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Avoiding Accidental Complexity When Structuring Your App State
I particularly liked the point of keeping view-related list ordering in a separate array, and how that plays well with React Native's ListView component.
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november 2016 by andrewsardone
Controlling Complexity in Swift by Andy Matuschak (Video) — Realm: a mobile database that replaces Core Data & SQLite
People tell you that you’re supposed to avoid mutable state, but how can anything happen if you never call a setter? People tell you that you’re supposed to write unit tests, but how can you test a user interaction? People tell you that you’re supposed to make your code reusable, but how can you factor it out of your enormous view controllers?

Andy Matuschak is an iOS Developer at Khan Academy, and previously helped build iOS 4.1–8 on the UIKit team. In this talk, he presents a pragmatic approach to managing complexity in inherently stateful systems.
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february 2015 by andrewsardone

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