Age
Guidelines for designing teaching and learning for a digital age. Open textbook by A.W. (Tony) Bates
book  e-learning  open_content  teaching 
february 2015
Loop the Loop
A brief history of the GIF
digital  culture  art 
february 2015
Disrupt Yourself
Whitney Johnson - Harvard Business Review
careers  business 
july 2014
Surviving the post-employment economy
Sarah Kendzior, Opinion - Al Jazeera English
education  careers 
april 2014
The generation with an alternative future. "AltGen supports 18-25 year olds to set up worker co-operatives as a collaborative and empowering solution to youth unemployment."
co-operative  organisation 
march 2014
Academic Blogging
Academic Coaching & Writing Blog.
blogging  academic_practice 
march 2014
DH Crowdscribe
"The online hub for the output of the AHRC-funded Collaborative Skills Project ‘Promoting Interdisciplinary Engagement in the Digital Humanities’ (#dhAHRC)."
digital_humanities  project 
march 2014
NVivo Experts
"Discover how researchers, teachers and students use NVivo for different methods and tasks."
nvivo  analysis 
january 2014
Software Takes Command by Lev Manovich
2013. Full text. Open Access Edition. ISSUU Bloomsbury Publishing
software  design  digital  web  media  culture  lev_manovich  book 
january 2014
Color Hex
Color encyclopedia : Information and conversion
december 2013
Academic CVs: 10 irritating mistakes
Higher Education Network | Guardian Professional
december 2013
Academic cover letters: 10 top tips
Higher Education Network | Guardian Professional
december 2013
Arts Emergency
"We run a national ‘alternative’ Old Boy Network that aims to create privilege for people without privilege and counter the myth that universities, and in particular arts degrees, are the domain of the middle and upper classes. Our volunteers come from TV, film, music, art, fashion, academia, law, architecture, activism, comedy, social work, journalism, publishing, design, activism and theatre."
arts_humanities  organisation  volunteering  mentoring 
november 2013
Full Fact
Promoting accuracy in public debate
politics  data 
november 2013
Bright Club
"The Thinking Person's Variety Night"
academia  public_engagement  dissemination 
november 2013
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